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To Acne with no love > Skin Care Change

Posted 27 May 2015

So I had a visit with my dermatologist today at month 5 and I broke down.  I felt pretty stupid expressing my frustrations but as always, she told me not to lose Hope (God bless that woman).  She agreed that the dryness I was experiencing was dermatitis (a form of eczema) and that we needed to step back.  She gave me samples of an anti inflammatory (Elide...

To Acne with no love > My Skin Is Pretty Bad Right Now

Posted 24 May 2015

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  Just wanted to give an update since a few things have changed.  I believe that my acne treatment has exasperated my eczema or at the very least, some form of dermatitis.  Since I restarted differin (less than a pea sized amount) my skin has been even dryer and the flakiness which had gone the way of the wind, is back.  My...

To Acne with no love > Week 20 (Day 149)

Posted 18 May 2015

Well it has been exactly 5 months on my regimen and it is safe to say it has been an epic fail.  I am more broken out than the day I started and my overall skin tone and texture is just God awful.   Also have developed inflamed acne on both cheeks since stopping consistent use of differin a week or so ago due to excessive dryness.  Tonight was the second...

To Acne with no love > Feeling So Alone

Posted 11 May 2015

As I continue through this struggle, I'm feeling all alone.  At work today I was so crabby and sad and feeling like shite and there was not one person I could share those feelings with.  Everyone thinks that acne is such a small issue and those people tend to not have acne.  

It disfigures the skin, makes everything uneven and can affect the self esteem...

To Acne with no love > Week 19 (Day 141)

Posted 10 May 2015

This week has been hell.....literally and there is no sign of stoppage.  On the acne front:

Left side near mouth has 1 huge inflamed pimple that has developed a white top, popped on its own and developed another white top (it's practically pulsing and red)

Below that and surrounding it are smaller red pimples that started as clogs and have gotten bigger...