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#3491239 Did A Tca Peel But Not Peeling! What Do I Do?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 08 August 2015 - 07:35 AM

Thanks for the responses! NomNomWaffles, I did what you said and it's working! Most of it is gone, thank goodness!

Factoid, I did frost but it was just around my nose and inbetween my eyes. I got scared and washed it off. I probably could have done another 2 layers but I wanted to start slow since that was my first time.

#3488302 Is There A Limit To How Many Times You Should Dermaroll Your Face ?/

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 18 July 2015 - 06:07 AM

You're only supposed to roll once every 6 weeks if you're using a 1.5 mm roller. Other than that, there's no limit. You can roll for the rest of your life if you want to. :)

0.2-0.25 mm dermaroller may be used daily or every other day. This size improves the absorption of applied skin care products.

0.5 mm dermaroller may be used once every 3 weeks.

0.75 mm dermaroller may be used once every 4 weeks.

1.0 mm dermaroller may be used once a month (every 5-6 weeks).,

1.5 mm dermaroller may be used once every 6 weeks.

2.0-2.5 mm dermaroller may be used once every 8 weeks.

#3487454 Does Dermarolling/stamping Really Help With Actual Indented/pitted Scarring?...

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 10 July 2015 - 07:16 PM

It helped with my small icepicks. I have a linear scar that it didn't help with at all and another one that is circular but not sure what type of scar. The little ones will fill in nicely. I also noticed it worked on my older scars but not new ones.

#3486480 Pmd Personal Microderm, Does It Work?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 01 July 2015 - 07:04 PM

I posted a topic on it recently with photo's. It won't help indented scars just hyperpigmentation. It made my indented scars look deeper (it was a temporary effect). They are still there and just as deep as before I used the machine.

#3486372 Muac Pumpkin Peel

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 30 June 2015 - 07:14 PM

Nevermind. Tried it and it's awesome. Tingled a bit (it has like 5% glycolic acid) but once it came off my face felt soft as a baby's butt. I'm using this to prepare my skin for my peel...going to do one more of these, then wait a week, then do the glycolic peel (30%), wait a week then do 12.5% TCA peel.

#3486338 Pmd Tore Up My Skin-Now What? Please Help Photo Attached

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 30 June 2015 - 02:01 PM

I noticed that too. Very fishy

#3362390 Living Life As A Gay Person With Acne?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 28 June 2013 - 06:25 PM

 Gay, straight, bi, it doesn't matter. Acne affects us all the same way. My little sister is gay and just like me has the same issues. She doesn't give a Sh*t what people think of her. She has so many girlfriends, it's ridiculous. It never has held her back from getting what she wants and you should NOT let it hold you back.

Life is too short to worry about the small things.

#3362159 Physcological Affects Of Unrepairable Scars

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 27 June 2013 - 08:47 PM

Firstly, I guess it's important to state that this is more of a way of getting it off my chest, as opposed to anything a shade more constructive - something I'm sure a lot of people can appreciate. You really can't put value on the strange comfort of both letting something ugly out of your mind, and having people understand it.


I never had a problem with acne. Literally, ever. I coasted through my teens, early 20's, without even a single spot or even blemish. But for some reason that all changed when I hit 24, I think mostly physcological, I was going through a really tough time and I developed this irrational, compulsive obsessive skin picking disorder. I abused my skin mercilessly for years, ironically in the quest to achieve perfection I ended up screwing up my looks because I could not stop squeezing, picking, inspecting, and so on.


Now I'm past that - at least, mostly - but I'm left with terrible skin - particularly and mostly on my nose, an area which is notoriously difficult to treat. My nose is like orange peel; bad and uneven texture, wrinkled, large pores, and several bad ice picks - and I can't stop killing myself over the fact that my skin was never that bad to begin with, it's like I threw away a winning lotto ticket! I wouldn't mind if it was anywhere else - forehead, cheeks, wherever - but the nose, the focus and epicentre of the face, just kills me. I hate it so much, I look in the mirror and it's like the rest of my face melts away into a blind spot and all I can see is my nose. I feel so indescribably hideous; almost worthless and certainly unworthy of attention from the opposite sex. I know I don't need to rationalize any of this given the target audience!


The nose is a notoriously difficult area to treat successfully, and while there are options, I simply can't afford ANY of them, save the DIY jobs like Dermarolling, Needling, Copper Peptides and so on. I've been trying them to date, with varying success, but I would give anything in the known world to just have the nose I used to have years ago back. This is actually consuming my life!


Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks, it's appreciated.

I know EXACTLY how you feel! I had gorgeous skin with no breakouts ever up until I was 29 and it was all downhill from there. I'm in my 30's now and still suffering from cystic acne. Luckily the cysts are small but I'm a picker. It has left scars on the area on both sides of my lips but that's not what bothers me. I picked at a cyst that was in my smile line and it left 2 icepicks which connect and looks like a line scar which looks like a wrinkle. Just like you, when I look in the mirror, everything melts on my face and all I see is that damn scar. It sucks, I know but I have gotten to that point where I am just plain exhausted about worrying about that stupid scar. In 20 years, my face will be full of wrinkles and I won't be able to tell where the hell that scar is.

Hey, have you ever used something like a pore minimizer on your nose? I bought one from Clinque (discontinued now) and it totally covered up my pores and some icepicks and makes my nose look so smooth and poreless. I only use it when I'm going to a party or reunion or something. Trying conserve since it has been discontinued but there are other brands. Just a thought. It might help make your nose look smooth. It blends with your skin so nobody can tell you are wearing that stuff.

Don't let this consume your life. In 30 years, you're going to look back and wish your nose looked as good as it looks now.