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Today, 05:05 PM

85 days post BP

42 days juicing (give or take a few missed days)


Flaring on my chin. 3 inflamed pimples 2 underground red ones.  Sides of mouth broken out as usual.    Left cheek has 3 pimples (smaller).  Side of nose has 1.


I hate my skin.    My birthday was Tuesday so i threw caution to the wind and ate how i wanted: spicy food, brown rice, steak, birthday cake (gluten free/dairy free).  I've been this broken out even on my strict eating so at least i'm comforted by that.  I'm gonna start the SA on Sunday night and see how it goes.  Still waiting to hear back from derm about other options besides Spiro.  Starting to think it would be easier to just learn to live with my mild-moderate acne than to fight it. 


Still considering accutane even after my the lack of results from my last course - i guess i really am desperate.

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Today, 04:56 PM

I WAS on accutane.  My first 2 courses were a success - clear of everything for 2 years a piece. My most recent course was a failure.  It took a few months for things to kick in and it got way worse before it got better so i would't recommend it so close to your wedding.

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Today, 03:27 PM

My derm looked at my acne and determined i have a mix of closed comodones and inflamed acne, primarily around my mouth and chin (imagine a circle of acne from my nose and circling around my mouth, down to my chin and back to the nose area again).  I do get pimples on my cheek but only a few at a time and they go away after a few days.  Before my last accutane course my acne started the same way and then spread to my cheeks and forehead - i fear this is what will happen again if i let it be and experiment with all natural remedies (which i did the last time unfortunately - worst decision ever!!!!!!!!).


Where can i get a legit saliva test?  I don't get cysts as much since my accutane course so i don't think a dr would seriously want to test for anything


Any suggestions of who to go to?

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Today, 03:19 PM

Give your topical regimen 3-4 months before making changes.

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Today, 07:14 AM

Still not feeling great about my skin - no improvements yet but at least it isn't too much worse. The texture is just horrible though - I hate having my entire forehead covered in all these bumps (plus the rest of my face having breakouts too). Having to feel it when cleansing / applying creams etc is upsetting too... I'd forgotten that things like that get to me when breaking out this much. I'd had enough time with better skin on the regimen to actually forget that...


But despite not feeling great, I still went out the other night to a comedy show with my brother (glad I went - it was a great night out and I needed a good laugh). And I've been out shopping for things I need for uni. -included clothes shopping - which I never find fun when my skin is breaking out. The last thing I want to do is be in front of a mirror. I've also been putting off getting my hair cut (which it really needs) because of the mirror thing too - but maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Lilly, its great that you're still getting out and living, you deserve it!  As you continue to use BP, your skin should begin to heal and not be so broken out.


Good Luck!