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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Yesterday, 07:36 PM

In the beginning stages of another purge as I delve into my 5th week on differin.  Frustrating, upsetting and so draining.  I've been a bit stressed with finding a supplemental job and just trying to sort my life out.  Making some progress but still have some ways to go.  I wonder if i'll ever get to the point where I can be unshakeable in spite of my circumstances.  God has a plan for me, just wish I could be patient and see it through the ups and downs.


BTW: Keep New York and the East Coast in your thoughts and prayers as we go through our first real storm of 2015

In Topic: I Dont Know What To Do Anymore

Yesterday, 07:29 PM

Hugs from NY hun.  Your acne looks moderate and borderline severe and should be treated as such.  I am so sorry you are gong through this.  Definitely have an open and honest conversation with your mom about your acne and how it makes you feel.  You definitely look like a candidate for accutane but before you take the plunge, you can also try:


a paleo type diet

seeing a naturopath.


You're still in that hormonal phase so acne may come back after accutane but it could be worth a shot.


You are beautiful regardless (gorgeous eyes) and should know you are loved.


good luck on your journey and we'll be here to offer support. 

In Topic: Switching From .05 Trentonin (Atralin) To Tazorac?

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

The only thing you can do is try it for yourself.  Seeing as how you have been on a retinoid for a while, you shouldn't have too big an IB.  My derm swears by it but you have to try it for yourself to see how YOUR skin reacts

In Topic: Accutane Round 2?

25 January 2015 - 07:00 PM

I'm not sure where the poster got her statistics from but the fact of the matter is that no one knows for sure if your acne will return or not after a 2nd round.  I have been on 4 courses and my acne has come back every single time.  Women especially have a likelihood for relapse since we go through many hormonal fluctuations.   What else have you tried besides accutane?  In my opinion, a second round may be worth it if you have exhausted:


diet changes/lifestyle changes


retinoids and an antimicrobial.


Also, it is important to give the above a significant amount of time to work before declaring it a fail (3-6 months)

In Topic: Please Help.

24 January 2015 - 05:36 PM

If you suspect its hormonal, look into natural supplements for men.  Also, if you can afford it, going to see a naturopath may be helpful. 

 Thank you for your reply. I have tried numerous things to naturally balance my hormones, mainly dietary. Still no luck. Do you think it is worth looking into accutane? I know the use of the drug for anything less than moderate/severe is a controversial topic (although I may be misinformed about this).

Accutane is a tough drug and even though I had great success with it, my acne came back.  Some people get away with no permanent side effects and others aren't so lucky. You need to definitely weigh the pros and the cons.  If you've mainly tried dietary stuff, look into hormonal supplements.  Sometimes it gives an extra boost.  The hormonal forum may be able to give you better details.