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Epsom Salt And My Results

15 April 2013 - 01:31 AM

Just thought I'd share my experience with epsom salt for my acne. I've been using an epsom salt mask for about 2 weeks and have seen great results. I've been using it morning and night for 20 mins. It has helped my facial acne a lot. Any new breakouts I do get are very small and heal within like 2 days. Also my nose which used to be plagued with black heads are almost completely gone. I don't add anything to the epsom salt mask other then water to make it into a paste. I then place it onto damp skin and leave it on for 20 mins. I then rinse and wash it off with purpose facial cleanser and then apply my facial lotion. Has anyone else used epsom salt? And if you did how did you use it?

Tea Tree, Brown Sugar And Honey Mask/scrub

15 October 2012 - 07:22 PM

I came across a recipe for a mask/scrub which consists of tea tree oil, honey and brown sugar. I've had some good results with tea tree oil but have never used brown sugar. Has anyone tried this mix with good results? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

New Addition To My Skin Care Routine.

31 October 2011 - 02:15 AM

I've been one to use tea tree oil for acne before but always had some reactions to it with my skin becoming red and itchy or feelings somewhat of a burning sensation. After a lot of trial and error i have found what works for me. Ive been using tea tree oil in this manner for about 3 weeks now and it has made my skin that much better. I know almost all of you have tried tea tree oil with maybe little to no success but give this a try. I dont use tea tree oil every day but rather every other day, morning and night right before my lotioj and right after my toner as a spot treatment. Here are my steps on applying the oil along with my other steps towards clear skin:                     1. Cleanse with neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask 3.5 bp while in the shower                                                           2. Tone with witch hazel toner (dickensons)                                                                                                                          3. Apply tea tree oil with a q tip to zits. (i only apply the oil right after the witch hazel because if i do it while my face is dry i notice the areas which i have applied the oil is dry and chalky)                                                                    4. Moisturize with neutrogena oil free moisturizer for oily skin                                                                                         i do this in the morning and at night and have seen great results. On the days i do not use tea tree oil i just follow all the steps above, minus step 3 and in the night i apply a glycolic acid cream in place of the neutrogena moisturizer.

What My Diet Looks Like.....

19 October 2011 - 05:46 PM

my diet now from when i was in high school is completely different. for one i never really cared what i ate since i was trying to gain weight and neevr gave it a second thought of what i was eating was doing to my skin. that has changed drastically over the years. for one i dont drink anymore milk but do still eat some dairy products, not a lot but some. i also comsume a ton of water which before i would maybe drink half of what i drink now. i didnt give up eating out but i do only eat out maybe once a week if not once every 2 weeks. ive learned over the years that restricting my diet to certain things 24/7 was not cutting it for me. for one thats not a way to live. what am i suppose to eat when i go out with friends or family a salad? not the way i want to live. anyways, here is what i eat on a typical day from breakfast all the way down to the snack before bed. i've also learned that vitamins go a long way. sure someone might tell you that if you eat the right foods all the time then there is no need for a vitamin. that is very true but also very hard for someone going to school full time or having a full time job.

morning: 16 oz of ice cold water upon waking and half of a vitamin
    1.5 cups of oatmeal with half a fruit chopped into it( my choices are apples, pears, and bananas)
   *if it is my day off from work i will eat 4 eggs scrambled, 3 pieces of whole grain toast and 4 slices of turkey in substitution
    to the oatmeal
snack: 1 whole fruit, 2 slices of string cheese
lunch: whole grain tuna sandwich, one small bag of chips (baked)
afternoon snack: protein shake or protein bar
dinner:  one 8 oz chicken breast, 2 cups of veggies, 1 cup of brown rice and half of a vitamin
about 2 hours before bed: either some cereal, another round of oatmeal or just a bowl of fruit

every once in awhile i will eat out. anything from mcdonalds to sweet tomatos is on the menu. i dont deny eating something sweet either but i make sure to only satisfy my sweet tooth. since eating this way ive noticed my skin has improved. i also keep my stress level down with exercise and keeping my mind busy with other activities. i used to over analyze my skin and never look at the positive things that may be going on with my skin. trust me ive been there with everything and anything on my face from the small but annoying zits to the huge, painful ones. there is something out there that can cure all our acne we just need to find out what works and does not work for us and taper a solution that meets our needs. its not going to happen over night but remember you are not alone. things will get better.