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#3475451 Cystic Acne Back 3 Weeks After Accutane Course Ended

Posted by leelowe1 on 21 March 2015 - 07:02 AM

As a four time user of accurate, I would tell you not to waste your time or the health of your body for a second round.  With truly hormonal acne, a cutaneous only a bandaid.  You could try spirt but as you said, having children is your next step so.......  What about diet changes?  It's not what people want to hear but if nothing has helped, it's at least worth a shot.  You could also try seeing a naturopath who can help guide you on the right path.

It's a frustrating process but never give up.  Any man who is worth it will love you no matter what.  Talk to him about how you're feeling.

Good Luck

#3474870 Suffering From Severe Acne? Try Estroblock!

Posted by leelowe1 on 16 March 2015 - 07:12 PM

Congrats on finding a winner for you.  You are so right that supplements can take forever to work for some.  I have been on a holistic regimen for about 3 months and still not clear but keeping positive.  This may be something to mention to my naturopath as an addition. 

#3473761 Acne Is Getting Worse... What Shall I Do? :(

Posted by leelowe1 on 05 March 2015 - 06:26 PM

I would say your acne is moderate.  If you can, definitely go see a derm if the over counter products are not helping.  Jlopez is right in terms of mentioning diet.  While diet is not the end all and be all of acne (i know as i've tried to clear my acne via diet for YEARS), for many people, it does make a difference.


If a derm is out of the picture, try the regimen from this site as it does work.  You can also look into natural supplementation for hormones if you suspect that it is what is driving your acne.


Stay strong and don't beat up on yourself as acne is a disease and has to be systematically treated as such.

#3471965 Desperate For Help

Posted by leelowe1 on 17 February 2015 - 10:22 AM

I really need some advice regarding my acne problems - if anyone can offer me some tips or help it would be super appreciated!


Im at the end of my tether with my acne and I'm not sure what to do now - Im 25, female, I have very oily skin - I'd say my acne is moderate to severe with the bulk of my acne being present on my cheeks, chin and jawline - my spots are always huge and I sometimes get really bad cystic acne - I currently have two the size of africa on my jawline and chin which I attempting to ice as i write this.


My acne always takes a very very long time to go away and sometimes once they do go away new ones appear almost immediately in their place. After that there is always red marks (whether i pick or not this always happens).


Up until yesterday I was using the organic moreish cream cleanser, TN Dickinson witch hazel as a toner, tea tree oil applied to any spots and the moreish empathy moisturiser. 


I have found the tea tree oil to be way too drying and has created scab like crap on my spots and really bad itching so I have stopped using this, because my skin is now super dry where the tea tree oil has been applied I've started using just the moreish cleanser followed by hydrolyron moisure jelly as i don't want to irritate my skin any further. 


My skin is still producing acne -every day i wake up with new spots and my old spots are still there, just chillin away on my face, it seems like every single thing i try doesn't do jack shit.




Here is my acne story:


Started developing acne about 14 - would have a few spots here and there and the red marks would take AGES to go away.


When i was about 16 my acne got quite bad and my doctor gave me some topicals and then put me on some antibiotics

Didn't help - went on another stronger dose of antibiotics


Still didn't work - referred to dermatologist who prescribed me roaccutane - I was on this for 6 months and started with one 10mg pill, then after a few months doubled and then tripled the dose. I have never been so bloody dry, I remember my lips literally peeling and i was picking them and bleeding all over the place (gross i know) everything was SO DRY I hated it. But it was worth it because RESULT - no more acne. I was over the moon.


Had no issues until I was about 20 - I started getting acne again and it was getting worse - I thought f**k not this again - went and got on to the clinique 3 step acne system and this worked SO WELL. I was totally clear for about a year and repurchased this a few times..


Then for whatever reason it stopped working... so over the course of the next few years I tried-


Proactiv, did nothing, except for staining my towels. 


Clean and clear products and spot treatment from the chemist - did nothing.


Went to the doctor - got some topical cream and he suggested using cetaphil products. Did nothing aaaand did nothing.


Back to the doctor - got prescribed epi duo * this didn't work for me but I know many people this has worked wonders for.


Back to the doctor - got prescribed antibiotics (by now i knew where this was leading) 


Back to the doctor - yep, another antibiotic. didn't work.


Back to the doctor - referral to the dermatologist.


Because it took me so long to get seen by the dermatologist (1 month) I tried out the dermalogica clear skin kit. did nothing.


In this period my acne had never ever been so bad, I was crying my eyes out so upset every time i looked in the mirror. I was so embarrassed to be seen by my housemates at home without makeup id pretty much come home from wherever I've been, shower and hide in my room. My self esteem was rock bottom, even with makeup it was bad the lumps were massive and I felt terrible about myself. I will never forget the feeling of waking up in the morning with hope that my skin had miraculously decided to chill out and then seeing all the new spots that appeared over night, cystic acne was terrible at this stage and was causing me a lot of pain - acne is so damaging physically and emotionally and this was my biggest low point.


Finally got to see the dermatologist who put me on an antibiotic and roaccutane. I was advised to be on a 10mg dose for one year with a 4 week break over the summer. 


I knew about the side effects but wow this time round was terrible - my muscles were giving me so much pain, i felt stiff and sick a lot, i had to see a physio because of my back pain, it was not a nice time.


Eventually though I finished my course and didn't have any acne issues - I was using Origins products which i loved - it was so nice not having to use the "acne" option in skincare and could focus on getting my pigmentation sorted and my skin in a nice condition.. I was happy as larry.


For about 6 months.


And then.


Hey acne.


This time round, it wasn't too bad- mostly my chin copped it and it would get pretty bad around my time of the month but in comparison to the last time it was OK. 


Then it started to get worse.. so I started trying-


I tried the Laroche Posay acne skincare with the highly popular Efflecar Duo (both versions did sweet F.A)

I tried Nivea skincare as I used some of my housemates in the shower and seemed to work ok for a few months.

Then nup. stopped working

Tried MILK skincare - didn't work. Smells nice though.

Glam glow mud mask got a go - didn't do much.

Lush cosmetics skincare - didn't work

Bioderma - didn't work.

Avene - didnt work

Aesop - i spent a good $400 here, and my skin HATED this - I have never seen my skin react so badly to a product - I had the amazing face cleanser, B&T Toner, Spot treatment and serum - i was so sad because i love Aesop hand cream and lip balm and their whole line smells incredible and so many people rave about them but my lord my skin was horrendous. I had tiny rash like pimples all over my face. My forehead (which never gets pimples) was just this cluster fuck of zits.

I then did a bit of research and checked ingredients that could potentially cause a reaction and Aesop products were filled with perfumes and lanalool and whatnot which is known to be a massive irritant - so then i thought hmm lets try the organic route...


So then I got on board the Moreish skincare and whatnot (as above) which at first did an amazing job and soothing my skin and the little bumps and whatnot slowly went away and my skin was OK. 


And now its back. and its bad. and i want to cry. I really don't want to go on roaccutane again. But i feel like that may be my only option. I just don't know if my body can take another course, the pain was just terrible and I cannot afford to see a physio all the time. 


I would be SO grateful for any help and advice here. Im at breaking point. I feel so helpless and as stupid as it sounds my skin is controlling my life, i feel very self conscious and avoid doing things if my acne is bad as i am embarrassed. I am usually a very bubbly happy person and my quality of life is turning to shit.


Thanks in advance and sorry for the novel / word vomit.

I am so sorry that you're going through this.  I've been struggling since I was 15 and here at 31, still struggling.


Have you tried hormonal means?  I'm not just talking about birth control but also spiro, supplements such as EPO, borage oil, vitex or anything that helps a woman's hormonal system.


What about diet changes?  I have not seen a huge link for me in regards to diet and foods I eat but for many, there are triggers (dairy, gluten, etc)


Topicals never worked for me but i'm hoping that the combo of differin and aczone as well as hormonal supplements prescribed by my naturopath will at least make a dent.


Good Luck

#3470245 Differin Week 11

Posted by leelowe1 on 02 February 2015 - 07:30 PM

My acne before I started differin was not that bad probably quite mild. But as soon as I started using differin my acne flared up - I know that's it working and that but it's now week 11 and I'm still getting spots especially cysts!

I don't know what's wrong with my face what have I been doing wrong? I thought it would get better by this time but I'm losing hope. It's now quite severe and in the light I just see lots of bumps on my face sad.png I use non comedogenic moisturiser and simple moisturising facial wash. I use differin before bed!

Should I keep going? What are other people's experiences?

I am now 6 weeks into differin and I too continue to breakout.  Some weeks/days are definitely better than others.  If at 12 weeks you are not seeing some steady improvement, you may need a stronger retinoid or an antiicrobial such as BP.  Don't give up.  Acne treatments are a trial and error process.

#3470244 Is My Acne Mild Or Severe?

Posted by leelowe1 on 02 February 2015 - 07:23 PM

It's defnitely mild.  I know to us, our acne is the worse but it's all a matter of perspective.  Time to do one of two things:


try the natural way or see a derm.  The easiest and cheapest way to go is to give diet changed a few months.  No Dairy, No Gluten , More veggies and fruits.  With acne, it's really a matter of trial and error.  Keep your head up and never give up.

#3469588 On 5Th Week And No Improvement

Posted by leelowe1 on 27 January 2015 - 10:19 AM

You will break out and it is to be expected.  Let 3-4 months be the guideline before expecting ANY type of improvement.  I was about to give up in my third month and then two weeks later i noticed that i wasn't really breaking out that much.  You are still relatively new to the process so be patient.

#3469546 I Dont Know What To Do Anymore

Posted by leelowe1 on 26 January 2015 - 07:29 PM

Hugs from NY hun.  Your acne looks moderate and borderline severe and should be treated as such.  I am so sorry you are gong through this.  Definitely have an open and honest conversation with your mom about your acne and how it makes you feel.  You definitely look like a candidate for accutane but before you take the plunge, you can also try:


a paleo type diet

seeing a naturopath.


You're still in that hormonal phase so acne may come back after accutane but it could be worth a shot.


You are beautiful regardless (gorgeous eyes) and should know you are loved.


good luck on your journey and we'll be here to offer support. 

#3469435 Accutane Round 2?

Posted by leelowe1 on 25 January 2015 - 07:00 PM

I'm not sure where the poster got her statistics from but the fact of the matter is that no one knows for sure if your acne will return or not after a 2nd round.  I have been on 4 courses and my acne has come back every single time.  Women especially have a likelihood for relapse since we go through many hormonal fluctuations.   What else have you tried besides accutane?  In my opinion, a second round may be worth it if you have exhausted:


diet changes/lifestyle changes


retinoids and an antimicrobial.


Also, it is important to give the above a significant amount of time to work before declaring it a fail (3-6 months)

#3469281 Not Sure What To Do

Posted by leelowe1 on 24 January 2015 - 08:02 AM

It's definitely not severe or moderate.  Maybe mild-moderate.  What have you tried?  The easiest thing to do is diet changed.  Cut out the high glycemic carbs and eat whole foods (sweet potatoes, lean meats, veggies, fruits).  Also, stop all dairy.  In terms of topicals, The Regimen works if your skin is not too sensitive.  If that doesn't do it, then visit a derm who may want to try you out on a retinoid.


Options are there so don't give up hope

#3468623 Regimen Progress--13 Yr Old Boy

Posted by leelowe1 on 19 January 2015 - 04:49 PM

Delovely, I wish I could have shared my struggles with my mom growing up.  You are an amazing mother who is really championing for your son.  Excellent progress!

#3467916 "acne Is The Mark Of The Devil"?!

Posted by leelowe1 on 13 January 2015 - 07:20 PM

If anyone was interested, according to wikipedia, the website is fake and the church and the town it is supposedly a part of do not exist.  With that said, no one is perfect and no one has the right to judge another.  Christianity is not synonymous with hate and being a christian is about having a personal relationship with God, not church or a set of rules.  True Christians try to emulate Christ which means loving and respecting everyone even if we don't agree with them.

#3467914 My Differin Experience

Posted by leelowe1 on 13 January 2015 - 07:02 PM

I agree with the above poster. You're getting a year + worth of acne in a few months so don't  give up yet.  Some people are fast responders to retinoids but other can take a while.  give it at least 3-4 months and if there is not consistent improvement, try a stronger retinoid which you tolerate.  Also, if topicals are not giving you the desired result, it is worth exploring diet changes such as paleo.  You  have nothing to lose really.  I am 3 weeks into differin myself and I am purging. It sucks for me especially since i've done stronger retinoids with no results but i am pairing differin with hormonal supplements and a healthier diet so we'll see where month 3/4 finds me.

#3467907 Comedonal Acne :(

Posted by leelowe1 on 13 January 2015 - 06:43 PM

Keep on using the epiduo until at least month 3 before making a judgement call.  I found that The Regimen (BP) got rid of the type of acne that you described so epiduo may be helpful the longer you use it.  As for BC, i think its a good idea not to use it as once you go off it, acne for many can get worse.  My naturopath has me on supplements to help support hormone health.  It is too early to tell if they will help but look at the hormonal forum as many women who don't want to use BC have found success with supplements such as




Chaste berry



and many more....


Good Luck, stay patient and stay strong....you are not alone in the struggle.

#3467220 Clear Face One Minute, Pimples Everywhere The Next ?!

Posted by leelowe1 on 08 January 2015 - 06:19 PM

Read labels and never assume a food is safe unless you've prepared it yourself.  Also, there are so many recipes to make comfort food paleo friendly that it is ridiculous.  You are fortunate to have found something that works for you so just stick with it.  Whats more important to you : clear skin or junk....the choice is yours.