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Does Anyone Know How To Prevent This From Getting Inflamed

12 February 2013 - 11:07 AM

Basically I've been on dans regimen for almost 4 months now and it's helped clear me out but doesn't prevent cysts from developing.
I notice I have this small whitehead on my left cheek and I could already tell its going to form into a cyst. That's how my cyst begin . Small and then they enlarge and become painful. So my question is how do I prevent this sucker from running its course ? Should I extract it with the extraction tool ? And dab BP? This is really getting me anxious . I don't want it to form into a cyst a couple days before valentines day :(
Please I need your input :)

I'm Tired Of Battling Against Acne It Still Remains Undefeated :'(

07 April 2012 - 01:18 PM

I've been battling acne since I was 13 and it was never an issue until last year . My face erupted and I had a massive flare up of cystic acne. At 20 I broke out in cystic acne :(
My life went downhill from there.
I've been clearing up a lot since last year that even my siblings notice the difference. They complimented my skin by admitting that it has cleared up tremendously of course I still have the blemishes left. A lot of them.
I went for a microdermabrasion today at my derma office In hopes of coming out content and happier then ever, and boy was I wrong. I came out feeling worst then ever, the estethician extracted some blackheads I had on my right cheek causing it to bleed and she did the micro of course. I was in so much pain afterwards and I looked in the mirror after I saw my reflection I wanted to DIE . My skin looked beat. It was disgusting my face was bloated my pores were huge. My mind blacked out . I was bleeding. My blemishes looked worse and darker. I left immediately drove home contemplating suicide, thinking of driving to Tijuana anything was better then returning to that stage. Depress mode.
My life is in shambles right now, I get upset at my sister, my friends and my boyfriend because I envy there skin . Honestly I push them away. I was suppose to attend an event tonight but with my face all bruised up in pain I don't think I'm going anywhere.
Please keep me in your prayers people that hopefully my skin doesn't become worse after this treatment because I feel like I may have damaged my skin more with this stupid idea.
I feel like I have the worst skin in the world . Huge pores, red spots all over and very oily skin. I've been curse with awful skin and I can't bare but hide out .
I just want to enjoy my youth and live my life to its fullest value but ACNE is so much powerful than I. Hopefully one day I can overcome this obstacle and accept myself for what I am and embrace my friends and family instead of pushing them away.
- Sincerly a hopeless child desperate for clear skin

I've Purchased Dan's Aha How Would I Use That Into My Skin Regimen

25 January 2012 - 01:32 AM

My morning and evening skin care regimen is :
Morning wash face with a gentle cleanser
After wipe SA pads on entire face, the sunscreen, then moisturize.
Wash face gentle cleanser then SA pads and then moisturize.
Where can I fit in the AHA ???
Please any suggestions I'd appreciate it.