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06 March 2013 - 02:54 PM

Hello everybody...


I joined this site a while back when my acne was at it worst, and tried the DKR products. They did work, but left my face extremely dry and red, so I decided to take a more holistic view on treating acne. I have a couple questions,


During the month of January, I began drinking a lot more water, and slowly cleared up, not 100% but an improvement was visible. At the beginning of February I was reassigned to midnights, and my water intake went way down. My sleep schedule was also extremely messed up, and my diet went way down hill. Well, you guessed it, my skin got a lot worse.


At the beginning of March I was assigned to days, thus giving me the ability to start my diet back up.


I've been drinking close to a gallon of water a day, I've quit smoking, and have began eating a lot healthier, a lot of greens, fruits, etc. I do not remember the last time I ate something considered "unhealthy", cookies, cakes, etc. I also began taking a green tea supplement pill. This is all continued with exercise. I've also switched to CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, which doesn't leave my face dry, which I believe is what caused my breakouts in the past. 


I've noticed other changes occuring; including muscle tone (I can finally see my abs), energy, general better well-being. My overall skin tone has improved, but I'm breaking out more than usual (if that makes any sense).


I guess what my question is by improving my diet and lifestyle, could this be causing a detox/purging effect of the skin? The pimples that are forming seem to go away a lot quicker then they have in the past and I'm also breaking out in places where I usually don't break out.


Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, I'm just trying to get a handle on what's occuring.


Thanks for reading!

Red Face And Benzaclin

16 February 2012 - 10:39 PM


I've been using Benzaclin (BP and an antibiotic) since January 3rd. It seems to be getting rid of acne, but leaving my face extremely red. Is this normal for already 1.5 months into treatment? Or can I expect this to generally fade as time goes on?

Due to the results, I've reduced the application from twice a day, to once a day, at night, to prevent damage from the sun. I do not wear SPF during the day, but am starting tomorrow, maybe that is the issue? I also moisturize after every application.

I'd almost rather have a few pimples than this red face...I bought this Eucerin redness reducer with SPF. It basically is a green moisturizer that covers up some of the redness. We'll see how that works out in the next few days, but again, it covers it, not get rid of it. It's also the middle of winter in Chicago, and I do spend sometime outside at work in the cold.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Regimen Question

09 February 2012 - 12:10 AM

So here's my regimen now....

Dan's cleanser
benzaclin (an antiobiotic and BP topical)
Cetaphil moisturizer

I've been on it for a month, and have seen significant clearing, not 100%, but getting there. My face is full of red marks, and just overall redness in general. My derm said apply the benzaclin twice a day, which I think is possibly contributing to the harsh redness.

Should I go against his wishes and try once a day? Will that help the red marks at all? Or am I just better off doing what he says. I really don't want to screw up any progress that I already made.

For what it's worth I'm on an oral antibiotic as well.

Thanks for your input.

Something To Think About...

07 February 2012 - 09:49 PM

Here's something I was thinking about today, thought I'd share it with everyone.

I had my first follow-up appointment at my derm today, I've been on an oral antibiotic as well as BenzaClin for the last month, applied both to face and to my back. I've noticed small changes, but nothing impressive. It's not getting worse at least.

My derm said he was extremely impressed with the way this combo was working on my back, and also impressed on the condition of my face as well.

I just shaved, taken a shower and took a look at my face. It really does look better, not clear, but def getting there.

It's really amazing how our minds can play tricks on us, and maybe our acne isn't as bad as we think it is.

Trying To Figure Out What This Is...(Picture Included)

04 February 2012 - 11:23 AM

I'm on a regimen that is clearing my acne, pretty well actually. But that being said, I'm starting to notice a lot of other stuff on my face also.

This "thing" in particluar has been on my face for a long period of time. It isn't a pimple, it doesn't have the consistancy of one, if that makes sense, and there is no pain associated with it. No treatments will work on it, which leads me to believe that it isn't acne. I accidently knicked it while shaving, and it didn't stop bleeding for about 15 minutes. Once finished bleeding, it looked exactly the same, no reduction in size, etc.

I have a picture attatched, sorry for the poor quality, as it is on my phone, but if anyone can clue me into what this might be, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.