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To Acne with no love > Week 5 (Day 37)

Posted 26 January 2015

My face can literally change day to day and hour to hour.  Acne is such a strange beast!  After a having a better than average pre-period and period week, I am once again breaking out in larger bumps (think red, inflamed, under the skin and bound to leave red marks).  My right upper cheek has 1 and in the near future possibly 2 hard bumps w...

To Acne with no love > Week 4 (Day 31)

Posted 21 January 2015

Wow, time is flying by.  I've been on differin a solid month and Aczone for about 2 months.  I've also been seeing my naturopath for about 3 months and have been on a consistent list of supplements for about a month now.  I had an appt with my naturopath and we are going to keep our regimen the same.  The only thing that I will be addi...

To Acne with no love > Week 3 (Day 23)

Posted 13 January 2015

And the heat is on!  3 weeks into consistent nightly use of differin and I am getting more under the skin bumps that take a while to surface.  A lot of them start of as clogged pores and then suddenly, they are huge, red and very tender to the touch.  Yowza.  The last few days my acne had been somewhat calmer with not too many large bu...

To Acne with no love > Week 2 (Day 13)

Posted 05 January 2015

Well, it's been almost 2 whole weeks of using differin nightly and I'm still alive - Woot!  Woot!  The last couple of days have been relatively ok with acne popping up here and there with the most swollen of the bunch going down.  Today, it seems I am breaking out in numerous red bumps where else but on my chin/mouth area.  A lot of pe...

To Acne with no love > Week 2 (Day 8)

Posted 31 December 2014

As another year comes to a close, I must say that this year has had its ups and downs.  My ups included:
Becoming a Christian.  This by far has been the best decision of my life. To know that there is someone that Loves me as I am and who I can rely on in my peaks and valleys is AMAZING.  I am still struggling and I am trying to let...