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Great Product For Dry Nose From Nosebleeds

30 January 2013 - 06:58 AM

Just wanted to share this with anyone on Accutane that is having nosebleeds and HATES spraying saline up their nose. My nose bleeds every day and is so dry and uncomfortable, but I hate spraying anything up my nose cuz it just runs down my throat and tastes awful.   this stuff is a GEL so it stays in there and really makes it feel better, and I have less nosebleeds. 




I bought it at Giant for 3 something. =)

Day 5, Amnesteem

15 September 2012 - 01:43 PM

so today is my 5th day. it's movin fast! =)

i took my first pill tues night (sept 11th). now normally every morning i wake up with at least 6-10 whiteheads. i went to bed with 2 swollen pimples (from picking not-quite-ready pimples) and when i woke up the next morning, i had 3 whiteheads, and those swollen pimples had shrunk dramatically. so i was very pleased =) but then... as the day progressed, i had whiteheads everywhere. it seemed like every pimple on  my face decided to come to a head that day. which was good and bad. good, because it will clear up fast. bad, because after i popped all 15 pimples, i looked a mess. i also got a pimple under my chin, like on my neck. a spot that i can't really see. so my bf had to pop it for me! hahaha. what a nice guy =)

the next morning i only woke up with 2 whiteheads.

and today! i woke up with 1 tiny tiny whitehead. yayy! but it's the middle of the day now so i have at least a handful of whiteheads again. weird how my face just changed its time of day of breakout. oh well. i like waking up and not having to spend a half hour removing whiteheads. i'd rather do it later.

other than that, i noticed i'm very dehydrated. which is weird because i only drink water. i normally drink 2 nalgene bottles a day. which is 2 liters. so i guess i have to drink even more now. i also had a horrible headache this morning. like i was hung over. but i obviously didn't drink. so i'm assuming it's dehydration. i was also a little nauseous. but now i'm fine!  my body is very sore. but i'm a massage therapist and very active, so this is to be expected. my derm told me not too many people get sore joints. but based on the amount of people on this site, i think a lot of them do. add me to the list!

kaaay well i will have a new pic on mon or tues!

Itchy Acne

29 August 2012 - 10:08 AM

why does my acne itch? it always has... just never really thought about asking why.