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Should I Pop A Pimple?

12 December 2012 - 08:27 AM

Hey, so last night the upper part of my cheek felt quite sore, so I put some BP on it and went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it was still sore but had partially came to head. What should I do? Should I just continue to apply BP until it is gone? I honestly am tired of breaking out and heard that popping it will only cause bacteria to spread. What's really annoying is, it also seems that there is no way in hell I can prevent my pimple from getting larger. Every morning I wake up and the thing has already tripled to size and came to head.

Advice On Redness? Pic Included

17 August 2011 - 07:41 PM

So my face has had a red tone for quite awhile now, and i have no idea what to do. Does anyone know what i have? Is it Rosacea? My forehead is completely white, its mostly just on my face. Please let me know if you know any products/methods to help clear up redness. I know you many of you will probably just tell me to see a derm, but i just wanted a response from the community. I've also been trying to avoid the sun as much as possible this summer, so i don't believe it could be the main reason.