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In Topic: Acne After Accutane, Deadline?

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

Btw, after looking at your pictures again, I'm sure if you just take zinc supplement alone it will fix it. 

Also, your acne will go away when you get a few years older. I recognize it.

In Topic: Acne After Accutane, Deadline?

Yesterday, 01:04 PM

I kind of went back in forth whether I should respond to this, because this is OP's post asking for support not a lecture podium, but I decided it was important because I think my response addresses a crucial "cultural" aspect to the acne.org forums. That is to say that acne is acne, whether it's clinically severe or mild is not what's important (unless it is a topic that directly addresses clinical severity). Acne. org as a community (in comparison to other forums I've been to) that prides itself on supporting and helping people that have acne of any type and / or clinical severity.  It isn't for me to judge any OP's perceptions about his / her acne (even if it's "not that bad" from my perspective). I think maybe you are trying to be supportive of the OP by saying his acne is mild and he shouldn't worry about it, but the thing is - that's not what he asked for. He asked if anyone had advice about breakouts post-accutane. 

If that was all he wanted, why did he type all the other text? He could simply ask and not include his personal life. The fact of the matter is, this guy is asking for advice, and taking harder drugs than he should. Why? Because he has a distorted image of what his acne looks like to other people.

He should be taking light stuff, not messing around with Accutane, which can give him something to actually be depressed about. I don't think it's right letting him give himself permanent, life changing damage for a few zits that no one cares about.

If no one is treating him differently and he is not suffering physically, then his acne isn't really a problem worth nearly the attention he is giving it.

In Topic: What Am I Suppose To Do With This Huge Collaboration Of Pimples...?

Yesterday, 09:32 AM

Also, if you don't care, don't pop them. When you eventually do get rid of your acne, you WILL be effected by your decisions now. And you WILL be happy you didn't pop them. It's either for right now (1 week) or the rest of your life, it's your choice.


If the skin looks horrible, treat it, don't abuse it.

In Topic: Acne After Accutane, Deadline?

Yesterday, 08:56 AM

Hi - 

your concerns are totally valid, but I wouldn't go into a spiral of despair just yet. I would start slow, try using a topical first. There is some evidence to suggest that topical's actually seem to work better for people after they have taken a course of accutane, possibly because of the changes accutane makes to your skin. It's totally normal to have a pimple every once in a while, even after accutane, so try to keep your expectations within a normal range. 

Not to bash anyone, but if you look at OP's previous posts (maybe you have to search for them), you will notice that he get suicidal after only a couple of zits. No one in the world cares if he have just a few. I literally mean no one. Except himself.


I would celebrate for a long, long time, if I had his skin.

In Topic: Chin Cystic Acne

23 October 2014 - 10:33 PM


wtf its way way too fucking late, your best years are already gone and in few years you might get old (most likely) already so like fucking whatever

It's sad you think your best years are over at 27. You can always make the next year better than every previous year.


That's a load of crap.


A person looks best in their early 20's. By the time you're in your 30's your looks are fading anyway or probably have already faded away. If you have acne you never had a chance to look good unlike the majority of people.

Looks aren't everything. It's almost nothing, and has nothing to do with having a good year. Unless you let it.

You wont get closer to getting rid of your acne by not trying and learning new things. Your negativity does nothing to help, and does not represent reality.