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In Topic: My Poor Face... Help Please?

31 March 2013 - 10:50 AM

Hello! Congrats on finding a derm who accepts your insurance!


I use Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer (Active Ingredients Octinoxate 6.0%, Zinc Oxide 3.0%) mixed with Jojoba oil - it is the recommended moisturizer of Acne.org's The Regimen. I've had luck with this - just don't be shy with amount, like slather it on face, neck, get to the ears and jawline and everything. I got my Jojoba oil at Whole Foods, but I think they sell it at Walgreens and maybe other drug store chains as well. 


I've also used many types of Aveeno moisturizers in the past, and have found that brand to be really nourishing - just use a good sized amount! 


Good luck. 

In Topic: Winter Acne

24 September 2012 - 03:54 PM

Hi -

If you haven't already, check out the reviews of low dosage Accutane here on acne.org - I've read that low dosage cases are much higher to relapse with the same chance of side effects.

Have you hear of Spironolactone? I am on it now and it's my last-ditch attempt before Accutane...might be worth looking into! I'm only a week in so I can't say yet how it's working. It's a repressive treatment but the side effects are low. I'm a little scared of Accutane after hearing horror stories of side effects.