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Diet Is The Cure For Acne.....rofl

05 January 2014 - 05:19 AM

This section of the forums is really good comedy, but that's just it, nothing else. You have one major flaw in your diet curing acne theory:


You think that every human being has perfect genetics and wrong diet just causes all the problems, acne etc. Listen, diet has no effect in your skin, it's all genetics, some people has just bad cards to play with, that's it. Don't blame food for your shitty genetics! Life is ruthless, deal with it.

Acne.org Moisturizer For Oily Skin?

04 November 2013 - 07:37 AM

Hey guys!


I wanted to ask that does acne.org moisturizer work for oily skin too? It's starting to get colder here and my gel based moisturizer seems to be too light for winter use so I need to find more moisturizing moisturizer..

Bone Tumor From Accutane?

28 October 2013 - 10:57 AM

Hey guys,


Just wanted to tell my experience from accutane. I took low dose accutane about 5 years straight and while I was on it I had no oily skin and no acne. Once I stopped taking it the oily skin returned and acne plus now I have bone tumor at the base of my skull with pretty horrible symptoms from it. I'm not sure if the tumor is from accutane but it can cause bone overgrowth and deformity. So that's my experience with accutane, hopefully I will get to surgery and survive from it and can return to work and normal life..

Clear Just With Aha+?

26 October 2013 - 11:23 PM

Hey everyone!


Just wanted to ask does anyone here use just AHA+ as their only acne fighting ingredient? I'm so sick of BP and it's bleaching effects, I stopped using BP in june and decided to try water only regimen. Needless to say that was a terrible mistake. Now I just wash face every morning and night with paula's choice skin balancing cleanser and moisturize after every wash with oil-free gel moisturizer and apply AHA+ every other night. I still get acne on the sides of my mouth and inner cheeks. What is really weird is that I don't get acne anymore on my forehead, nose, below nose area and center of my jaw, and those places were my biggest acne problem when my acne first appeared about 15 years ago..


So all in all, it seems that AHA+ might work work for me as my only acne fighter, acne has slowly decreased, maybe it would work better if I could apply it every night but my skin can't yet tolerate that much.


Hope to hear from everyone,


Best regards,




P.S. I found one study where it was proved that glycolic acid does reduce acne causing bacteria and may be good alternative to BP.