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To Acne with no love > Week 17 Day 128

Posted 27 April 2015

One step forward, two steps back.   I am going to have to cut back on the amount and frequency of my topicals as my skin is so red, parched and at times, itchy.  For the past few days, I've had to moisturizer before any topicals and at times, it has burned something fierce.  This happened for a few weeks before my eczema exploded when I was on the regimen...

To Acne with no love > Light At The End Of This Dark Tunnel

Posted 26 April 2015

Finally!  The breakout on my right side has subsided and I'm  back to my usual clogged pores.  Never thought I'd be excited to say that!  My left side is the same with some cheek acne that is red but not inflamed with pus. It doesn't bother me much.  I am getting more clogs on my left cheek which is where it always starts so this is nothing but the cycle...

To Acne with no love > Trying To Stay Positive

Posted 22 April 2015

This  week has been super rough and I am struggling to deal.  Going to work has been nightmarish and I've had to rearrange a few things so that I do t have to deal with people seeing my skin at its worse.

Most of the clogs in my right side have inflamed and are developing/have developed white tops which means that they should be making their way out soo...

To Acne with no love > Week 16 (Day # 121)

Posted 20 April 2015

it is officially 16 weeks and 1 day of consistent use and I am currently going through one of the worst breakouts since starting. There are so many inflamed red bumps that I don't even know where to stop counting. My right side lower chin/cheek/jaw is taking the brunt of it too. Other than that , I have smaller inflamed bumps in my hairline and on my left...

To Acne with no love > Giving Up

Posted 18 April 2015

I Have quit the Paleo detox for two reasons:

The discomfort felt as if someone was sitting on my chest.  It was almost like i couldn't breathe

Secondly, the breakout I am getting is just so upsetting.  Red bumps all over.  Since Sunday,  I have broken out in over a dozen pimples.  That is definitely unusual for me, especially since I started topicals....