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#3302672 There's Always Someone Worse Off Than You

Posted by DukeBlueDevils on 15 November 2012 - 05:22 AM

There's someone who has it worse than you, yes, but then there's always someone who has it better than you. It goes both ways.

#3254930 Read This If You Want Some Positive Reassurance ...

Posted by DukeBlueDevils on 13 June 2012 - 01:30 AM

First off, let me say, if no one comments or whatever, it's fine since I'm doing this to get it off my chest and to help motivate other people who were in the position I was a few months ago:

OK, let me start by saying I know that acne is a extremely hard thing to deal with physically, emotionally, and mentally. I've had this crap for 4 years now and I've tried everything in the book to get rid of it or lessen it (creams, pills, gels, etc.). I'm even on Accutane right now (I'm at the end of Month 6, my last month, and not one area of my face is clear). Not one. Nothing has worked and I'm positive that nothing is going to work. I guess acne is one of those things I'm going to have to "grow out" of. I'll be 20 my next birthday, so this is my last teenage year. Yes!

Anyways, the point I wanted to make is that don't let acne control you. These past two months or so, I've been getting out a hell of a lot more, doing stuff with my friends, even talking to females. I used to never, ever leave the house and it was like I was a prisoner in my own house. I was under the impression everyone was laughing at me because of my acne and people were so focused on me. It's the exact opposite.

I went to my Cousin's house (cousin is 25) about 2-3 weeks ago for a Memorial Day party or whatever and there were so many people (people my cousin's age) there that I had never meant before. And out of all the people I meant there, not one person gave me a weird look or said anything about my acne. It was crazy. Complete strangers saying nothing about my face. I was actually shocked no one did. Even the females said nothing.

And me and one of the girls there talked for a little while (she was 21) and I could just tell she liked me. I approached her and started talking to her and had a good conversation. She had a boyfriend though so I couldn't really see what she was doing later or anything. lol.

When I hang out with my friends, none of them ever say anything about my face either. I know they're my friends and all but friends can be assholes sometimes. And when I'm out in public, people don't stare at me or do any of that stuff. People look me dead in the eyes when I talk to them.

I think my problem has been in my head all along. Like I said before, acne can destroy you mentally and I was a victim of the scarring it did mentally AND emotionally.

Here's a word of advice: Don't look in the mirror for like 2 weeks (or longer) and act like your acne doesn't even exist. And I swear to you, you'll feel so much better about yourself when you're not dwelling over your acne all damn day because like I said, nobody is even focused on you in public. It's all in our heads. Also, try your hardest not to touch your face. Touching your face will just remind you that you indeed have acne and you'll probably end up picking your face in frustration. Picking just makes things worse. I still pick, but not nowhere near as bad as I used to. I need to take my own advice. Lol.

And the reason I'm making this now is because I looked in the mirror for the first time in like 9 days and (unsurprisingly) saw my face looked the same it did 9 days ago. It was no surprise to me. I didn't even get mad about it. I've just learned to just "accept" it and know that it will one day just go away. I no longer let something as trivial as acne get in the way of my life. The acne isn't holding you hostage, you're holding yourself hostage and you're missing out on your life over something stupid.

Just thought I'd share this with you guys. Peace.

#3236140 Is Anyone Else Sick To Death Of Always Thinking About Clear Skin

Posted by DukeBlueDevils on 20 April 2012 - 03:03 AM

Join the club. We've got jackets.

Yeah, I can definitely relate.  Its always on my mind, always.  When I wear clothes I also avoid wearing the colour red, and go for something that draws attention away from my acne.  I avoid going to because I don't want to be seen.  I spent an unhealthy amount of time in my room this year.  I missed a lot of class, and the only time I really left was to go to the gym (trying to gain weight and get rid of acne) or get some food.  Yeah, I don't have half the friends I used to either, and it probably doesn't have to be that way either.  Its just that my confidence has dropped to zero because of my acne.  I tend to blame things on my acne too, and think that my life would be completely different at this point if I didn't have it, and that I would be so much happier.  Before I came to this forum, I thought I was emotionally weak, that if other guys had acne it wouldn't bother them like it does me.  After doing some browsing and stuff on this forum though, I have found out that I'm not the only one.  I don't think any of us should be concerned so much about our skin.  It is only one aspect of a person.  Sure, its right there, nobody can miss it, but it doesn't really define you and I'm sure if we were just willing to give life a shot again and be happy, cheerful and go out there and act like nothing is wrong with out skin a lot of people wouldn't judge us too much.  There is always some shallow asshole who won't want anything to do with you, but there is still a lot of people that can look past it.  I think we should all be making a real effort to pretend like we don't have acne and just enjoy life.

Yes, let's be positive and happy when we are dealing with this shit known as acne and it's ruining our lives while 80% of the world doesn't have acne and they have such grand and perfect lives. Sorry for the sarcasm, but it was needed here.

#3226987 Thank You, Acne.org! :)

Posted by DukeBlueDevils on 20 March 2012 - 12:56 AM

Welcome! We're here for you whenever you need us. Feel free to vent and/or rant anytime. We're here to help! Again, welcome! :)