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In Topic: Exciting New Features For The Reviews App

28 May 2013 - 10:08 AM

Sorry the delay. I tried to add 3 new products to the system. The truth is Im constantly trying new stuff and there is some products I've been using for almost a year that are great and I thought I could help others by submiting and giving review. I just tried again and it tells me "ERROR try again in a few minutes". Very frustrating!

Thanks for your time!

In Topic: Exciting New Features For The Reviews App

16 May 2013 - 04:13 PM

I tried to post 3 products to review last night and Im still waiting for the approval =(
Should I try again?
Thank you and great work guys!

In Topic: Please Help!

16 May 2013 - 04:01 PM

HI! I just came across your post and I want to let you know that you are not the only one!
For some people may sound stupid but is not! When I started to date my husband my skin was flawles I didn't even have to take care of it much... just a face wash and from time to time some blush on my cheeks (I know... crazy!). After a year together he asked me to moved with him overseas and of course I said yes. I took 2 months to set some exams and arrange everything before the big step... God! I have never been in such a stress. Te time to see my man was getting closer and my face looked terrible! Covered on pimples of all kind and sizes  from my forhead to my chest so I went to a specialist and he recomend me to get into contaseptive pills to help my skin and keep my skin clean. HUGE MISTAKE! The pill just got my face worse to the point that left me scars on my cheeks. Imagine... we didn't see eachother for 2 months and I was extreamly embarrased and depressed of how he will react while he sees me for the first time. I remember I bought some MAC foundation on the duty free and I ran to the airport's bathroom to quickly apply it before see him and that night I slept with make up on, I was afraid he will see the desgusting skin I had. Anyway... 2 weeks after I told him what was going on and he said he noticed that I was acting strange like not leaving the house or never let him get in the bathroom untill I finished doing my make up. He look at me and he said "you still the most beautifull girl in the world to me no matter if you have acne or in 40 years you are full of wrinkles, but if this is really bothering you we will find a solution together" And that is how I came across acne.org =)
What I trying to say is your boyfriend is with you because of you not how your skin looks and I know this sounds so obvious but believe me, is true. Once you realize that most man doesn't even care about this things (like seriously, how many times have you spent 2 hours on the hairsalon doing your hair and he haven't notice anything? ) you will realize you were wasting time, i mean GO!!! stay the night in his place, move in with him, go to the beach, be happy! And on top of all that is so much easier to deal with this things with someone by your side that loves you no matter what and will suport you in any decition you make.
I hope I helped you telling about my experience and if you ever need to talk about this feel free to contact me =)
Good luck!