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#3468227 In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

Posted by austra on 16 January 2015 - 07:33 AM

Just dropping by to say hi and I hope you're doing well, CherrySoda! And I'm on-and-off following the forums again, so I look forward to reading about your possible future treatments. :) 


I've been away for a long long while due to having some other things (namely a little person soon turning 7 months) taking priority in my life. I'm not pursuing scar treatments anymore - I realized that when my skin is completely acne-free and in great condition otherwise, my scars don't actually bother me anymore. However, I am starting to have acne again and even though it's sort of in control right now, I still have to look for more options to treat it.

#3468226 Do Not Do Permanent Fillers! Pretty Sure I Now Have A Granuloma Years Later.

Posted by austra on 16 January 2015 - 07:16 AM

Sorry to hear about the possible granuloma, tricia! :( At least it seems like you're in good hands, so hopefully it will heal well. Do you know what the usual treatment plan for this is? Is it just cortisone shots + antibiotics, or is it going to be surgically removed?

#3407553 In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

Posted by austra on 13 January 2014 - 12:58 PM

I've read some accounts of it happening, and that it's supposed to revert back after you finish, but I don't have personal experience unfortunately. Hope you're doing well, Cherry! Good luck with accutane, I bet it's wonderful to say good-bye to break-outs for good! smile.png My skin is currently doing much better due to pregnancy hormones and topical clindamycin so I haven't got much new scarring recently, but I may face the same treatment in the end.

My derm did tell me on January 8th that my sebaceous glands will once again begin to produce oil (thus, moisture in my skin) once I am finished with this course of Accutane. I suppose once that starts to happen, my scars won't appear as they do now. The current dryness I'm experiencing really does make the edges of the scars look a little "harsher", if that makes any sense. 

I am doing well, thank you. I have been saying in this thread that I will create another thread on Acne.org devoted to my experiences with Accutane. But since the beginning of last month, I have been so busy with finals, and then the holidays and trips to see family, it seems like I have to keep postponing that goal. I really do need to, though. I just started my third month of isotretinoin, and it's such a good idea to maintain an online journal in order to keep track of one's experiences with the medication.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so wonderful (plus, you have that added bonus of acne-zapping hormones). Cheers, austra!

I'm sure your skin and scarring will look better once the accutane dryness is over. :) I'd be very interested in reading your journal if you decide to start one, since I am seriously considering it for the future and am trying to read up on it more. It's completely understandable not to have time to keep such a journal though, even if it's very helpful I still wouldn't have energy/time for it myself.


And thank you, I'm very excited about this new phase in my life! It's so great to have much more important things to think about than how my skin looks. I only hope I can accept and deal with my scarring in such a way that my child will never pick up on how much it has bothered me and how self-conscious about my looks I've been because of it. In the end there are far more important things in life than some scarring. 

#3392452 Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

Posted by austra on 04 November 2013 - 02:04 PM

Thanks austra! I want to start baking with buckwheat too...how do you make buckwheat pizza, and can I make it without tomatoes? l haven't had pizza since I discovered that tomatoes raise my histamines. 

I dissolve a teaspoon of carob powder into my tea every morning to get some chiro inositol. On its own it doesn't have much sugar and doesn't impact glucose. I need to find some carob recipes because it tastes pretty good. 

Sorry I'm getting back to you so late! I just use the buckwheat crepe recipe found here (it's very easy and effortless to make, but takes a long time), add a bit of olive oil to the dough, spread it out on a baking tray and then put it in the oven for 15 min (it's like pancake batter so needs to be in the oven on its own first), take out and put regular pizza toppings on and put back for another 15 minutes. I really like the pizza. I'm pretty sure it would be nice even without tomato sauce. I was thinking of trying to mix in spinach and eggs with the buckwheat dough next time and try making some savoury pancakes on the pan.


I noticed that Stephan from Whole Health Source revisited the buckwheat recipe just now and apparently you can skip the fermentation bit! I've always done it until now and as it adds another 12 hours, it's great you can apparently make it a bit faster. The dough really doesn't keep very long if fermented, only a few days in the fridge.


Note that it's important to use either boiled or filtered water during the soaking, otherwise the phytic acid doesn't break down like it's supposed to (you can tell because nothing happens to the water at all if it's not right - it's supposed to get slimy and gray).

#3385636 Airgent For Acne Scarring

Posted by austra on 30 September 2013 - 08:44 AM

Oh wow! Congratulations! :) It must feel amazing to finally get improvement. I have similar scarring and I've felt fairly desperate at times since no treatment seemed very well suited for my type of scarring, or alternatively had very high risks (excisions etc). I'll definitely keep my eyes open if this becomes available within reasonable distance.


If this is a type of a filler (sorry if I'm mistaken, I'm not well-read on this yet), wouldn't it mean you'd have to keep having treatments at regular intervals? If it's a low-invasive procedure unlike laser with fairly short down time, I wouldn't mind.

#3378823 In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

Posted by austra on 29 August 2013 - 11:51 AM

Nice to know how you've been doing! I've been dealing with similar issues this past year as well, which have delayed my treatment plans and I also have got a few new scars to deal with. It's really frustrating, especially since my skin was so good for such a long time and I really thought new scarring and acne issues were behind me. But oh well. I think I'm going to either get on the pill (which has worked beautifully in the past) or try spiro if it doesn't get better soon. 

Accutane is my last resort at this moment, although it may come to that.


Hopefully you'll now tackle acne once and for all! :) And when the time comes, please do keep us updated if you get new scar treatments. Best of luck with everything!! x

#3360382 Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?

Posted by austra on 22 June 2013 - 03:52 PM

Thought someone trying this massaging  might find this thread interesting:



I'm fairly sure massaging won¨t do anything for old icepick or boxcar scars, but I don't know much about rolling ones and can't comment whether this could help untether them or not. Doesn't hurt to try, I guess.

#3329527 Is Fish Oil The New Sunscreen?

Posted by austra on 26 February 2013 - 12:33 PM

Interesting study. I found the results fairly surprising, to be honest. As I understand, normally omega 3 fatty acids would suppress the immune system (since omega-3 EPA and arachidonic acid both compete for the same enzyme, COX-2, which turns AA into inflammatory prostanoids). Of course that can be a good thing, as often quite a lot of the tissue damage after an infection is caused by the immune system going berserk (too much inflammation etc) rather than the actual pathogen causing the damage. But it's good to keep in mind that overdosing on omega 3 would definitely not support the immune system, as it would downregulate the defense mechanisms against pathogens. Here is a good example of how too much omega 3 can be harmful in some cases.


I can't really explain or understand the mechanism behind the stronger immune response for those who got omega 3 in the study you linked to. I suppose things often tend to be fairly complex when it comes to the human body.


But anyway, I agree that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for most people. I take cod liver oil on a regular basis and have found that it tends to help with inflamed acne and make me feel better in general.

#3327165 Dermarolling Help

Posted by austra on 16 February 2013 - 07:24 AM

Based on my dermarolling research, don't use it more than once a month. I would use it at 6-8 weeks intervals, even. It takes time for collagen to build and you have to allow that time for skin to recover, otherwise you could be causing more damage. Some people do dermaroll once a week because the initial microswelling lasts for about a week and makes the scarring look much better, but this really could just worsen the skin in the long term and is not advisable.

#3326500 Painful Spot Pls Help! (Pic Attached)

Posted by austra on 13 February 2013 - 09:46 AM

I would try to get a hydrocolloid bandage for the open wound pimple and leave it on for at least 3 days, preferably even 5-7 days if you can bear wearing a bandage that long. It seems like the best option in a situation like this, and will let the pimple heal on its own as well as possible. There should be some in pharmacies, if you can't find any thin ones for wounds specifically, then blister hydrocolloid bandages (Compeed etc) work just as well.


This is what a hydrocolloid bandage looks like. You just cut a piece out of it that is big enough to cover the wound completely, and just stick it on. It should adhere on its own. Please be sure to wash/sterilize and air dry the wound beforehand. Don't use any moisturizers or creams underneath.





If there's a scab on the wound, then I wouldn't recommend putting a hydrocolloid bandage on, as it can rip the scab off when you take it off. If you do put a hydrocolloid bandage on a scab, you should leave the bandage on until it comes off on its own.


I'm not sure if using salicylic acid on inflamed areas is a good idea, as that could possibly irritate the skin and impair healing. Also it looks like you have tooth paste (?) on the pimple in the second picture, and the same thing goes for that. Don't use anything harsh (tooth paste, retin-a, any acid) on the pimple since there's now an open wound. Be gentle with your skin. After you've had the hydrocolloid bandage on for a few days, you can take it off and check the situation. If (and when) the wound has closed off, keep moisturizing the wound with some gentle moisturizer. If you for some reason don't want to use the hydrocolloid bandage (although I highly recommend it), then just make sure it's clean and keep it moisturized. Take fish oil, sleep well, have a healthy diet etc and let it heal on its own, don't pick. Don't use anything that seems irritating to the skin until the pimple has completely healed - then you can consider things like retin-a and copper peptides.


I'm not really experienced with rolling scars, so I can't advice you on those. But if you search the forum, there should be plenty of information.

#3322200 Advice Please

Posted by austra on 28 January 2013 - 11:15 AM

You could try wearing a silicone sheet for a few months, and if that doesn't help, consult a plastic surgeon if it could be revised. 

#3319748 Are My Scars Horrible? What Can I Do About Them?

Posted by austra on 18 January 2013 - 06:23 PM

Your skin looks good and your family and girlfriend are probably telling the truth when they say they don't notice it. I know even the tiniest facial scar can feel like a big deal at your age, but it's really not and I'm sure you won't give a damn about this very minor scarring issue in a few years. Scars do get softer and nicer looking over the years in my experience. I'd continue using Retin-A maybe for a year or two, but wouldn't consider anything else. Even retin-a isn't really necessary, but you're right in saying that it may help with superficial scarring if used for a long time.

#3309452 In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

Posted by austra on 09 December 2012 - 03:55 AM

Yeah, I can understand being stressed and busy with school work. At least the holidays are just around the corner. :) Looking forward to hearing about your grafts when you have the time.

And I'm very happy to hear that that those ring scars actually fade away on their own! I would never want to have dermabrasion because of the risks, so that is great news. If I get the chance, I would love to have punch floats on some of my scars.

Thanks for the reply and good luck with your work.

#3299074 New Topical Scar Treatment - Sounds To Good To Be True

Posted by austra on 31 October 2012 - 10:17 AM

Hahaha, I can't believe the before-after pictures are the same picture, with one (or both of them) photoshopped. How could anyone think this is legit?

#3298595 Just Had Ablative Fraxel:repair And Ultrapulse Co2 With Photos

Posted by austra on 29 October 2012 - 03:52 PM

Please be very careful about being out in the sun after you've recovered from this. Although it is a no-brainer, but your skin must be so fragile after such an invasive treatment. It would be wise to be as careful as you possibly can. Anyway, good luck with the healing and I'm very excited to hear about your results. :) And thank you so much for keeping this thread, it's a great source of information for someone considering lasers.