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#3364355 Excessive Protein & Exercising Was The Problem

Posted by outofoptions on 06 July 2013 - 04:43 PM

So, I spent 5 years going the holistic route trying to clear my skin. Did it all: Paleo, Super low/no carb, gut diet, vegetarian, you name it I tried it. Nothing ever got me clear, until the last few months.

I moved to NYC a few months ago for a new job. The job is quite stressful, I don't sleep enough, eat lots of crap, but am clear. This goes against everything I have been doing for years. I got to thinking what might be the cause of this. The only change is that I haven't been watching my diet,  and go to the gym less frequently.

I had always been eating a minimum of 1g/lb Bw in protein, and going to the gym 5-6 days/week. Now I eat anywhere between 80-140g of protein/day (weigh 185lb), and go to the gym every other day. I decided to test this out and see if it really was the cause,  so I went to the gym 5 days straight, ate my normal higher protein diet, and sure enough my skin went to hell. I dont know if it just jacks my cortisol levels up too much causing inflamation. When I went back to eating normal amounts of protein and exercising less my skin cleared back up.

I understand that this won't be the solution for everyone (possibly anyone), but I want to point out that this you think are healthy might be the cause of your acne. My diet is actually pitiful right now. Lots of bread, cheese, ice cream, pasta, pizza, candy, etc. After years of not eating any of that stuff out of fear of breaking out,  I've sort of gotten a little out of control, and am working to get my diet back in check. I do know peanut butter definitely breaks me out though, which sucks because I love it.

That's the end of my rant. Hopefully this is of some use to someone, in some way. I'm not encouraging eating garbage, but I realized at the end of the day eating perfect never really did anything for my skin. Good luck to everyone. I dealt with moderate/severe acne for over 10 years, and understand the pain.

#3300909 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by outofoptions on 08 November 2012 - 09:56 AM

UPDATE 8 weeks:

So I've been following this program for 8 weeks. Diet is lots of meat (about 3 lbs day), veggies (raw and steamed), juice(made fresh, carrots, cucumber, kale, cabbage, celery, etc), oils like coconut and olive. Eating about 3,000-3,500 calories/day. Losing weight but thats because I'm a very lean(8ish%), 200 lb, and have a very high metabolism. Just keeping protein high and doing a little Fall/Winter cut I guess.

Probiotic sources:

-quart of water kefir daily(cultured for 48 hours)
-15 oz coconut milk kefir daily(cultured 48hrs), mixed with inulin powder
-Lots of kimchi, sauerkaraut, fermented beets. I've been getting 1 gallon jars from a local company, so lots of that with each meal
-2 probiotic pills 1 morning ,1 @ night
-Some kombucha occasionally. The one bar I go to often makes their own, so I get that instead of alcohol

Skin is looking really really good. Still getting some pimples but a MAJOR improvement so far. I currently have just one tiny little one on my chin, and a few on my back. 8 weeks ago they were covering my back and upper arms, and at least 8-10 on my face at a time. So definitley a big improvement. I have up and down days but overall looking incredibly better. I'm thinking another 8 weeks on this and I should looking really good.

I'm not getting any gas or bloating from all the probiotics, but still hesitant to add back in foods I know cause problems  like nuts and dairy yet. I want to give it more time, and get clear first.

#3295572 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by outofoptions on 17 October 2012 - 07:23 AM

Does anyone know the effects of very spicy food on someone with leaky gut?

On the Gutflora.com site that WhiteFox listed it says under spices:

"One study showed that hot spices are linked to increased intestinal permeability (20). Eat in moderation if tolerated."

So I guess that could be an issue for you.

#3294051 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by outofoptions on 11 October 2012 - 05:56 PM

Just thought I'd update on my progress:

I've been at this for 1 month now. After two weeks I was completely clear which hasn't really happened in 10 years, I was stoked. But, then started breaking out some more. I knew it would take more than 2 weeks to heal so no surprises. Skin still looks much better and less inflamed. Just like 2 pimples at any given time, compared to about 8-10 previously.

I've been taking a (2) RenewLife 80 billion probiotics (1 in morning 1 before bed), lots of saurkraut, kimchi, and fermented pickles. I eat some raw organic veggies too like kale, carrots, etc. I also was drinking a bottle daily of SO Delicious coconut milk kefir. Now I started making my own coconut milk kefir and eating a cans worth daily. Also taking inulin supplement with probiotic sources or eating onions.

Diet is meats, eggs, fish, avacados, raw & steamed veggies, coconut milk and flakes, carrot/cucumber/green juice, and the probiotic sources listed above. I'm hoping I continue to see improvement. I was getting some painful bloating for about a week when I started the coconut milk kefir in large doses right off the bat. That has since resolved, and no issues anymore.

Do you think that is a sufficient amount of probiotic sources? Its getting expensive to increase doses further. I eat some fermented food with all 4 of my meals daily.