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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

18 August 2014 - 06:18 PM

I don't believe in the still there vitamin A theory anymore, it can be true but it's not the true problem, and even if it was there is only one way to expell it same as other toxins. Problem is accutane cause mass cell poisoning and dying, resulting in even more toxicity than before (acne = elimination). You can't regenerate cells when they are being chronically poisoned by their own waste + highly toxic diet who don't even contain anything to truely nourish the body.
If meat is highly toxic it's not because of the vitamin A.

About isotherapy like i said it's not required, it's just to speed up things, and if you want to do it well you need to do sequentially and not only for accutane.


Not Vitamin A toxicity per se, specifically 13 cis Retinic acid toxicity. The accutane destroys the gut, as the gut membranes are just like the skin...it causes ineffective removal of the drug. The body was sick already, before accutane, that's why acne was present in the first place. Ineffective detoxification from the kidneys or the biliary tract was probably responsible. The body gets backed up before the drug, the drug is then taken orally but ineffectively removed, so the body stores the drug in the fat cells because fat solubilizes fat. This causes the chronic dry skin, dry lips, and all the same side effects as when on accutane but for the longest time afterwards. Reliving these symptoms is when the accutane is mobilised, which is very dangerous.


Of course that's not always the way, some people have no traces of the drug in their body and still have problems due to accutane changing the inner landscape of the body, because it's basically pure poison, but in some cases i do believe the drug is still there. But that's just conjecture at this point, it's just my opinion and i know that it can only be taken at face value.

Apples, oranges, dates, ..


Do you recommend or have you used Adrenal Glandular's?

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

17 August 2014 - 04:20 PM

So whats the best source of soluble fiber if your having trouble moving your bowels, the intestines are inflamed?


Psyllium Husk contains phytic acid, soaked Chai Seeds are a possibility, soaked Flax seeds are virtually inedible, so whats the best source?

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

16 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

There have been some very colorful treatments recommended throughout the 254 pages of this thread, but taking more Accutane to cure Accutane-induced health problems is as dumb as fuck, yet it is being discussed again.


Put out a house fire with gasoline anyone?


If you are thinking of going this route and want to be cured even faster, try 120mg Accutane daily.

It might cause sterility at that high of a dose.


Don't think twice, your Darwin Award awaits you.


Don't bother wearing down your finger tips typing-out an insulting reply to this post either.

I won't be reading it along with the other 75% repetitive gibberish coming from this thread.


No, wait! Anonny! Forget that last paragraph. Please keep quoting this entire post on a regular basis and arguing your hackneyed alternative view of physiology against it. These are my honest feelings about the entire shameful journey of this thread and the post-Accutane community in general.




If some of you fellow posters found something you think works, that's great. And I mean that with all sincerity. No sarcasm intended.


If you are a long-time sufferer who keeps getting defeated, don't try to change your strategy or anything. Keep doing what doesn't work and it might work eventually.

Or give up and make the best of what you still have left.



I'll still be checking PMs regularly if any of my good friends from here have something to discuss.


I haven't tried it, nor do i recommend it because i don't understand what it is. What it seems to be is a genetic imprint of the offending substance in question, given to the person to create an immune system reaction, so the body can decode it, or deal with it. It sounds bizarre but i was just interested in the philosophy of it thats all, a bit like a vaccination in a way. Although when you put it like that, taking accutane to stop the effects of accutane, yes your right it's very dumb.


Anonyy is right about the vegan diet, Accutane poisoning is essentially vitamin A toxicity in the tissues, to stop the toxicity continuing or getting worse it's best to remove all sources of retinol, which is animal source vitamin A. Even innocous things like shrimp, scallops, turkey breast, they all contain retinol and it exasperates the effects of accutane toxicity, because it builds in the body, especially a body thats backed up and unable to detoxify due to accutane damaging the gi tract, affecting liver function and causing damage to the ability to detoxify through the skin. The body becomes a toxic waste dump, so it's best not to add gasoline to a burning fire as you yourself put it.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

15 August 2014 - 09:32 AM

Even soaked beans are bad sadly.


Yea about psyllium glucarate kombucha i've done it after some research, it worked but i can't say if it's because of all of that, maybe the isotherapy by its own is enough idk..

For the isotherapy it's easy, you just buy the dose and take then every 2 days if i remember correctly.


Can't say a top5 but the most effective is any detox method, clark kidney cleanse was very effective, liver flush too. I took many herbal detox i don't remember the name. Except from that you just assist your body and stop poison him with non-physiologic food and it will cleanse & repair by itself. It takes time, minimum 6month to 1 year to see result, and that's only if you do no "mistake" by eating toxic food and properly support eliminative organ function.


Frugivorous diet contain a lot of potassium, if you have weak adrenals you'll need some sodium. Best form is quinton plasma (sea water) but i believe himalayan or grey unrefined salt is fine in proper amount. 


There is the B12 subject too, i still don't know what to think about it but i take some sublingual methylcobalamin once every 2 weeks/month in case of the theory where it's not a metabolism byproduct but a real vitamin synthetized by the intestine but that for us are damaged by accutane & antibiotics so it require supplement (even for those who eat meat).


About the glandular i truely believe the adrenal one is a necessity for most of us.


Thanks again for the reply Anonyy, i've looked up CEASE therapy and it's basically the same thing. So i'd take say a 5mg capsule of accutane and they'd dilute and dilute it to less and less potency, and then what? they'd give me oral capsules to consume or would it be an injection? Or do they use your own body secretions to derive the treatment (blood, scabs etc) If so what if the accutane is stored in the fat and is not present in the samples?


Sorry for the long windedness of my post, i'm just trying to understand this process further.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

15 August 2014 - 04:53 AM


The body can't do everything at once, there is priorities. When you start to detox the body get rid of toxins + repair itself from the lastest to the oldest. Isotherapy is a way to force the body to react & use his energy for accutane damage. It isn't required at all, it's just to speed up things. There is no accutane molecule in it, only the imprint.


It's all about toxicity but the body cannot detox & function properly without endocrine glands functioning adequately (especially adrenals), and the nervous system ofc.


When you stop meat you stop eating neurotransmitters (epinephrine) and as your body reduced his natural production from your old habit you start to feel weak nervously. Problem is, this will prevent a proper detox, but eating meat does the same so.. Only solution in those case when the nervous system is too weak is to take an adrenal glandular (work well for libido too apparently). Can add a parathyroid glandular for the calcium utilisation (required for nerve impulse) + a calcium formula (vegetable one). There is a supplement (Velvet Deer Antler) who contain calcium who apparently is a very powerful cellular proliferator, very strong to regenerate the nervous system. Robert Morse sell a supplement who contain vegetal calcium + this deer antler.


To detox it's "simple", we need to stop eating non-physiological food, the best is to eat 100% raw only fruits & vegetable but for some it will cause a too strong detox. Eating some cooked things like baked sweet potato, quinoa & steamed vegetables is ok to slow things down. There is some herbal formulas too.


Things i forgot to mention is that it's a bad idea to do liver flushes when we stop eating meat, it's very powerful and require a strong nervous system, if someone stop meat completely and was already weak it's a bad idea.

You knew about Robert Morse since 2012 i believe chico, i believe you know some of that : P


Yes i'm aware of Robert Morse, Life Regenerator and the raw food community. I'm going to transition back to a vegan diet, basically fruit, vegetables, soaked nuts / seeds, soaked quinoa, green juices and kombucha. I was thinking about buying beans in their dry state and soaking them overnight to consume with the quinoa, is that okay? are there any problems with beans and legumes once soaked?


There was a post you made talking about psyllium husk, calcium d glucarate and kombucha specifically helping gut transit and accutane removal, would you advise those things? i'm really interested in the isotherapy you've talked about and everything you've said makes perfect sense to me, how would one go about doing it, can you do it yourself? do you need to look for a specific isotherapy practitioner, whats the process?


Also in relation to adrenal and parathyroid glandulars, i will look into that, thank you. What are the top 5 things that have worked best in your experience Anonyy to mitigate and potentially reverse the long term toxicity of accutane?