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Has Anyone Ever Used These For Acne?

19 November 2014 - 06:00 PM

My new naturopath has me on the following regimen for my general health and acne. Anyone have any experience with them:


fem bal supplement

Borage Oil 600 - will be switching to flaxseed oil soon

Vitamin E

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Chromium Synergy

Do You Think All Acne And Health In General Can Be Made Better?

21 September 2014 - 07:30 AM

After trying different holistic practioners  (3 different practioners for 3 months a piece, 1 for a month after which he said he could not help me), diet changes (paleo/dairy-gluten free), exercise, stress reduction, supplements, etc, I am wondering if maybe my body is just too messed up to be helped or maybe i need to think more in the 3-6-9-12 month time frame.    I am so discouraged at this point.  I have followed the wonderful advice here and when i needed more support and direction, i have used reputable and highly recommended holistic people.  I would have thought that at this point, something would give.  Acne is the most visible issue I have (and it bothers me the most as it is the most visible) but in the scheme of things, not the most serious  (my pre diabetes and emotional health would take that top honor).   What is my next step - I am so tired of trying to figure it out on my own and trying everything that seems to work for everyone except for me.  Not looking for a lecture on the fact that i shouldn't complain and so forth - just looking for useful feedback.


I am thinking of finding a naturopath that does holistic testing but is willing to do blood test and other medical screenings (covered by insurance) in making diagnosis and giving it 3- 6 months versus 1-3.


What say you all?


The reason i want to go with a professional is that i have other things besides acne going on and i need ongoing direction and support as my body is doing its own thing.



Can Anyone Suggest Supplements For Extreme Anxiety And Insomnia

06 September 2014 - 11:55 AM

My worsening acne is a chronic source of stress and anxiety for me.  I have made great changes in terms of diet and exercise but it hasn't helped.  I may be living with this for a long time so I need a way to cope with it so that I can go about my daily life in an enjoyable way until it resolves itself.  Anyone have suggestions for supplments that help with extreme anxiety  and insomnia?


Things i've tried:


fish oil


valarian root


chamamille tea



vitamin D

krill oil

cod liver oil

vitamin c


I've done cognitive behavior therapy and while i found it sort of useful, it wasn't long term.  I'm currently doing accupuncture.

I Quit Bp 4 Months Ago And Still Horendous Breakouts!

01 September 2014 - 01:51 PM

At what point should my breakouts level out.  I used it for 1 year (Regimen style).   My acne is horrendous and due to BP , my skin is sensitive to all topicals.  Tried natural and things got worse.  Right now i just wash and moisturize ad break out in multiple pimples daily.


Trying Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs and acupuncture) as diets and lifestyle changes have failed (see sig).


If this fails, accutane may be my next step....again.

Come With Me To Funky Town (Tcm)

25 August 2014 - 11:36 AM

Wow, i feel like i seriously need to get an award for the most logs on this site.  Hopefully my experiences have served to help someone else in need.  For me, it has been therapeutic  and in a way, comforting as i have received so much love and support from complete strangers, some of you who have become people I would call friends.  Well as my log states, I am about to try the holistic route again, this time integrating TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine into my life.  As many of you may or may not know, I have been down the holistic route with 3 different practioners and never once did my acne get better.  It never made sense to me at all.  I have also sought the counsel of members from the holistic forums for tips and tricks and while the majority have been friendly, some have gone as far as to blame me for my condition.  It's been disheartening to say the least but I know that there is hope and i have Faith that God will get me through this.


Now on to the show.


1st acupuncture session


I went to see a licensed acupuncturist who has dealt with acne.  He looked at my tongue and took my pulse after asking me many questions about my health.  What he found was that i may be anemic and that I had poor blood circulation.  He also suggested that my small intestines may not be absorbing nutrients from my food.  This was very interesting to me as i bruise easily and i am tired all the time.  I also get so cold or hot when others seems fine and i have been losing weight even though i eat and eat and eat (i always seem hungry).


He suggested acupuncture twice a week (which i am excited about as i have stress and anxiety issues) alongside herbal medicine which he will prepare for me.


My first acupuncture session today was fine.  He used the 4 point korean one where he used four needles in my arms and legs.   It didn't hurt and i felt somewhat relaxed.  


The cost of all of this is totally on me as i am paying for 8 sessions and a month worth of herbs.  I won't state the price but if this will help my acne and my general feelings and health, then i would gladly fork over this and more.  The cool thing with this is that if i see no considerable improvement in the first month, he'll pay for me to do a second month.  If by the end of the 2nd month I still am at a standstill, he will give me back my money.  Can't beat good business sense.


So either way, it is much safer than accutane and hopefully it can help other issues beside my acne.   


I will be adding pictures and documenting my experience as i go along. 


Thanks everyone!!