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In Topic: Scabs...and Picking...

16 January 2015 - 09:57 AM

I got most of my acne scars by picking at pimples (fairly harshly to be fair) and then picking the scabs. I've got a lot less scarring ever since i stopped picking at inflamed spots (unless there is a clear whitehead, in which case I do it as gently as possible) and whenever there is a scab, leaving it alone. So please, if you don't want acne scars and I'm sure you don't, do not pick your skin.


However, sometimes if you have picked an inflamed spot, I've found that it's best for healing skin if you can avoid a scab to begin with, as scabs aren't really that useful for healing. So now if I have picked at something, I put a hydrocolloid bandage on it right after picking and keep it on for one night - this is usually enough to prevent a scab and it heals nicely (with a bit of flaking skin for a few days though, which you could prevent by having the bandage on for longer). Another good thing to do is moisturising - either the picked skin or the scab.

In Topic: Severe Cystic Acne After Pregnancy And Birth

16 January 2015 - 07:54 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, katie27! I know how horrible it is having to deal with bad acne. I assume you must have been on birth control before your pregnancy? If you get back on it after you've stopped breastfeeding, it will most likely clear your skin again. You just have to find other solutions to deal with skin problems during pregnancy and breastfeeding that aren't necessarily as effective, but keep things sort of in control. I'm nursing now and started getting some acne a few months after birth (I also had moderate and stubborn acne before I got pregnant that had continued for years ever since I came off the pill, it all cleared during the pregnancy). Now I've managed to keep my inflamed acne in control with topical bp (to all acne-prone areas, bought from this website actually) and topical clindamycin (as a spot treatment). Then after I've stopped breastfeeding (which might be a while, as I plan to breastfeed long) I might go on the pill, or try spiro or accutane.


On a related note, does anyone have advice on what you can do about hormones WHILE still breastfeeding? Doesn't it mean that birth control pills are out of the question? I assume that herbs and spiro would be as well, right?

In Topic: In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

16 January 2015 - 07:33 AM

Just dropping by to say hi and I hope you're doing well, CherrySoda! And I'm on-and-off following the forums again, so I look forward to reading about your possible future treatments. :) 


I've been away for a long long while due to having some other things (namely a little person soon turning 7 months) taking priority in my life. I'm not pursuing scar treatments anymore - I realized that when my skin is completely acne-free and in great condition otherwise, my scars don't actually bother me anymore. However, I am starting to have acne again and even though it's sort of in control right now, I still have to look for more options to treat it.

In Topic: Do Not Do Permanent Fillers! Pretty Sure I Now Have A Granuloma Years Later.

16 January 2015 - 07:16 AM

Sorry to hear about the possible granuloma, tricia! :( At least it seems like you're in good hands, so hopefully it will heal well. Do you know what the usual treatment plan for this is? Is it just cortisone shots + antibiotics, or is it going to be surgically removed?

In Topic: In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

13 January 2014 - 12:58 PM

I've read some accounts of it happening, and that it's supposed to revert back after you finish, but I don't have personal experience unfortunately. Hope you're doing well, Cherry! Good luck with accutane, I bet it's wonderful to say good-bye to break-outs for good! smile.png My skin is currently doing much better due to pregnancy hormones and topical clindamycin so I haven't got much new scarring recently, but I may face the same treatment in the end.

My derm did tell me on January 8th that my sebaceous glands will once again begin to produce oil (thus, moisture in my skin) once I am finished with this course of Accutane. I suppose once that starts to happen, my scars won't appear as they do now. The current dryness I'm experiencing really does make the edges of the scars look a little "harsher", if that makes any sense. 

I am doing well, thank you. I have been saying in this thread that I will create another thread on Acne.org devoted to my experiences with Accutane. But since the beginning of last month, I have been so busy with finals, and then the holidays and trips to see family, it seems like I have to keep postponing that goal. I really do need to, though. I just started my third month of isotretinoin, and it's such a good idea to maintain an online journal in order to keep track of one's experiences with the medication.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so wonderful (plus, you have that added bonus of acne-zapping hormones). Cheers, austra!

I'm sure your skin and scarring will look better once the accutane dryness is over. :) I'd be very interested in reading your journal if you decide to start one, since I am seriously considering it for the future and am trying to read up on it more. It's completely understandable not to have time to keep such a journal though, even if it's very helpful I still wouldn't have energy/time for it myself.


And thank you, I'm very excited about this new phase in my life! It's so great to have much more important things to think about than how my skin looks. I only hope I can accept and deal with my scarring in such a way that my child will never pick up on how much it has bothered me and how self-conscious about my looks I've been because of it. In the end there are far more important things in life than some scarring.