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Yesterday, 07:23 PM

Thanks Kim.  Lord knows i'm trying.  I think that there is an acne cure out there but they'd never give it to us because if acne can be cured, then there's no money to be made.  Yes, BCP are the devil for me.  Still considering Spiro - worried about the infamous IB and having to wait 6 mnths to see if there will be improvement.  I used the SA wash today and i think it has started purging my skin - getting pimples coming up in areas that were clear for a while - is that even possible?  Im just breaking  out so much daily i don't know what is what and NOTHING is healing.  I have a derm appt tomorrow with a new derm and i'm gonna try and pitch tane to him and i also have a phone conference with my current derm on Tuesday so i'll also try to get her input on low dose accutane.  I think because i have allowed my acne to remain untreated for so long, it has gotten a good foot hold and treating it with weak topicals such as SA won't do much.


Pray for me hun - I know I am not emotionally strong enough for this but God is. 

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Yesterday, 05:11 PM

So i used the SA face wash and it didn't burn or sting but then again i only had it on for 10 seconds.   Face feels the same.  The breakouts have been increasing and moving towards my jaw and back up to my lip area.  I even had some on my cheeks.  This is awful.  The feeling of utter helplessness is terrifying.  My chin is becoming a war zone with some deep red pimples (at the picnic i went to yesterday, my friends' dog got a few licks in on my chin so no surprise there).  No one who has not experienced acne to some degree will ever understand the debilitating feeling of hating to see your reflection in the mirror.  It's like disregarding an entire part of you.  I don't forsee this getting better.....ever

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Yesterday, 03:44 PM

Never heard of these products and I am wary of many packaged acne systems (my derm just gave me one to try due to my sensitivity to retinoids).  10% BP is a bit much so be careful.   Have you tried the regimen with a 2.5% BP solution?  It worked well for me until it didn't work so well for me.


At the end of the day though, the only way you'll know if something works is if you give it a try.

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Yesterday, 03:39 PM

I have no idea how you feel and i won't pretend to.  What I can tell you though is that the feeling of being trapped is felt by many of us here to some degree or another.  This is an awesome community and if you stick around long enough, you'll make friends.


Can you make a list for us of what you have tried including topical and oral meds.  Also list dietary habits and things that you are sensitive to since 2012


Hopefully we'll be able to help.  I recently turned 31 so that makes 16 years with acne.

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Yesterday, 11:28 AM

I hate my skin right now, more than I ever have before but i'm not angry about it.  It is what it is.  I have been out everyday since it has worsened and that lack of isolation has helped my state of mind tremendously.  I need to get on an acne regimen ASAP as it is worsening but i've done most if not all that is available.....between a rock and hard place