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marin98's Blog > Day 14 Claravis

Posted 24 September 2012

Its week 2 and my friends are complementing me saying my skin looks better. Posted Image (they dont know im on claravis.) but i think im getting an initial breakout. my back got about 4-5 new pimples in the past few days, and my face has 11 deep ones, and my neck got 3 pimples as...

marin98's Blog > Day 7 On Claravis

Posted 17 September 2012

My skin is so dry! my entire body feels dehydrated and my scalp is itching and dry. the top layer of skin on my face is peeling off, so its kinda difficult to wear makeup over it without making the peeling look worse. I'm also getting lower back pains. on a good note, my skin is getting lots better and my scars seem to be lesss noticable. its only...

marin98's Blog > Claravis Day 6

Posted 15 September 2012

I know I just posted last night but I woke up this morning, and I feel like my skin has gotten a lot drier overnight! Its peeling all around my nose and forehead.
i also forgot to mention that I was at a football game last night and noticed that my eyes were kinda dry. I went home and looked in the mirror and wow my eyes were red! It seems like all...

marin98's Blog > Day 5 On Claravis

Posted 15 September 2012

so it is day 5 on 40mg/day (119 lbs) and I am starting to realize some very slight changes. I'm getting some breakouts but they are healing very fast. I'm hoping that this is how the initial breakout will be, because I've heard horrible things about the IB and I'm a little scared of it. My acne is only moderate/light so maaybe it won't...

marin98's Blog > Day 1 Of Claravis (Isotretinoin, Accutane)

Posted 10 September 2012

Today is my first day starting Claravis. I have had acne for about 2 years now, and in the last 6 months, it's gotten worse than its ever been. Its caused me to withdraw a little from my social life, and it really upsets me. I've tried every class of antibiotics, I have used almost every topical in the book and it just won't go away, and its...