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In Topic: Flakiness, Cracking And Just Overall Dry Skin

Yesterday, 09:32 PM

Give your skin a rest for a couple of days (eg no treatment just moisturiser) and then start again but with a lot less treatment, building up slowly.

In Topic: Flakiness, Cracking And Just Overall Dry Skin

Yesterday, 01:23 AM

it will take a while for AHA to help with the flakiness but what I found helped a lot was changing my nighttime moisturiser to cetaphil.  It is  a lot greaser and seemed to stay on my face better while sleeping compared to Dan's moisturiser.


Another tip is to make sure you're not applying your night time regimen too close to when you go to bed.  Try and apply it as early in the evening as you can so that the moisturiser has more time to sink into your skin rather than it coming off onto your pillow.


Everyone's skin reacts differently to BP, but the flakiness should start to decrease by the 3 month mark.


Good luck! :)

In Topic: Coming Off The Regimen

Yesterday, 12:37 AM

Yes, I reduced my BP application to night time only once I had become completely clear.  I worked my way down gradually though, so twice a day every 2nd day and then twice a day every 3rd day and so on until I was only applying it at night. 


Just reduce slowly and see how your skin reacts.  Good luck! :)

In Topic: Help!

Yesterday, 12:26 AM

The trick is to work your way up slowly.   Try only only one pump (or slightly less than 1 pump) twice per day, and if all is going well after a week, then increase to 1 pump in the morning and 1.5 at night for a few days and if all is well, increase to 1.5 morning and night (and so on). 


Good luck! :)

In Topic: How Long Until You Saw Improvements?

Yesterday, 12:21 AM

Yup, just when you think things are getting better you take a step backwards.  But this will probably be your worst breakout and once this heals you should start noticing that you are getting less and less new acne appear each week. 


Good luck! :)