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In Topic: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Broke Me Out!

07 October 2014 - 09:26 PM

Store face products are crap.  They do nothing for acne.  Acne is BIG business for manufacturers.  Keep buying their crap and keeping having acne, which means you'll try more of their crap.  You need to use products that are no made by big business.  Stop trying to find the cheapest thing you can find on the shelf to be your miracle.  It's not there.  

In Topic: How Long Does Bp Remain Active On Skin?

02 October 2014 - 02:31 PM

If you're not finding success with this regimen, you may do better without the one-size-fits-all treatment.  Lumiplexion will customized your treatment and tweak it as necessary to get you where you need to be.  I highly recommend her products.  You can email Pamela, and she will let you know what you should start with.  

In Topic: Moisturizer For Super Sensitive Skin?

23 September 2014 - 06:41 PM

If you're going to try any oil, it should be sunflower oil, as it has the least chance of breaking you out.  Lumiplexion sells a lightweight moisturizer that consists mostly of aloe vera.  It's a gel and it gives light hydration.  


Everyone needs a moisturizer.  Your skin will create more oil if you don't seal it with some form of moisture.   

In Topic: Acnomel Sulfur For Acne?

22 September 2014 - 10:53 PM

My daughter cannot use BP, and we tried this stuff originally.  It actually made her break out worse.   Her acne was moderate.  She has used sulfur medication now for almost five years, and her skin is beautiful.  She still gets an occasional pimple here and there, but what teenager doesn't.  She uses Lumiplexion sulfur medication and the sulfur medicated mask every night.  Lumiplexion has a FB page, or just go to the website directly and email Pamela. 

In Topic: Anyone Else Find Paula's Choice Bha Just Doesn't Work?!

16 September 2014 - 03:05 PM

Consumer acne products are inferior, and this could have a lot to do with regulations, restrictions as well as ingredients included for better shelf life.  The 2% SA that Paula's Choice sells is not strong enough to help.  I use Lumiplexion SA which comes in three strengths.  SA doesn't work overnight.  You do have to be a bit patient, but you will notice a difference with the Lumiplexion strengths.  


I also recommend black soap for blackheads.  I recommend the organic kind you can buy off Amazon.  We take the bar, cut about an inch thick portion off, grate it with a cheese grater, put it in a pump bottle and mix 50/50 with water.  It's messy and melts if you use it as a bar in the shower.    


I recommend visiting Lumiplexion's website.  Then email her  - Pamela@LumiPlexionSkincare.com  Tell her what issues you're having with your skin and tell her what you're currently using.   I recommend including a picture or two of your skin.  She will give you recommendations.