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bgh9080's Accutane Blog > Day 64

Posted 01 June 2013

update - didn't take any pics in may. but i think these photos have shown that things have generally improved. my back still is red and scarred, but way less active spots.    this photo looks small, so just to edit, here's a big photo of my the day i started accutane:   and today, close up:   

bgh9080's Accutane Blog > Day 62

Posted 30 May 2013

So - interesting process of getting Amnesteem this month. It cost me $635 for a 30-day supply of 60mg (40mg + 20mg pills). I am on Cobra insurance extension, and it had not been processed within the seven day window so I was out of Amnesteem and needed to get it by midnight, so I had to pay and am returning to the pharmacy so they can resubmit the order a...

bgh9080's Accutane Blog > Day 52

Posted 20 May 2013

Things are OK again - breakouts on my back from last 2 weeks are gone. Have a few spots on my face, but nothing awful. And they're more surface-y spots, not cysts.  Cheeks feel like redness is just fading still. Chest still has one spot, the same one that's been around for like 1.5 weeks.  What I do want to talk about is this process o...

bgh9080's Accutane Blog > Day 43

Posted 10 May 2013

Just wanted to update as things have changed... I am breaking out again! I have 3-4 spots on my back that are quite painful, and one on my chest, and one on my face. Granted, this is less than it used to be when it was at its worst, but still, this is the most I've broken out so far on Accutane. Could have something to do with the upping of the dosag...

bgh9080's Accutane Blog > Day 38

Posted 05 May 2013

So, I was upped to 60mg by my dermatologist. Good things happening now: Clear skin - face and back are both almost completely clear. Almost no active spots.  Cons: Dryness - crazy, crazy dryness still. Lips are SOOOO chapped. Last week my cheeks were peeling pretty bad. My skin is literally just like falling off my lips in chunks....