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In Topic: Summer Challenge! Clear Skin For Back To School! (Hopefully!)

07 August 2013 - 01:03 PM

Hey guys! I've neglected this log x_x Thanks for your words of encouragement, it's great to hear all your success stories! Infinitymunchkin, haha acne sucks doesn't it, i am glad you got clear through the regimen though! Makes me feel more comfortable since I wasnt so sure if this was meant for early teens :/ I am on week 3, day 23, my skin has no pimples left except the forehead, where they're mostly scabbed anyway, i think those are due to my fringe. I'm still not up to the full amount, not even close, taking it super slow. So far so great! A BIT of peeling which has subsided, however today i applied a little too much BP and i'm pretty red. I think i'll stick with a smaller amount and not try to amp it up, i have noticed my face is much redder/darker than my neck!! Why though? I wear sunblock everyday i go out!! It looks so weird.. but oh well, I guess i can fix it after I'm clear. I'm thinking of slowly amping my doses down for the morning for the next two weeks, just to say if i stay clear, then onky start applying at night? Maybe that will help with some of the darkness. I'd rather have kinda tanned skin and hyperpigmentation scars than acne again. Ill just have to deal with it. Oh and to any muslims, Happy Eid! I believe it's tomorrow? smile.png


Some time last week




Day 23 (Today, 7/8/13)


In Topic: Summer Challenge! Clear Skin For Back To School! (Hopefully!)

16 July 2013 - 10:53 AM

Oh, okay! Thanks for the advice, guys :) I'll try to be more patient with it, I've already used it once today so i'll skip it tonight.


Did the regimen work for you guys if you've tried it?

In Topic: cysts emerging because of stomach problems?

21 August 2011 - 02:08 AM

I have this problem too, cheeck acne is related to the stomach (and stress as I read somewhere) Here is a complete chart of all reasons acne occour on particular spots of the face:

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Maybe ginger root will help with your stomach problems.

Mine is right beside my left nostril. I have a pretty big one and a small "blackhead" looking one that has that healing crust on it. I've put coconut oil on it last night and its started healing up, i've done this before and it helped quite a lot with other random spots I had. At least you can get rid of the spots before you figure out whats wrong with your stomach.