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Testosterone Levels In Women!

01 December 2013 - 01:05 AM

So I got the results of my blood tests back, and I'm very confused. I have oily skin, HEAVILY congested cheeks (they look puffed up they're so lumpy), inflammatory acne here and there and dark upper lip hair (and lower lip hair) that I have to remove. I'm also quite prone to fast growing, dark leg hair and arm hair. I recently started spironolactone, but I started it AFTER my blood test. My results were this on the 21st day of my cycle:


Sex hormone binding globulin - 44 nmol/L.

Testosterone level - 1.4 nmol/L.

Progesterone level - 17.6 nmol/L.


There seems to be a lot of opinion/variation thrown around on optimum hormone levels, which is kind of annoying. Also, the nmol/l vs ng/ML differences are a pain.

Confused -- Dianette And Yasmin.

14 November 2013 - 01:30 PM

So I went to visit the Doctor again today, having requested to go on Yasmin. She'd wanted to clear it with a couple of other Doctors first, as I'm on the NHS and they're still slightly leery about prescribing Yasmin long term. I expressed that I didn't want to go on Yasmin if it was only a short-term thing, as it wouldn't be a solution and I'd just see my acne come back after. I left the appointment feeling very confused, as I was told I could not go on Yasmin long term HOWEVER, they'd decided that they were cool with putting me on Dianette and allowing me to take that long term on the basis that my body coped okay with it.


Am I missing something? Yasmin and Dianette both have a bad reputation when it comes to blood clot scares and stuff, but I thought Dianette was the big one that you REALLY can't stay on for more than 6 months while Yasmin was the one you had to fight for a bit but could still be prescribed long term. I brought this up to my Doctor and she just shrugged and said 'there are a lot of politics and changing opinions at the moment about BCPs.'


I'm kind of worried that my Doctor(s) have somehow managed to mix up Dianette and Yasmin, because I really can't imagine that I'll be permitted to stay on the medication once I move back to my home town from university. All I've heard is that Diane/Dianette/etc are the big boss birth control pills that you only take short term. I currently have the generic, unbranded form sitting in my bag. I don't feel too confident about taking it.


Has anyone heard anything about this switch up? I'm living in the UK, and my GPs are NHS.

What's Up With My Pores/cheeks? (Pictures Included)

21 October 2013 - 10:03 AM



I've been struggling with acne for five years or so. I usually had inflamed pimples, but the texture of my skin between the inflamed pimples was actually really good. I switched birth control about a year and a half ago in order to combat the inflamed pimples, and it worked really well. No pimples at all. However, about three months after I developed a small, blister-shaped bump on my cheek. It was very soft, and skin coloured. Since then, these have spread across my cheeks, from my nose all the way to the lower parts. These bumps have remained, without budging, for a year and a half. I have tried 2% salicylic and salicylic peels (20%), mandelic peels, mint julep masques, retin-a, epiduo, antibiotics (my doctors aren't very good), duac, BP, needle resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and just about every cleanser I could get my hands on.


The thing is, these bumps don't come and go. I can see the exact bump I got first and trace out the pattern that they spread, although it's starting to become less easy to do so as they get swarmed by bumps in the surrounding skin.


Whenever I read about clogged pores, it talks about being able to 'squeeze out' something inside the pore. These bumps don't really look like they contain anything, and in head-on light they don't show up too much. However, in directional and natural daylight they look AWFUL. Is it possible to just have soft, congested looking pores without them being squeezable?


I came off of birth control having suspected it might be the pill about three months ago. Since then I've gotten some inflamed pimples again, but the bumps stay very much in place. I'm actually due for some hormonal tests on the 2nd (I have to wait for the 21st day of my cycle, apparently), as I've noticed some of the hairs underneath my bottom lip darkening and also some darkened hairs on my jawline and stuff. I'm wondering if I somehow developed PCOS, or if this is just a reaction to coming off of the pill. There is no history of PCOS or adult acne in my family. My brother has great skin now he's post his teenage spots, and my Mum and Dad do nothing to their skin and have great skin too. I'm hypothyroid (so is my brother) and using ERFA natural dessicated thyroid. I switched from levothyroxine after wondering if I still had acne as part of my hypo symptoms. No dice.


One Doctor suggested I might have rosacea and thickened skin/P&P, but that seems strange. I don't really have a baseline redness unless I've irritated the hell out of my skin with BP/overexfoliating, and I don't flush. I didn't think you could get rosacea bumps before you got the pink skin. I also wondered if it might be sebaceous hyperplasia due to the unresponsiveness of the bumps, but I'm only 22 so it seems a little early. Plus, the bumps are soft and individual ones haven't grown in the year or so I've had them.


I've uploaded some pictures. I really didn't want to take them as I've been camerashy ever since this started happening. I'm currently using Quinoderm face wash + Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer, as well as Epiduo at night. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate them, as NHS Doctors aren't helping. They sit in a flatteringly lit room and keep a massive distance between me and them, as they claim they can't see anything outside of the inflamed pimples.


I've also included an old picture of my skin without makeup or anything from about a month before all these problems started, just to show that my pores weren't always this messed up. I miss having that confidence. At that point I was on Dan's Regimen, which stopped working for me when the bumps showed.


EDIT: Forehead was fine throughout this entire ordeal. It broke out in tiny grain like bumps post pill, but resolved within a month or so. Now it's fine again. My chin and jawline were fine the whole time I was on the pill, but I now get painful pimples on it. Those are probably 100% hormonal. I don't get any of the weird, soft, flesh coloured bumps on my chin or jawline, though. Those are on my cheeks alone.

One Day And A Lot Of Make Up.

16 August 2012 - 02:17 PM

I haven't worn make up in months as part of my attempt to clear. I kept breaking out even sans make up for a year right up until I swapped my birth control, and now I haven't had any problems in about two and a half months. I have a photoshoot coming up as a favour to a friend wanting to fill out their portfolio as a make up artist. I'm not 100% sure that my acne is gone for good with my birth control swap (as it's only been a couple of months, though I was breaking out every two weeks before), and the idea of wearing a lot of make up over the day is making me a bit nervous. Is it likely that one day of make up will cause a break out, or will I be okay providing I clean up thoroughly afterward? It'll be about seven hours of having makeup applied, doing a few shots, removing makeup, applying a new look, etc.

While logic tells me that I should be fine providing I cleanse and clean up completely afterward, having acne and only just clearing has left me a bit paranoid about potentially breaking myself out. I'm mostly just looking for general advice on what the standard is for make up artists when it comes to brush cleanliness, product quality, etc -- or does it vary hugely from artist to artist?

Thank You To Acne.org! A Success Story.

29 June 2011 - 06:20 AM

I've been a long-term lurker. I discovered this site and the idea of using BP on my spots after desperately google-searching during the late hours. After years of only getting one or two pimples, I'd had a massive break-out that only got worse over the course of a year. I have no photos because I avoided cameras like the plague the entire time I had acne, but I can say that friends and family expressed concern over the state of my skin. I had spots from my cheek all the way down to my chin in strange, curving patterns and random patches of my skin had turned red and rough. My doctor actually prescribed me antibiotics for my acne when I went in to talk about something completely unrelated.

After discovering acne.org, I began to attack my acne in earnest.

When I started the regimen, I was on this routine:

Morning, after shower:
- Wash with vitamin E cleanser.
- BP all over face (minus forehead, I had no acne there)
- Allow BP to absorb for fifteen minutes while I dried my hair, etc.
- Simple's Rich/Light moisturizer, depending on how flaky/dry my skin was.

- Same deal.

I later switched to apply a few drops of jojoba oil to my moisturizer and kept with the light moisturizer morning and evening. I slowly added in things like Paula's Choice AHA exfoliator, to help with skin flakes.

A year and a half on, once my skin got clearer, this is now my routine:

Morning, after shower:
- Wash face with natural tea tree oil cleanser, intended to help heal blemishes.
- Cane and Austin's retexturizing pads, applied all over face.
- Moisturize with simple light and jojoba oil (three drops).

- Wash face with vitamin E cleanser.
- Paula's Choice AHA Exfoliator.
- Apply very small amount of BP to acne prone areas.
- Wait ten minutes, then apply moisturizer with jojoba oil.

While I never followed Dan's regimen to the letter, the regimen was the base for everything I did to my skin for a year and a half. I can now say that I am 100% clear and receive compliments from the people I meet on how good my skin looks.

Thank you so much for your posts here -- even if I wasn't registered and couldn't express my thanks at the time. My skin is better than it has ever been and I feel beautiful, now.

I've uploaded some pictures of my skin now, a year and a half after starting Dan's regimen. They were taken this week. There is a mild amount of foundation being worn in the picture in the grass, to cover up some PiH (that is fading fast!!).

Thank you again, so much! To everyone still fighting their acne, I say to keep trying. Don't ever give up, because you can get the results you want and be happy in your body again.