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Acnecide gel! > Day?/month 4?

Posted 03 July 2012

I'm back! And I have some good news. My acne is clear, and it's only taken 3/4 months. I do get spots still but doesn't everyone. In fact, I'm happy when I get them because it means my face is still alive and I haven't killed it with all the tampering haha. I'm so happy and I really hope people read this little blog just so you...

Acnecide gel! > Day 27.

Posted 03 May 2012

Not much change since the last time I posted. Maybe worse if anything. Actually gutted, it was going so well but then it's like it's stopped working. That said, I have been under a lot of stress at the moment with deadlines for uni and two performances so it may not be helping things.

I've spent a lot of time looking back at my clear skin in...

Acnecide gel! > Day 11.

Posted 17 April 2012

Hey everyone!

So i'm back at university now, feels good to be back, especially with my skin look a lot better from when I was here two months ago. Someone even complimented me on how well my skin was looking. Trying not to get my hopes up though, acne is still haunting me, but I'm coping with it a lot better. No more sulking in my room, no more...

Acnecide gel! > Day 6.

Posted 12 April 2012

So i've nearly been on acnecide for a week, feels like longer. There's definitely improvement, I think.. but I feel my IB coming very soon. I'm already getting some pimples in places I never get them, what's worse is that they're so close to my lips that I can't put the acnecide on them. So they'll just have to go on their own. I...

Acnecide gel! > Day 4.

Posted 10 April 2012

Skin is looking better, don't know if this is just me being in a good mood and seeing my face differently or if it's actually looking better? Redness has faded incredible and my spots are no where near as sore. No new pimples, only the existing ones so fingers crossed. No burning or peeling, slightly dry, quite tight, that's about it. No sign of...