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Yesterday, 06:01 PM

Just so you know.


Spironolactone does not contain hormones, it blocks androgens and promotes the estrogen pathway. But it is synthetic.


Saw palmetto extract is just a plant that blocks part of the androgen pathway when eaten.

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Yesterday, 05:46 PM

My sebum isn't the "right" kind of sebum. I can't get away with no washing. I haven't had a lot of success changing my sebum composition with good oils (oral or topical). 


The biggest help for me has been changing my hormonal balance and controlling my blood sugar. Second to that has been Betaine HCL with Pepsin for digestion. It's not perfect but my pimples and cysts are gone and my clogged pores are greatly reduced. I stay on top of the clogged pores with high potency salicylic acid.

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Yesterday, 05:44 PM

Choline is destroyed in the egg yolk when it is cooked. You'll need to eat the eggs raw or find some other way to get choline.

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30 September 2014 - 04:19 PM

Not to discount your experience, but "Now, waking up after an overnight application of the Lotrimin, my acne I would say is 50% better". 50% of your zits went away in one night?

In Topic: Finally Took The Step...

30 September 2014 - 04:16 PM

Hey guys,


So I finally got enough courage to ditch the pill (mercilon)!! Such a relief.. I have a copper IUD inserted at the moment to prevent pregnancy. At first (first 3/4 weeks) my skin went really well. It was even better than when I used the pill, but now I notice I start breaking out more... It´s been 6 weeks since I stopped taking BCP. I have a past with pcos. Are there any tips to naturally balance hormones? I live a pretty decent lifestyle, with enough essential fatty acids, vitamines, and stuff. II never eat added sugar (no sweets, pie, other junk and not too much carbs). I don't think take any supplements at the moment. I have no other health complaines besides my still abscent period and some mild acne. 




From what I've seen, for the majority of people with acne, these two steps help the most:


1) Reducing testosterone and increasing estrogen

2) Reducing elevated blood sugar


"Natural" ways to do the first are saw palmetto or stinging nettle standardized extract supplements. For the second, use curcumin or berberine. 


Going the natural route for #1 will probably take a lot longer, just so you know. I cleared up after 8 months on spironolactone, a prescription med that is a lot more powerful than saw palmetto. Your acne probably isn't as bad or chronic as mine, but just keep in mind that patience is key here.