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In Topic: Extreme Burning Sensation While Using Duac And Differin

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

I would heed this stinging as it could be a sign of sensitivity. You may want to use only one product or start using them less frequently.  My biggest regret was continuing on BP even when my skin wasn't responding well.  A year + later and my skin has yet to recover.

In Topic: My Skin Is Finally Clearing Up Thanks To Vitamin A

Yesterday, 04:45 PM

I would definitely wait upwards of 3 months before getting excited.  That will give you enough time to see if this regimen is sustainable.

Good Luck!

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Finding my center in something more profound than my skin.  This life is fleeting and we're all in transition.  The lessons to be learned from this can be priceless.  You learn a lot about yourself and other people.  I hate going through this but I figure it could always be worse.  

For everyone feeling like they're struggling, know that:

You're not alone
There's a plan for your life
You were made for so much more
You'll see people for who they really are (good and bad)
You'll learn a lot about yourself
Sometimes being down on your face means that you can finally start looking up.

In Topic: Developed Severe Bp Allergy After 10 Yrs On The Regimen, What Do I Do Now?

Yesterday, 11:36 AM

This happened to me after a year of treatment- not to that extreme.  My skin is now worse off than before I started.  Give your skin time to calm down.  Wash and moisturize.  Then go to a derm.  There are alternate products that don't require BP.  Also, now may be the time for lifestyle changes.

Good luck Hun!

In Topic: 23 / Male - Accutane For The First Time

01 August 2015 - 04:48 PM

Just wanted to update this in case anyone else on Accutane finds it useful.
Basically, my acne has been getting progressively worse since I've gotten off Accutane around a year ago. Right now I'm at the point where I have about 5-10 red pimples on my face at any given time. I've been trying to combat it with a night-only BP Regimen (I used Dr. Song's BP for about 6 months, and have been using Acne.org for about three months and a half now), but I just keep breaking out. I'm not sure if Accutane made my acne more resistant, or what... I'm still on the hunt for an effective anti-acne regimen.
I don't want to discourage anyone from taking Accutane, since the results are different for everyone... I'd say Accutane was still worth it for me, at least for the moment, since I don't really have that many breakouts on my back now (used to break out quite a bit there), and my acne is pretty much contained to my cheek / moustache region. Plus, my skin isn't as prone to developing annoying conditions like seborrheic dermatitis.

I'm sorry to hear this.  I know exactly how you feel as I never stopped breaking out after my 2012 course.  Please keep us posted on what you decide to do next.  What else have you tried for your acne?