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Does This Look Like Perioral Dermatitis?

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

So i went to another derm to get a 2nd opinion on spiro and relayed to him my long history of acne treatments.  He looked at my acne and said I have perioral dermatitis?  Does this look like it or could he have been mistaken?  It doesn't look like any of the pictures i've seen online.


So frustrated!  He prescribed a prescription vitamin pack, a topical steroid (not going to use it)  and a topical antibiotic for the treatment of PD



Any and all help would be appreciated.


What Kind Of Acne Did You Have Pre-Spiro

Yesterday, 05:40 AM

Hi ladies - I have been a member on this site since 2011 and an acne sufferer for 16 years.....sigh.  My acne has worsened since coming off of BP which was successful in keeping my clear, even during my periods.


I talked my Dr into the possibility of prescribing Spiro but my acne doesn't present as the typical hormonal acne


I DONT get cysts that much anymore


Acne is around mouth, sides of mouth, chin though


Acne is pimples with pus in them and sometimes blind pimples that are NOT cystic


I get 3-5 new pimples EVERYDAY


Skin is OILY beyond believe


I have regular periods


I don't have symptoms of hormonal balance (ie PCOS)


Is it worth trying Spiro at the risk of making things worse?

What kind of acne did you have before Spiro?  Did you breakout more?  How long?  When did you start to clear?


I would appreciate if people could show before and after pictures (You can PM me if privacy is an issue - i can do the same)



FYI, been on accutane but didn't remain clear, BCP never helped, neither did antibiotics or topicals and because of eczema developed on The Regimen, i have to be careful with what i put on my face



i hope i get some responses from you wonderful ladies

My Derm Is Thinking Of Prescribing Spiro

22 July 2014 - 10:04 AM

Hi guys!  I'm hoping that someone like Green Gables will stop by as she has massive experience with Spiro but anyone can chime in - it will be most welcomed.


I have had mild-moderate and in my younger days, moderate-moderate acne.  I have used accutane 3 times which has cleared my skin but acne came back in 2 years.  The 3rd course i never stopped breaking out.



Right now i am dealing with a ton of closed comedones and inflamed pimples but Thank God no cysts. This is mostly on the sides of my mouth, chin and by my lips with occasional inflamed pimples on my cheeks which go away in a few days.  I used The Regimen for a year with success but it gave me eczema and now i can't use any topicals, especially retinoids because my eczema flares bad.  The acne around my mouth looks like a rash because it is bumpy, red and inflamed.  I should also mention i break out everyday in 2-3 inflamed bumps and the closed comodones are increasing.


My derm wants to try me on Spiro but i don't think my acne is hormonal (doesn't correlate to my period and i don't have PCOS or excess hair or anything!).  Also, i hear it can mess with hormones and BC was an utter nightmare for me in terms of breaking out.


Could Spiro help my acne at all?  Even when i could tolerate retinoids, it never cleared me up (still broke out everyday so maybe my acne is hormonal after all?)


Very Confused


Any input is appreciated.


PS:  She also wants me to try a salycic acid kit  (free of charge since i had to pay out of pocket for retin A and i can't even use it) but murad which is salycic acid never helped me.

Need A Recommendation For A Cleanser

21 July 2014 - 07:35 AM

I have Combo Skin - oily forehead, nose - Dry chin/mouth.  I need a cleanser that won't dry out my skin (so not foamy) or break me out further.  It needs to be a non-acne cleanser.



More People Should Document Their Journey

18 July 2014 - 04:46 PM

Hey all!  I've been a member here since 2011 and it's been like a 2nd home for me.  You've been there for a few of my ups and all of my downs (including the current one).  As i was looking through the forums, I am noticing that not many people are blogging/logging about their experiences on a consistent basis.  This is frustrating for me as when I want to start a new medication, I want to have something to compare it to.  The accutane forums seem to be the only exceptions.


I feel as if people are afraid to peel back the mask and show their true skin (literally) or bare their feelings as they go through the process.


What are people so afraid of?  The holistic forum is especially notorious for this as people say they clear up but you don't have the opportunity to see before, during and after pictures or the process.  It's as if people are afraid of being judged (which is a real fear as i've had people criticize me, even on this site).


I encourage all of us to pull back the masks, be honest with our feelings and invite others into our journey.