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Help Me ! (Pics)

27 February 2013 - 10:37 PM

Hi guys.


I have acne for almost 5 years. My face condition have been worse since i left high school. Early this year, I tried OCM (only using Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it's really hard to find other oil like castor oil, tea tree oil etc) and my face condition were getting better (no new acne  just scars).


Recently, my face were becoming worse again. I have acne all around my mouth and chin. also a few on my cheeks.


Actually, for this month I have delayed menstrual periods. maybe 7-10 days late. And the acne started to pop out just before my period and just after my period. Are they related?

Am I having acne related to hormone?


What should i do? Any tips? help sad.png


***my face its getting better, no more acnes smile.png it takes me more than 5 months to get rid of those terrible volcano acnes. thanks a lot to Ego Acnederm Facial Foam & Dalacin-T***
***now i'm still having trouble with the scars.***