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Accutane every 7 years > Proactive Only

Posted 15 December 2013

Hey there, I wanted to give a quick update on my skin.  I have been off Diane 35 since August and I am currently using Proactive and limiting my dairy intake and my skin is clear, clear, clear.  I have also been drinking a pot of Rooibos tea a day over the past few weeks and it appears to be making a difference in my skin.  It is high...

Accutane every 7 years > Proactive Only

Posted 12 September 2013

So I am currently off Diane 35 for a bit and I am using Proactive only and trying to avoid dairy products and my skin is the best it has been in a very long time.  I was told the other day by someone "I am 60 years old and a nurse and have seen a lot of skin and you have the most beautiful skin".  It meant so much to me because of all my struggl...

Accutane every 7 years > Diane 35 And Proactive

Posted 25 July 2013

Well my skin is clear after a few months on Proactive. I use the cleanser sparingly as well as the other products because it can be quite drying and I only use it at night.

Accutane every 7 years > Clear Skin Diet, Diane 35 And Proactive

Posted 27 May 2013

So my skin has been relatively clear with a few bumps here and there and I decided to try Proactive again. I have been on the regimen for around a month and my skin is clear as can be. Maybe the small bumps on my cheeks were likely caused by a product I was using. Anyways, Proactive is perfect for the summer - it might be too drying in the winter but we w...

Accutane every 7 years > Clear Skin Diet And Diane 35

Posted 21 March 2013

I am happy to report that my skin has been very well behaved since my last entry in December.  By following the Clear Skin Diet my skin has stayed clear and I have not experienced any deep pimples.  I had a few very small bumps on my cheeks but I know I need to use a strong cleanser with 2% salicylic acid to keep me clear.  Diet appear...