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Letting Go and Letting God > When The Going Gets Tough....

Posted 29 August 2014

It's pretty much a guarantee in life that we will face challenges.  Some will be temporary and some will be life long. Acne is my life long challenge and right now, it is tough.  At fist, it was just confined to one side of my mouth and then it spread to the other side.  It went up to my lips and down to my chin.  Now I have it on my c...

Letting Go and Letting God > Had An Epiphany Today

Posted 21 August 2014

While many of my fellow peers were probably shopping  or going to the beach or hanging out with friends, I took a ride to the cemetery in my area.  I've always driven past it and had always wanted to stop in but never did.  Well today was the perfect opportunity.  I brought a snack, my bible, my notebook, my pen and i just sat there....

Letting Go and Letting God > Why Do We Go Through The Tough Times?

Posted 17 August 2014

I have gotten to a point in my life where i don't feel the need to always question God for the things that happen to me.  It just becomes a part of life.  It doesn't make it any easier to go through these things none the less.  My acne for instance.  16 years and counting - the embarrassment, the struggle, the explaining to people what...

Letting Go and Letting God > At The Crossroad

Posted 05 August 2014

So many ions ago, the rap group 'Bone Thugs-n-Harmony' made a song called 'Meet me at the crossroads'.  It was basically talking about friends that had passed on and meeting them up in the afterlife.  Well the title of the song got me thinking that we all have many crossroads in our daily lives.  Times when we are faced with decisions, ofte...

Letting Go and Letting God > The Blame Game

Posted 23 July 2014

So as I sit in front of my laptop and type this, I have to say that having just celebrated  my 31st birthday yesterday has brought on some clarity on my acne situation.  As a person that has suffered with this disease since 15 with 1 or 2 years of clear skin due to medication/topicals, I have come to the epiphany that we as acne sufferers are ma...