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In Topic: Still Looking For Answers After 3 Mixto Co2 Laser Procedures

13 January 2015 - 06:19 PM

Your results from the first treatment may have largely been superficial. Your thinking may actually be backward, the deeper treatments peel less than less aggressive treatments.


Scars always look a little filled in after a chemical peel, for example, especially when you peel. Give it enough time and you will be back where you started.


Does your doctor say peeling is the key? If you're trusting this guy/gal to blast your face then their opinion on the matter might be worth something.


I know plenty of guys with scarred faces with great girls. They may be responding to your drop in confidence as they walk towards you and you anticipate the worse. Stereotypically women pick up on emotional cues much better than men, so you are probably projecting negativity without realizing it. 

In Topic: Zinc + Copper + Terrible Periods

13 January 2015 - 06:14 PM

From what I understand, the copper IUD makes periods heavier because of the effect in the uterus. It can't be replicated by a copper supplement.


I found that it made everything heavier for about a year and then it went back to almost as light as my pre-IUD state. So the body seems to adjust positively.


I prefer the copper IUD because ALL of the other IUDs use hormones for birth control. When you have acne that's one more thing to deal with.

In Topic: Severe Cystic Acne After Pregnancy And Birth

13 January 2015 - 06:10 PM

The short answer is the the options for hormonal acne are limited and require some trial and error. And LOTS of patience. It took 8 months for my current treatment (spironolactone) to kick in. That's a long time to wait and be hopeful. If I hadn't waited I'd probably still have acne and be jumping around from treatment to treatment.


Yaz/Yasmin/BeYaz, Ortho Cyclen, Belara, and Dianette seem to be the only birth control pills that truly help stop acne. Anything else makes it worse. If you want birth control that just doesn't affect your skin either way, well you have condoms or the COPPER IUD (just the copper IUD, all of the other ones have hormones in them).


The only other prescriptions I would recommend is spironolactone. It's an androgen blocker that a lot of women (including me) have had success with. I take 100mg a day to stay clear. It's sort of a lifelong thing though, if I go off it, acne comes back.


You can also do some things with your diet and herbal supplements that modify your hormones in a positive manner. This lady wrote a very comphrenesive post about it in "bootcamp" style. It is pretty strict but based on my reading it follows all the principles correctly.

In Topic: Do I Have Post Inflammatory Erythema (Pie)?

13 January 2015 - 06:05 PM

Could someone explain what hyperpigmentation is? I dont pick my pimples but still have marks left over due to it. I think i have a good immune system idk.


HYPERpigmentation is an area of skin that is darker than your "base color."


HYPOpigmentation is an area of skin that is lighter than your base color.


So if you have red, brown, purple, or some shade of darker marks on your skin where a pimple was, then it's probably hyperpigmentation.

In Topic: 26 Years Old. Have Had Acne Since Mid Teens. Help Me Figure Out What This Is?

13 January 2015 - 05:51 PM

I think it's rosacea but I guess it always hard to say from pictures.
If it is rosacea, you are not "SOL" as the above poster said. It is true that there is no cure for rosacea but the same is true for acne. That doesn't mean these conditions aren't treatable!
I've gotten IPL laser treatments for rosacea/redness before. It's expensive but definitely effective.


IPL and laser zaps your veins. It doesn't stop your body from creating new veins. Some people spend thousands a year on "maintenance" treatments because the results don't last. Many report that they can't even see the results until their 3rd or 4th treatment...in fact every place I've been to the doctors have said as much. There is a vascular dysfunction in rosacea that we currently cannot CURE.


IPL and laser also is not effective for subtype 1 flushing responses. It cannot stop flushing, or even lessen its appearance all that much, because you have to have veins in your face to live, and when you flush it activates every vein you have.


Now you may get lucky and not have to spend that much, but for someone posting for the first time, I'm not going to suggest "hey, go spend $6k to get your face zapped" as a solution. If people balk at the expense of Accutane then IPL treatments as a cure are pure fantasy.


I've spent thousands on IPL and Vbeam over the last few years, and a few months after my "treatment package", I am literally back to square one. So yes, from my experience, I would say you're SOL. If one session worked for you, GREAT, but I would say you are definitely in the minority.


That said, based on the pictures, I would not characterize the OP as even having rosacea in the clinical sense. In my opinion, she looks like a typical thin skinned Caucasian with a problematic cyst and possibly some sort of dermatitis. Most northern European descent Caucasians have a level of visible redness. This is not a disease, it's just what comes from having pale skin (and that facial skin is of a different quality than skin on the rest of the body). We forget that this is normal what with makeup and fake tans and airbrushing.