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Summer Challenge! Clear Skin For Back To School! (Hopefully!)

16 July 2013 - 01:54 AM

Hey there! My name's Andrea, i'm 14, after countless tries of  trying to clear up my acne in every holiday in time for school, I think i'm finally going to succeed this time!


I have had acne since I was 11, it started of as  one or two on my chin once in a while, but then before i knew it my entire left side was filled with horrible lumps and bumps sad.png, They had gotten infected too, and i was on antibiotics and penicillyn for a bit, the scars are still there, even though it's not quite as bad as it used to be. I have a habit of picking at my pimples..>.>


I discovered this regimen from mamichula on youtube about a year ago, her sister made a video about it and how it helped her a lot, so finally i came to the decision to beg my  mum to let me give it a shot! ^.^


Niw, since i'm 14, and almost all the success stories are of adults, I'm not really sure about how it will turn out, I did do a patch test 48 hours before starting the regimen on my wrist and i didn't have a reaction, so i'm guessingi should be fine.


I would describe my skin as pretty oily, acne prone, not very sensitive, hyperpigmentation scarring occurs easily.


So, I started the regimen yesterday morning, and now we're on Day 2, here are my pictures: 


Day 1




>.< Looks terrible, this is actually the worst my skin has been in quite a while, so this should be a good indication of how well it'll work, I used about a third of my finger sized blob of BP at night only, no greasiness, my skin feels quite nice aside from the spots, my nose, however feels disgusting and rough, this picture is basically my 'before'.


Day 2







So today I'm going to start using the treatment both morning and night, still a small amount, maybe by next week I can ramp it up to the full dosage? No dryness, yet. However I do see some improvement on my left cheek, I had a small active pimple and its flattened a lot! Also, the rest of that mess has seemed have scabbed over/scarred. Another thing, in the last two pictures I have a lot of little bump things, I get them on my forehead too, any idea what they may be?