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In Topic: Heitea Is Leaving Acne.org!

13 January 2014 - 10:54 AM

Thanks everybody for being so sweet! Back really quick to reply to a couple of you:

You're so right heitea! We will miss you.. I wish the best for you, good luck to your marriage, career and of course skin! Forgive me if i stressed you with that food talk we had, i was only mentioning some of those that i have read here..

You didn't stress me out at all maria! It was lovely talking to you! :D I loved following your thread!


I can't help but feel you may be talking about me here, a bit. I think being matter of fact is the only fair way to approach the issues we face. We can't hide from what is our reality. That said my intention was never to be mean or to offend anyone. I'm very much a sympathetic person (I'm going through it!) to everyone here, which is perhaps why I might get a bit angry with them sometimes. I almost feel a sibling-like relationship with everyone here, since we're all going through the same bullshit that has massively affected or lives (or that we let affect our lives...but I do not think the way we let it affect our lives is voluntary). That's why I respond to people that way. While I disagree that we're just "arguing online" here, if you feel you have to get your head right for a very large life commitment, I say do what makes you feel most comfortable. If leaving makes you feel most comfortable, then by all means...


I think you've made quite good progress. I don't really think you need to be here, anyway. Still, your contributions were always valid and sound, and you were honest about your improvements and backed them up with evidence. For that I have to say you are a rare type of person on this board. One person I will actually remember. That's why I searched your name and found this thread. And that's why I feel it's unfortunate you've got to go. I suppose though as we get older there are bigger, grander, and more boring things to worry about. But I think you'll think about your time here every now and again. It's impossible to be in this the way you were and not even think about it sometimes. Sounds like a meaningful chapter to close. Good luck with your life. Do everyone around you a favor and just live it.

I wasn't talking about you :) Just a general statement, but thank you for understanding! I may be back to update about my basic training experience in a few months, but it won't be a long-term stay. I know there are some people who want to know what it's like to have acne in the military, so I'd like to let them know. Anyway, off to "just live my life" in favor of others... :P *joking sarcasm!*

In Topic: Lactic Acid Peel 40% Application

09 January 2014 - 09:21 PM

Thank you heitea. I used it last night on my neck near chin and didn't have any skin reaction. I'm tempted to use it tonight smile.png although I just used dermaroller last night.

You'll probably be fine, but I'd wait another 24 hours just in case. Lactic acid is a pretty mild peel that's quite calming. :D

In Topic: The Evolutionary Biology Behind Acne

09 January 2014 - 09:19 PM


In Topic: The Evolutionary Biology Behind Acne

09 January 2014 - 05:57 PM

gahhhhhh....cancer is a result of a mutation in your DNA that causes your cells to grow and divide at rapid rates.
For example, certain types of skin cancer happen when UV rays change three nucleotides to three thymines in a row. This causes a break in the "ladder" of your DNA, and you can't create the proteins needed for normal cell growth. This is not an allergic reaction, and is also not caused by the unhealthy consumption of macromolecules. In fact, bacteria can get this mutation from UV rays...but I don't see them getting obese-- excessive nutrients are NOT the reason behind cancer.


Anyway...I believe we are getting WAAAY off topic from the original post.

In Topic: The Evolutionary Biology Behind Acne

09 January 2014 - 04:44 PM








Everyone carries the "acne gene" , most people, however, do not encounter their trigger.

Maybe. Because the issue isn't necessarily the genes.  Turns out after all the mapping was done, we don't have that many genes.  It's the enzymes. And they are switched on and off by what you do to yourself or by what your parents did and then are passed down to you.  In the study involving epigenetics & diabetes prone people, they found it took a few generations for the switch back to 'normal.'
Here's the thread:  http://www.acne.org/...volved-in-acne/
What about those with the Huntington's gene or other dreaded genetic disorders? That can't really be switched off or can it? I'm curious.

You can turn off Genes by removing the allergen that turned it on. The popular name for it is "reversing" , as in reversing chronic disease. It's no myth. That's what I do.
There's not always an allergen. People develop things spontaneously for reasons unknown.

That is according to our current healthcare system (which ranks 46th in the world by the way) to use as their excuse to push more meds so Doctors can keep that paycheck coming in from pharmaceutical companies.
When you break down what chronic diseases really are, you see what they really are. 2 main types... Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Doctors unwittingly gave us the cause of Autoimmune with what causes Celiac Disease and inflammation is an allergic reaction. It's really that simple.
Who's "our" healthcare system? not everyone here is from the United States, you have to think beyond your country. Other European health systems are functioning much better than the U.S in terms of healthcare, patient satisfaction, longevity ect. not every system is broken and corrupt like you may perceive it to be.
And autoimmune issues are highly complex in their pathogenesis, neither is it all chalked up to an allergic reaction.

so far I have reversed arthritis/joint pain, acid reflux, Celiac Disease, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis herpetiformis, rosacea, and vision loss. I also lowered cholesterol way below 200 and get people into their BMI range. Dr Peter Osborne has reversed thyroid disease and stage 3 kidney disease among others. We both use the same method. What diseases are more complex than those?

 Cystic fibrosis? many types of Cancers? Nervous system disorders ect.

Haha, don't even bring up cancer...SDR WellnessCoach called that a severe allergic reaction in another post in which we argued the same thing that's being argued in this post.