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Beyond Frustrated

15 September 2013 - 08:26 PM

Hi!  Ok so I just need to talk a little bit.  I've been going to the dermatologist for 5 years (I am currently a freshman in college).  I've tried Proactiv 3 times.  I've been on Murad, Clearasil, Skin ID, you name it.  I've tried Differin, Epiduo, and another medication of that type.  I've used countless drug store face washes and also prescribed face washes.  I've been on 4 types of antibiotics 5 different times.  Currently, I'm on Minocycline and I have been for about a year.  They always work when I'm on them, then stop working a week after I go off of them.  I've told my derm this.  I have tried SO many things and at this point, I feel like giving up.  Nothing works.  I even expressed my pain acne has caused me (both physically and mentally) and asked my derm about Accutane, and she said it can only be used as "last resort" option.  In my mind, I'm at my last resort.  I was going to go on Accutane my sophomore year, but my mom declined. My skin continues to scar from acne and I can't remember the last time my skin was fully clear.  Being a college student, most everyone has clear skin.  I feel so self conscious all the time.  I thought I would either grow out of it by now or at least find something that works, but neither of those have happened.  I am tired of hearing people say, "it's not /that/ bad" or telling me to try Proactiv or changing my pillow case.  I had dreams of becoming a Disney face character, but my skin is hindering me from accomplishing this.  I am going to be an elementary school teacher and the last thing I need is my kids to point it out or something.  I really just don't know what to do and I know people say it takes time, but I'm all out of hope.  At this point, I am ready to give up.  Sorry for ranting.

Minocycline Vs Monodox?

16 July 2013 - 03:29 PM

Hi everyone! So I was previously on Monodox for a few months and towards the end of my treatment, my skin was the clearest it had ever been. As I was waning off of the medication, my face broke out completely and went back to being worse than it was before I began treatment. I went back to my derm and she prescribed me 100mg of Minocycline twice a day (once a day after one month). I was just wondering if anyone has had success with Minocycline rather than Monodox. Because apparently, my skin only stayed clear when I was keeping up with the medication. I also was prescribed Avar (I use Epiduo at night and Aczone twice a day, and I wash with Cereve twice a day). Thanks!

Ziana - Has Anyone Had Success With It?

23 July 2012 - 12:18 AM

So my derm recommended Ziana for me to use for my current acne and acne scars/red marks. I've had it for quite some time, and every time I use it, it either completely doesn't work or every once in a while it dries up my skin like no other. Usually it doesn't work at all, and I wake up with my skin looking the exact same as it did the night before. Is it just me? I'm so frustrated with trying all these different topical treatments, I'm ready to just stop them and just wash my face with an over the counter cleanser, and that's it. Any advice?

New to this site AND Accutane!

12 July 2011 - 05:59 PM

Hello all you wonderful people. smile.gif I'm Kacy. I didn't really know where to put this entry, so since I might be going on Accutane soon, I thought here would be a good place. So here's my story: Ever since I was in seventh grade (I'm going to be a Junior), I've had acne. When it started, it wasn't too bad, just your normal teenage thing. But as eighth grade rolled around, my acne steadily got worse. Then came highschool. My face ALWAYS had acne, no matter what, and it never went away no matter what I've done. I've tried ProActiv (Twice...), Differin, many other types of topical treatments, antibiotics, Neutrogena, Murad, Clearasil, you name it, and nothing ever seemed to really clear my face. I mean, my face isn't COVERED, but I'd say it's pretty moderate and constantly there, never really clearing at all. I do have some cystic-looking acne, and I'm pretty sure my face is already scarred because it's red and what not. Right now, it looks awful, and so the other day, I went to the dermatologist to see what my other options were because nothing is working and all I want is clear skin like all my friends have. She recommended to put me on birth control (Yaz I think?) due to the fact that my acne gets worse when it's my time of the month! By no means am I on it for actual birth control, I plan on staying a virgin for a while. And she prescribed Veltin for the topical thing for right now. She also said we could try Accutane if my family discussed it first. She gave me that HUGE iPledge packet, and I've read through it completely. I've been researching, reading others blogs about it, and stuff, and I've realized that this is what I want to do. I know the possible side effects, and I figured it was worth the risk. My dermatologist said her children have used it too, which made my mom feel better. So, hopefully, I'll start off with this birth control and keep it for a month or whatever Accutane has you do, then start from there on my journey to beautiful, clear skin. So, I have a question! How has Accutane worked for any of you guys? I'd love to hear your experience with it, because I know I'm so ready to clear up all this acne! smile.gif