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'Cause Some Emcees Are All Word And No Play > Ugh.

Posted 28 January 2012

I was noticing a lot of improvement with my skin from only using water/epsom salt! So much improvement, that I decided to eat a ton of bread from this worker-owned bakery near my work. Olive, provolone, and onion bread to be specific. Mmm. However, I also have been eating ice cream and some other garbage foods lately. With no new breakouts, either!...

'Cause Some Emcees Are All Word And No Play > Weaning Off Birth Control.

Posted 30 October 2011

I'm on my second week and I've started cutting off part of my pills. First week I cut 1/4th off, now I'm cutting something like 2/3rds, next week will be halves, and then I'll be on the low dose pills ("shark week"). Then I'll start the half fragments, then the 2/3rds, then the 1/4ths, and maybe start cutting those in half too. I think it's time I...

'Cause Some Emcees Are All Word And No Play > So.

Posted 21 October 2011

It's been approximately a month and four days since I made changes to my diet and I'm surprised with how patient I'm being to see long-standing results. I can gently put my hand on one side of my face and it's relatively smooth whereas the other side has some deep bruised spots which had three heads (aaaah! monster stuff~). Which explains why they're...