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#3395272 The Big Hormone Post For Both Men And Women

Posted by Elvin83 on 17 November 2013 - 01:43 AM

"Bears are funny, likewise bear suits." 


- Christopher Walken.

#3275011 Dermatologists

Posted by Elvin83 on 10 August 2012 - 11:33 AM

I've had 5 dermatologists. All of them were completely incompetent.
The first 4 of them gave me 4 different diagnoses, and the last one couldn't even give me one.

Also, all of them told me, that diet and acne isn't related.

Waste of time.


#3267335 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by Elvin83 on 19 July 2012 - 01:25 AM

Today I feel like shit.
It's a feeling I'm used to, since I've had it every day for 18 years now.


#3213389 Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

Posted by Elvin83 on 07 February 2012 - 10:34 AM

Day 8. It's going great.

day 8
i shall win Posted Image

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I'm up for the challenge

You and me buddy.  Posted Image

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#3141610 The seborrheic dermatitis thread

Posted by Elvin83 on 10 August 2011 - 11:50 PM

Hey Ferb.

It is nice to hear, that you are seeing progress.

I have gotten a lot of bloodtest done over the years from doctors, and they have never been able to show anything wrong with me. According to my doctor, I am as healthy as a horse. But I am not.

The test I had done at the homeopath, is called a Vega test. No blood involved.

At first I thought it was silly, but without me saying anything, he found every different foods, I already knew I was intolerant to. ( I have been testing foods the last 2 years)

Try to find someone with a lot of experience, and a good reputation.
I was lucky to find one with over 40 years of experience.

It was not necessary for me to eat the foods I was intolerant to before seeing him. He found them anyway. ( I had already been on the Candida diet one month before seeing him.)

But even with the test done, I still have to add new foods to my diet slowly.
No food intolerance tests are 100%

I will give you an example of how I have been doing it for the last almost 6 weeks.
(But remember, food intolerances are invidual, you will have to find your own. I have about 15 different food items that I am intolerant to.)

For the first 4 weeks I ate the following:

Coconut oil. ( Extra virgin)
Olive oil. (Extra virgin)
Romaine lettuce.
Himalaya salt.

Except for eggs, these are my safe foods. I am intolerant to eggs, but I did not know that for sure then, until my homeopath confirmed it.
So since August 1, I have eaten the same things, but without the eggs.
That is almost 6 weeks total. Removing my food intolerances has gotten me 99% acne free.

And now I am clear enough to start adding new foods to my diet. This is how I do it.

On monday August 15, I will add Cauliflower to my diet. And if I dont get a reaction after a couple of days, I will know I can tolerate it. (3-4 days give or take)

After that I will add Broccoli, and again wait 3-4 days give or take, to see if I get a reaction. And so on, and so on, until a have a lot of different foods I can eat again.

I am not gonna lie, this is a pain in the ass, and I am not saying that everyone has to do this, but with my bad digestion, and sluggish liver, I cant know for sure what I am intolerant to or not.

I also have a small problem with too much meat. If I eat too much, my face breaks out a little. Thats how bad my digestion are right now.

By the way, nice SD report you attached. I have that one too. He is definitely on to something right.


#3139848 The seborrheic dermatitis thread

Posted by Elvin83 on 08 August 2011 - 11:53 PM

Hey Hans.

The only antifungal I am using right now, are coconut oil, and a mild tea.

My plan is to let my body adapt to the diet chances first, and then increase the antifungals later, so I dont overwhelm my system.

My homeopath thought that would be best.

The Candida diet I use, are from: Healing naturally by Bee.

I only use chlorine free water, because the chlorine aggravates the SD.
When I wash my face with regular water, my face will get really dry and red for hours after.
With chlorine free water, I dont have that problem.


#3139324 The seborrheic dermatitis thread

Posted by Elvin83 on 08 August 2011 - 12:57 PM

Hey Cavemanfan.

Sure no problem, here is an update.

The severity of my SD:

My SD started 2 years ago, and as bad as the redness is, the acne was even worse.
The redness are on the side of my nose, on my cheeks, and behind my ears.
My face was extreamely oily, flaky, itchy, and constant burning.
When I drove a nail across my forehead, my nail would be covered with yellow dead skin form the SD.
And on top of that, I had acne everywere. On my forehead, cheeks, chin, behind my ears, neck, and on my scalp.
It was a living hell.

I have now been on the candida diet for 39 days.

After 14-21 days on the diet, 95% of my acne disappeared.
And on day 30 on the diet, the oil on my face,flaking, itchiness and burning, was also 95% gone.
The redness was still there.

On August 1 2011, 8 days ago I went to see a skilled homeopath, so I could figure out what was causing me this problem.
His tests showed, that my liver, kidneys and colon are backed up with toxins, and my digestion is bad.
(I pretty much knew that, hence the skin problems,) and I have food intolerances, and quite a lot actually.
Now I already knew a lot of them, cause I have been testing them for the past to years, but it was nice to get it confirmed.

Turns out, I was still eating one thing I was intolerant to the first 30 days. Eggs.

So for 8 days now, I have not been eating eggs, and my face has gone from 95% to 99% clear.
(I am talking about the acne, oil, flakiness, itchiness and the burning, those are 99% gone. I was told that I should wait a month from when I cut out the eggs, to see the full effect, so I expect to be 100% clear by the end of this month. The redness however is still there.)
But that is to be expected, since I have only been on the diet for 39 days, and I am nowhere healed yet.

The redness will probably be there, until I get my liver, kidneys, colon, and digestion back to balance.
But so far I am extremely happy with the results. Beside the redness i now look completely normal.
39 days ago, I looked like I had the plague, and I broke out in acne 30 new places a day, ( I am not kidding,) and now I am 99% acne, oil, flaky itchy and burn free. The redness are only behind my ears, the side on my nose, and a little on my cheeks. Not much.
Cutting out the foods that my body was intolerant to, got me where I am now.

Also I only drink and wash my face with chlorine free water.



I plan on updating my progress every month I have been on this diet, so my next update will be in 3 weeks. September 1.

Take care you all.