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Rash On My Neck

30 March 2014 - 03:51 PM

Hey all.  So i have been on the regimen almost a year and it hasn't been a totally smooth journey.  I have wanted to quit many times but i have kept on trudging along.  Right now, my acne is in the background and i can live with that.  The thing that has brought me here is a rash on my neck which is scaly, red and has 1-2 tiny bumps on it.  I do not even use BP or moisturizer there and i know my BP is not getting on there.  What could this be?  I have a derm appointment on Tuesday as i am worried that it may be eczema or a fungus....ugh.  I will see if i can take a picture in natural lighting tomorrow.

Sunblock/suscreen Recommendations

01 March 2014 - 09:10 PM

Hey Regimen Peeps!  I have been on the Regimen almost a year now and it's hands down the best thing to control my acne apart from Accutane.  I am not 100% clear but my acne is negligible at best.  Question for the experts, what sunblock/sunscreen can i use daily that will not interfere with my progress (will not break me out)?  I have never used it in the past but now people are constantly asking me if i am tanning.  I avoid the sun like the plague but there are times when i have to be out and about and i don't want to worry about damaging my skin by not using sunblock/sunscreen.


Any advice would be appreciated.

Paleo Round 2

28 December 2013 - 08:27 PM

So after my brief stint on Paleo last year, I have decided to give it a go again with a shift in my focus.  Instead of doing paleo for acne, I will do it to get control of my blood sugar levels, weight and overall health.  Maybe i'll get lucky and it'll help my acne.  We'll see.    I ordered the book 'Well Fed' by Melissa Joulwan in the hopes that it will keep my meals exciting.  I'll update once i officially start! 


New Year....New attitude.

Skin Color

13 August 2013 - 12:46 PM

Hi fellow orders.  I'm headed towards my fourth month on the regimen and in terms of acne and skin softness, i am pleased.  My issue is that the right side of my cheek has brown patches that are not dry or flaky to the touch but you can tell it is not a part of my skin.  I have been using AHA for over a month and while this has helped with dryness and flakiness, it hasnt helped with these patches.  If this continues, i wlll have to consider stopping the regimen.  Will continued use of AHA help?  Should i exfoliate in some way?


I also think by not using suncreen hasnt helped so can someone recommend a good one.  If not for this issue, i would be 95$ happy

For All The Regimen Veterans - Moisturizer Recommendations

26 July 2013 - 07:36 AM

Hey guys.  I am now three months into the regimen and I am experiencing continuous redness/ breakouts by the sides of my mouth .  It had been suggested by several members that I may need to change up my moisturizer so I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for moisturisers that are non comodogenc .  I have already tried:

Dans moisturizer
Jojoba oil

So new suggestions are appreciated

The Regimen has helped some but my acne may just be hormonal so this is my last attempt to switch things up before I move on to something else