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In Topic: Need A Moisturizer For Very Sensitive Skin

Yesterday, 05:02 PM



I need a moisturizer for VERY sensitive skin. I feel like I have tried them all. Please give me some suggestions, if you have any.


Thank y'all.


This one and this one. Hope that helps.

In Topic: Did Using Pore Strips To Remove Blackheads Cause Scarring?

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

Actually I noticed her blackheads about a year ago, and got the strips so we could both remove ours and used them 4 or 5 times about a year ago. I just read online yesterday that the strips can damage your skin, so I remembered that after removing the blackheads there were lots of enlarged pores and i started to feel really guilty and sad like we used them too much and i damaged the skin on her nose . I'll try salicylic acid or ask a dermatologist 


A blackhead sitting in a pore for 4-5 years stretches the pore. Removing it with a piece of tape (which is really what a pore strip is) is not going to cause scarring or even damage the pore anymore than something sitting inside it will.


There is also a genetic component to enlarged pores. I have massive enlarged pores on my cheeks where there are no blackheads, never have had oily skin there, and have never used pore strips. The pores there are much worse than the ones on my nose which have been filled with blackheads since puberty and used probably hundreds of pore strips on by now.


You, your girlfriend, and Biore did nothing wrong. Unfortunately sometimes a empty hole in your face (pore) is more noticeable than a filled hole. If you leave it alone, it will fill up again and look the same as before.


Remember that salicylic acids and all other acids ARE a form of burn to the skin. Doctors call this "controlled injury." Salicylic acid helps dissolve the sebum but it also mildly burns the skin around the pore and the skin inside the pore. The current medical consensus is that this is perfectly fine and the skin can heal from it, but if you're worried about inflicting damage I would be a lot more scared of acids than pore strips.

In Topic: 31 Years Old, What's The Next Step...

18 October 2014 - 02:39 AM

BP is effective against one thing: killing anaerobic bacteria. That's where "acne" gets its name...the p. acnes bacteria which is anaerobic and therefore can only be killed by oxygenation. BP oxygenates the pore and kills (most) strains of anaerobic bacteria. But since there are several other factors that also cause acne, it's not going to cure you on its own. It's just one tool in your arsenal.


Salicylic acid is only truly effective at high concetrations. Don't even bother with the 2% drugstore stuff. Send me a PM and I can show you where I get the professional strength stuff I use and how to use it. I thought salicylic acid was a complete joke until I used it at the strength it's meant to be used at. I can literally see it dissolve blackheads on my nose in about 5 minutes. 

In Topic: Should I Remove My Mirena?

18 October 2014 - 02:22 AM

Bridgetliz, I'm glad you got that thing out and that your skin is looking better already


Yeah, I don't know why doctors keep saying the low dose in hormonal IUDs doesn't leave the reproductive tract. There have been studies showing that it does. (do they read these, or is it just desperate patients?) Sadly, I think they just want to sell the nifty devices. My guess is that the slow release of the hormones is why symptoms don't appear right away.


I had a Skyla put in about a month ago so I can go on Accutane. I am nervous about the androgen effects on my body (cause I'm already zitty and *eek* hairy) but I can't take other (e.g. estrogen containing) forms of hormonal BC because of some migraine issues.


I would hate to think that you've been given bad advice, but as far as I know hormone-related migraines are usually treated with additional estrogen, not less. The idea is to keep the estrogen at an appropriate level and keep it as stable as possible, because when it is chronically low OR it fluctuates down too much it triggers a migraine. 


A phenomenon called "estrogen withdrawal," which occurs in the late luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and is characterized by an abrupt decline in estrogen levels, is likely an important migraine trigger in some women (MacGregor 2009, Lay 2009).


Among women with menstrual-related migraines, using hormone therapy to minimize monthly declines in estrogen concentration may be effective in preventing migraine attacks (Calhoun 2009). Studies suggest that non-oral routes of estrogen therapy, such as a topical cream to be applied to the skin, are more likely to improve migraine than oral estrogens (MacGregor 2009).



That said, because the oral formulations are not as effective as topical estrogen formulations for migraines, your doctor should be giving you an estradiol patch or cream to balance out the progestin-only Skyla.


Whether you are on hormone replacement therapy or are just thinking about taking the plunge, talk to your perimenopause and menopause specialist about how HRT can influence perimenopausal migraines -- both for good and for bad. Remember: "All forms of HRT are not created equal," Dr. Hutchinson says. "If HRT is used, the general consensus in the 'headache world' is to use a non-oral delivery system such as the estradiol transdermal patch. It would be expected to help prevent migraine as it provides an even level of estradiol and is the same chemical structure as the estrogen/estradiol that a woman's ovaries produce prior to menopause." On a synthetic, oral pill? It might actually be worsening your migraines! "Oral preparations have more variability in absorption and blood levels and therefore would be predicted to not be as helpful in treating/preventing menopausal migraine. Synthetic and oral preparations are more likely to cause or aggravate headache," Dr. Hutchinson says.


All Accutane does is shrink your sebaceous glands. It's not a permanent thing. They grow back over time.  Accutane works for some people because the rate of growth is slow, and a few years down the road they are older and their hormones have changed and stabilized...less androgenic activity to stimulate the sebaceous glands. But if your hormones are out of whack as an adult, you will probably see your acne return after Accutane. You already "grew up" and unless you go through menopause or some serious lifestyle change, there's no reason why your hormones are going to magically fix themselves. Not to be a downer, but it's just the way of things. Hormonal acne's a biatch.

In Topic: Acne/oily Skin And Hair Always Clear Up During Pregnancy, But Return After.

17 October 2014 - 02:52 AM

Estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, parathyroid, cortisol, and aldosterone all increase during pregnancy. 


I generally attribute clear skin during pregnancy due to the increased estrogen. I don't have any numbers, but I believe that proportionally estrogen actually increases more than any other hormone during pregnancy.