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#3365044 How Do You Channel Your Anger And Sadness In A Healthy Way?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 09 July 2013 - 07:31 AM

Exercising has really helped me cope. I jog up a mountain (it's not a huge one, there's a paved road and it's steep in some areas but it's mostly a gradual jog up) and it really helps me keep my mind off my skin. I'm so wrapped up and focused on getting to the top so for 40 minutes my mind is on that. I also take Spinning classes and it is super intense. All my stress and problems "melt" away as I "ride" up hill tops and mountains. I also teach some fitness classes... exercise the one thing that keeps my mind busy. And in return I get a healthy body that makes me feel really good about myself. I may not be proud of my skin but come summertime I'm out in a bikini at the beach loving myself. :) Even my skin doesn't seem so bad because I have something else to be proud of... :)

#3364597 If Your Son/daughter Had Acne

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 07 July 2013 - 06:38 PM

When I was my son's age, I never broke out. never. Then I turned 29 and started getting cystic acne. It was a shock to me. My mom used to get it when she was my age but hey, when you're young you don't pay attention to those things. It wasn't a big deal to me until I got mine. Major shock!


My son gets non cystic acne and it can be bad. He also gets it on his chest and back. I totally freak out. lol I take him to get facials as often as I can. I don't care how much it costs. Took him to the dermatologist but we both hated Minocycline. It didn't work for us. He also was using Altrin (or whatever that is called). It helped but he got lazy, stopped using it and the zits came back. I got a ton of face washes, biore strips..you name it and he has it. lol I try to get him to wash his face every morning and night but he's a lazy teen. Can't force him to do what he doesn't want to. I've gotten better about it and I'm trying not to be so obsessive. I just worry about my baby. But honestly, he doesn't seem to care about it. He always tells me he doesn't care and not to worry so much. I don't chase him around with the biore strips anymore or offer him money so that i can clean his face. haha yeah, I'm one of those mothers....



I will be so, so, so, so sad if my son inherits my cysts. I'd rather get triple the amount that I am getting then to have my poor child go through this crap. I will be so pissed at myself if he does... :(

#3363928 Online Dating Profile

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 04 July 2013 - 09:15 PM

Hey there, wanted to wish you lots of luck! I'm sure you'll have great success with online dating, you're a pretty girl and you seem to have a really kind personality too!  The main reason I wanted to comment here is because I actually met my current girlfriend online, lol...it wasn't an online dating site but it was a site kinda similar to that...and it was so much fun getting to know her via phone/text/email etc for a few months before we actually met, and now we click together so well and I couldn't be happier with the relationship...so it's definitely possible to meet people online and form lasting bonds that way!


I used a dating site a few years ago and I actually did some casual dating on it when I was younger, met about three local girls over the course of a year or two, one of them I became good friends with and the other two I dated for awhile...and luckily I didn't have any bad/weird experience, they were just normal girls. tongue.png


You'll have no issues at at all because on any online dating site an attractive girl will get a SHITLOAD of messages from guys...like an overwhelming number of messages...and guys get almost no messages at all, lol. There are some interesting articles online about that online dating message ratio. Girls almost never reply on online dating sites for that reason, like I could send out a 100 messages with meaningful/specific to that person content, and I'd be lucky to get one or two replies back out of that 100. Another reason for that is something that has already been mentioned, a lot of guys send out creeper messages that set a bad example for all the normal guys on there trying to get involved in the dating scene. I gave up on those sites about a year or two ago because it's next to impossible for a guy to meet a girl on there...the messages you send just get lost in the shuffle of the tons of other messages a girl gets per day.


But anyways I don't even know why I'm rambling about that, you're a girl so you'll have no problem at all with those sites, you'll get to pick and choose as you like tongue.png just definitely get to know people beforehand a good bit so you can weed out the creepers! 


And I'd agree with others in saying that it might be best just to not mention your acne struggles/scarring on the profile because you don't want that to define you, you have tons to offer in terms of positive stuff to share with people like your interest, hobbies, whatever...if you get to know someone and meet them then later on you can confide in them about the acne struggles (that's what I did with my gf)


Have fun and hope you meet some good people!

I have several friends who met their spouse on a dating site. They have all been happily married for years. Take a chance!  Your soul mate may be on there but you'll never find him if you don't give it a chance!

#3363782 My Dermaroller Journey

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 04 July 2013 - 09:00 AM

I've been rolling for over 2 years and have had great results. Just stick with it, roll every 4-6 weeks. I usually wait 6 weeks..sometimes longer if I have a breakout :(
The wait is hard but worth it. 

I did a ton of research before I started and read that if you roll more often (with a 1mm-2mm roller) that not only are you not giving your skin time to form new collagen but you could also be causing scar tissue to form. I personally wouldn't go past a 1.5mm roller. 2mm could damage your skin unless you do it properly. I wouldn't take that chance. Some people on here use the 2mm and haven't had any problems though.

Apply Vitamin A after you roll (and after you rinse your face) and then wait until the second day or so to apply vitamin c. I wait a day or so because it burns like hell. That can't be good, right?  I usually don't apply vitamin E until a few days later in cream form. I just read (on a doctor site somewhere but don't remember where) that vitamin E could actually impede healing. It's a new study that came out or something.

When you roll, make sure it's hard enough to cause some bleeding. Dr. Fernandes (inventor of dermarolling) says your skin has to bleed in order for it to work. I get lots of pinprick bleeding and it's worked for me. I don't get all bloody like some of those pics I've seen. lol

Always sanitize your roller before and after every roll and just to be safe sanitize inbetween rolls. Better safe than sorry.

Check needles before you roll. Even if 1 is bent, it will drag across your face and could scar.

While rolling, lift your roller every time you change directions. That will help avoid trackmarks AND you won't be puncturing the same spot over and over again.

Never roll over active acne. That will spread the bacteria and make things worse.

Once the skin grows in, I would recommend getting microdermabrasion to smooth it out. I had to do that. I had a lot of icepick scarring so when my skin grew in it was so bumpy. My dermatologist recommended Micro so I got it done and it helped smooth my skin out. I need to go back again because of the new skin I have (problem I have is after my scars have filled in I get new cysts and new scars. Totally sucks. )

#3363774 Online Dating Profile

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 04 July 2013 - 08:25 AM

Definitely Do NOT mention your acne. If you find someone you connect with, meet him and if he doesn't like you because you have acne, then you'll know what a superficial jerk he is and you'll dodge a bullet!

#3362390 Living Life As A Gay Person With Acne?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 28 June 2013 - 06:25 PM

 Gay, straight, bi, it doesn't matter. Acne affects us all the same way. My little sister is gay and just like me has the same issues. She doesn't give a Sh*t what people think of her. She has so many girlfriends, it's ridiculous. It never has held her back from getting what she wants and you should NOT let it hold you back.

Life is too short to worry about the small things.

#3362159 Physcological Affects Of Unrepairable Scars

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 27 June 2013 - 08:47 PM

Firstly, I guess it's important to state that this is more of a way of getting it off my chest, as opposed to anything a shade more constructive - something I'm sure a lot of people can appreciate. You really can't put value on the strange comfort of both letting something ugly out of your mind, and having people understand it.


I never had a problem with acne. Literally, ever. I coasted through my teens, early 20's, without even a single spot or even blemish. But for some reason that all changed when I hit 24, I think mostly physcological, I was going through a really tough time and I developed this irrational, compulsive obsessive skin picking disorder. I abused my skin mercilessly for years, ironically in the quest to achieve perfection I ended up screwing up my looks because I could not stop squeezing, picking, inspecting, and so on.


Now I'm past that - at least, mostly - but I'm left with terrible skin - particularly and mostly on my nose, an area which is notoriously difficult to treat. My nose is like orange peel; bad and uneven texture, wrinkled, large pores, and several bad ice picks - and I can't stop killing myself over the fact that my skin was never that bad to begin with, it's like I threw away a winning lotto ticket! I wouldn't mind if it was anywhere else - forehead, cheeks, wherever - but the nose, the focus and epicentre of the face, just kills me. I hate it so much, I look in the mirror and it's like the rest of my face melts away into a blind spot and all I can see is my nose. I feel so indescribably hideous; almost worthless and certainly unworthy of attention from the opposite sex. I know I don't need to rationalize any of this given the target audience!


The nose is a notoriously difficult area to treat successfully, and while there are options, I simply can't afford ANY of them, save the DIY jobs like Dermarolling, Needling, Copper Peptides and so on. I've been trying them to date, with varying success, but I would give anything in the known world to just have the nose I used to have years ago back. This is actually consuming my life!


Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks, it's appreciated.

I know EXACTLY how you feel! I had gorgeous skin with no breakouts ever up until I was 29 and it was all downhill from there. I'm in my 30's now and still suffering from cystic acne. Luckily the cysts are small but I'm a picker. It has left scars on the area on both sides of my lips but that's not what bothers me. I picked at a cyst that was in my smile line and it left 2 icepicks which connect and looks like a line scar which looks like a wrinkle. Just like you, when I look in the mirror, everything melts on my face and all I see is that damn scar. It sucks, I know but I have gotten to that point where I am just plain exhausted about worrying about that stupid scar. In 20 years, my face will be full of wrinkles and I won't be able to tell where the hell that scar is.

Hey, have you ever used something like a pore minimizer on your nose? I bought one from Clinque (discontinued now) and it totally covered up my pores and some icepicks and makes my nose look so smooth and poreless. I only use it when I'm going to a party or reunion or something. Trying conserve since it has been discontinued but there are other brands. Just a thought. It might help make your nose look smooth. It blends with your skin so nobody can tell you are wearing that stuff.

Don't let this consume your life. In 30 years, you're going to look back and wish your nose looked as good as it looks now.

#3362120 Minocycline.....wow!

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 27 June 2013 - 06:07 PM

I spot treat. I use a q tip to apply it to each cyst. I read about people who applied ACV to their entire faces and that made them break out more. I don't want to take that chance. Also, you're supposed to dilute it but I don't. I did a test before I applied it to my other cysts to make sure it wouldn't burn my skin (since I was using it full strength).

Some people drink it but I think it's so gross and it's so strong so it could burn your esphogus and wear out the enamel on your teeth. Even if diluted (at least that's what I read).

#3361930 Minocycline.....wow!

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 27 June 2013 - 08:17 AM

I was on Mino twice (50mg). First time was the best. My skin was gorgeous. Not a single cyst appeared. 2nd time around it didn't work. sad.png And my cysts came back even worse. I used to only get one small cyst a month before I started and only on the area beside my lips. Now I get tons of them on my forehead, bridge of my nose, under my nose, chin and the area beside my lips. So, in the long run, it did't work for me but it could work for you. I read reviews about people who never got a cyst again after they got off mino.


I just discovered Apple Cider Vinegar and it has helped my cysts go away fast. Instead being stuck with cysts for 2-8 weeks, they only live on my face for 2-3 days and no scarring!


Here are pics. As you can see, I have 3 cysts in one spot. Before Mino, I would've had one.

ACV will not prevent them from appearing but it cuts their lifespan dramatically!


For some reason, my pics are coming out flipped. Before is with the cysts and after is the clear skin

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#3361715 Has Acne Stopped You From Your Goals?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 26 June 2013 - 12:20 PM

It has never stopped me from reaching my professional goals. I work on stage in front of a large group of people and sometimes I do feel self conscious but if I let it bother me I'd end up living the life of a hermit and THAT would drive me crazy! I focus on it a lot at home but not in public. lol

There have been times when I will not look people in the eye (I have a terrible habit of turning my face down) because I don't want them looking at my skin. :(  Funny thing is I refuse to wear make up to hide my flaws. I feel that if someone doesn't want to be my friend because I have I don't have perfect skin, then I don't need them in my life.

#3361707 When Did It Become A Problem For You Guys?

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 26 June 2013 - 11:43 AM

I never had a problem with acne until I turned 29. Worst year of my life. Got my first cyst and it scarred but it was super tiny (like a pinprick) and it bothered the hell out of me. Fastforward to today (a few years later), and I am still getting cysts (small ones but they scar) and I am always having to deal with scars now. Wish I only had that damn pinprick of a scar instead of the ones I have now. Most have healed (thankfully) but there's a couple that are driving me nuts. Adult acne sucks. :(

#3361528 Indented Acne Scars :(

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 25 June 2013 - 05:43 PM

I'm a huge fan of dermarolling. It helped my icepick scars and rolling scars. I scar easily so I get new ones all the time luckily it's only in one area but it's still very frustrating. I've been keeping a blog about my experience for 2 years with pictures so I'll try to post them on here once I figure out how to post pictures.


If you roll, don't expect immediate results. It takes time and lots of patience but totally worth it.

#3361522 Minocycline Vs Accutane

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 25 June 2013 - 05:08 PM

I was on minocycline twice. It worked great the first time. Didn't get a cyst the whole time I was on it (4 months). Once I ran out of medication, I started getting the cysts again. So, I went back to my derm. to get another prescription but he told me that, that would be the last time I could take it because of the side effects if you take it long term (lupus, red/purple spots on skin, etc.). It didn't work the 2nd time around AND instead of getting one cyst a month (which is all I got before I went on the medication)  I started getting a ton and not just near my mouth. I started getting cysts on my forehead, on and underneath my nose, in my eyebrows...still getting a ton. They are small but those suckers leave scars.  I will NEVER get on any medication ever again. Totally not worth it.

I just recently started using Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar and it zaps my cysts really fast. Like in 2-3 days! I have pictures if you want me to send before and after. Not sure how to send pictures on here so someone would need to tell me how to get them on here.

That could be an option for you. Doesn't hurt to give it a try so that you can get away from those medications.

#3361393 Dermaroller - the biggest load of c**p I have ever experienced

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 25 June 2013 - 08:19 AM

My icepick scars were small and deep. I am guessing they filled in nicely because they were small!?! I'm not sure.  I had one rolling scar that was as big as one of your scars but it filled in about 50% and it never improved after that until about 4 weeks ago when I used my dermaroller to "stamp" that spot. I positioned the needles over the hole and pushed downward. I looked at it the other day and I swear it has filled in some more but I need to wait a while longer to make sure it's real and not just in my head. lol

Also, my rolling scars aren't as deep. Mine are pretty shallow.

#3360363 Dermaroller - the biggest load of c**p I have ever experienced

Posted by Dermarolling Girl on 22 June 2013 - 03:30 PM

It has worked for me!!! I have been rolling at home for over 2 years and it has definitely helped my scars. No it won't completely get rid of them but the little ones (icepick) completely filled in (and I had tons and tons and tons of them) and my big one filled in by 50% AND it helps with my smile line wrinkles. No change in forehead wrinkles, one rolling scar and line scar though.

I know it takes about a year or 2 for scars to heal on their own but I saw results almost immediatly (after about 6-8 weeks of rolling). This is after the microswelling went down.

Also, since I am rolling at home and I don't do it often (once every 6-8 weeks), the needles on my roller are still nice and sharp and I haven't had to replace it yet. This is after 2 years of use. If you're using it all the time (like some people do which is a waste of time in my opinion...you need to give your skin time work its magic), then you will definitely have to replace the roller more often...probably like every couple of months or so.


Of course we need topicals for it to work. That is what it's all about...creating those little holes (to trick our body into thinking it's been damaged but it's alway a way for us to get those topicals deep inside of our skin) so that your skin and soak in all the topicals that will help your skin regenerate. If you don't use topicals, then you probably won't see results but if you don't create a way to get those topicals deep into your skin you won't see results.


Don't waste your money on professionals. Do it yourself at home and save some money.


Your right, it doesn't work for everybody. I wish we knew why. I've seen studies on dermarolling with pictures and even in the studies it  didn't work on everybody. It's too bad. Our bodies are different. We all heal differently.  Why is it that some people scar while others don't? I am one of those people who scars...my mother on the other hand, who also has cystic acne, has never scarred. Why is that? It's the same with the dermaroller. It helps some people and does nothing for others. :(

i understand where the person who started this topic is comming from. When dermarolling u go over healthy unscarred skin making u end up with aditional scarring. Also i think its a must to use dermarolling/stamping with LED'S!! i bet if eveyrone on here used LED'S in there routine there results would be completley different. Also please explain how individual needling is worse then dermarolling? it makes no sense since with individual needling u can focus on just the scars. I personally will never try dermarolling because it seems so stupid to me. I am leaning towards individual needling with LED'S and regular copper peptides not that ''super cp serum'' bullcrap. I myself probably have worse scarring then many ppl on here. icepcisk and box scars are worse then rolling scars i dont care what anyone says.I come on this site everyday to find answers, not for fun, only because I am a true acne scar sufferer and my life has changed complelety. Ill do anything in this world to have my skin back how it used to be!

I only roll on my damaged skin. Also, I read a ton of studies and every single one says that it works on icepick scars, boxcar but not rolling or line scars. I believe it too because it has helped improve my icepicks and boxcar but there has been absolutely no improvement on my line scar or rolling scar. :( I am considering trying the single needling for those scars to see if that helps. Kinda scared though...