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Needing A Face Cleanser

Today, 03:05 PM

My acne is not going away and in fact is worse than it was in 2012 when i tried the holistic approach.  i have taken the diet and lifestyle changes very seriously and things have not improved.  At this point, i'm done.  My face at the present is broken out, dry around the mouth chin area and just looks irritated.  Would it be ok to try a honey yogurt mix as a cleanser to help with dryness and calm the irritation down?  Oils irritate my skin as well as ACV  and green tea.  I'd rather just have to deal with acne than acne and irritated skin


Thanks for the input.

What Cleanser And Rich Moisturizer Can I Use For My Skin?

14 August 2014 - 05:16 PM

My skin is breaking out like mad and it is highly sensitized and dry especialy around the mouth.  What cleanser and moisturizer  can people recommend.  I am starting an acne treatment in a month that will be sure to dry out my skin.


Cleanser should be for highly sensitive skin (non foaming) and moisturizer should be rich.

Anyone Have Any Success In Treating Perioral Dermatitis And Acne?

12 August 2014 - 03:24 PM

I know I have acne and thanks to BP, i suspect i may have perioral dermatitis (I have red and pus filled pimples around my nose/mouth/chin that is dry and burns a bit - the skin in that area feels tight).


Anyone have any success with treating both?  I have never felt this down about my face ever and I am in distress. 


My derm has begun the process for accutane but i'm not sure if that will clear up the POD or make it worse.  Do antibiotis work?

Hit The Road Jack................

10 August 2014 - 06:40 PM

Wow, it's amazing to me how many times I've been on this merry go round.  I feel like a pro already but in reality, I am so tired of this fight.  It's exhausting and time consuming and at age 31, my focus should be on other areas besides the sorry state of my skin.  But alas, that's my reality and I'm dealing with it the best way i know how.  So without further adu, here's my acne history.


Started getting the typical teenage ace at 15 and it has been with me for 16 years.   I cleared for 4 years on accutane and cleared 1/2 year on The Regimen which ultimately made my skin uber sensitive and gave me facial and neck  eczema.  Been off BP 3 months and acne is the worse that it has been.....ever.  I have tried:



diet: paleo, elimination, juicing



all topicals known to man



Spiro is one thing i never tried so that may be my next option.  I cleared my 1st round of blood work so if i clear the 2nd round on 9/11, then it will be a go.  My last course of accutane was rough so i didn't want to do it again but i am desperate.  So here's to counting down the the clock


T-32 days


Hoping to meet some new friends along the way as I don't know many people in my real life that deal with acne. 

Sunblock/suscreen Recommendations

30 July 2014 - 06:40 AM

It seems like every sunscreen out there has crappy ingredients that can make us acne ridden people break out more.  Can anyone recommend a physical sunscreen with minimal ingredients that won't aggravate acne


Cerave was recommended to me but man, that burned my face so bad.