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Bp Discontinued?

27 June 2013 - 02:39 PM

Right, so I've been waiting to get my new lot of BP cream (Acnecide) since December with no prevail, so I've done some research. Apparently, most, if not all BP products have now been discontinued. I've looked around and if you're lucky you can find a few different creams being sold on Ebay or Amazon but for a pretty hefty price. Is anyone else fearing the worst for this or have any news? I have about two weeks worth of cream left and to me, it's a countdown before I revisit hell. BP is the only thing that has helped my acne and without it means a dark and exhausting road of product testing.


If i'm wrong about this or anyone knows of a way of getting hold of the creams/gels, please let me know. :)


(Note: I've tried Quinoderm and it's too harsh.  I need 2.5% or 5%)

Benzoyl Peroxide Manufacturing Problems.

02 December 2012 - 07:42 AM

Hey guys,

Has anyone else been having the problem of 'manufacturing problems'? I went to the doctors a month ago to stock up on Acnecide cream which i've been using all year. It's a BP cream, worked amazingly as long as I didn't stop using it abruptly  The doctor then prescribed me the cream but I went to collect it from my local chemist and BOOM. Apparently there's manufacturing problems, all BP creams are unavailable everywhere and won't be distributed again until next year. Has anyone else come across this?
I've now gone into panic mode because I can't find a replacement and the demon spots are smothering my face once again. I'm fuming, but I have no idea who to be fuming at.
If anyone else has found this and has a way around it, PLEASE, share your findings with me.

(I'm in Lincoln and everywhere is saying the same thing. Assuming 'manufacturing problem' means it'll be everywhere in England. Darn it.)