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To Acne with no love > Updated Regimen

Posted 18 December 2014

Supplements prescribed by a naturopath  
Flax seed oil pill (1) hormonal support
Vitamin D tablets - 3000mg (2) taken due to low levels
Fem Bal (1) hormonal support
Vitamin E -500 mg (1) dry skin
Evening primrose oil - 500 mg (1) hormonal support
Chromium Synergy (1) blood sugar support

To Acne with no love > And So It Begins

Posted 16 December 2014

I have begun my purging I believe.  It's not heavy duty yet but I am breaking out in multiple red bumps and tiny non inflamed acne that was invisible before.  My face is itchy at times where the acne is popping up.  It sucks and I know it's only the beginning so I have to brace myself.  I go back to my naturapath tomorrow so we'll see...

To Acne with no love > Taking It One Step At A Time

Posted 12 December 2014

So i have used differin 3 times so far and it hasn't irritated my eczema so yay for that!  I like the consistency of it and a little bit really does go a long way.  Starting on Sunday, i will be using it every other day under moisturizer.  I won't start the official countdown of usage till I am using it nightly.
My acne now is a mixt...

To Acne with no love > New Routine

Posted 04 December 2014

So this past Tuesday (December 2nd), i went back to my derm.  After examining my skin, she said that the number of acne lesions i had was less than pre-accutane but agreed with me that my acne was changing.  Pre accutane i got many small white heads that were concentrated on areas around my face.  Now, while i still get those small whitehea...

To Acne with no love > Holidays Are Not My Friend

Posted 29 November 2014

My face is a hot mess all the time but there is something about holidays, outings and just trying to live a normal life that leads to more acne than usual.  With thanksgiving and all the treats that come with the festivities , i count no less than 17 active pimples around my face not counting the ones scattered on my forehead.  Nothing is working, not the...