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In Topic: Poor Circulation....?

04 January 2013 - 11:13 AM

Yes, Yes it can cause poor circulation. Studies are starting to roll out also that it can effect thyroid function, which Hypothyroid can cause poor circulation & feeling of cold even in warm weather. You should advise your derm...as there are other medical issues that Accutane can cause that are related to poor circulation. Good Luck!

I just took my 1st 20 mg pill yesterday and within a couple of hours my hands felt freezing cold.  I read up on it, popped a niacin and it felt a bit better.  Then I started feeling pressure in my head - it didn't hurt really, just felt like pressure was building up.  This is just one pill!  Should I be worried?  I am very sensitive to most medications.

In Topic: The Low Progesterone - High Androgen Connection To Acne

02 January 2013 - 09:11 PM

Hey Green Gables (are you an Anne of Green Gables fan?  ME TOO!), thanks for responding.  Since I posted, I've learned A LOT about saw palmetto.  I'm seeing an herbalist and she confirmed that saw palmetto does indeed have an impact on estrogen levels.  Since hormones are so interconnected, anything we take to effect one set of hormones is going to have an effect on the others.  Just googling is saw palmetto estrogenic, and I came across this:  http://answers.yahoo...7072631AAyC1Pk.  There is more out there - most websites say saw palmetto blocks estrogen, but if you dig a bit deeper, you'll find other websites that say it can also increase estrogen.  The bottom line - it's a powerful herb and it's hard to say how any one person will react to it.  

So in my case, I believe saw palmetto caused my estrogen levels to go up and that contributed to cystic acne, depression and anxiety.  The anxiety was actually really bad - a couple of nights I felt like I was having a panic attack - really, really bad and scary too.  But I was afraid to stop the saw palmetto completely because I knew it was helping me like nothing else because it got rid of my back acne  by 99%.

Long story short, now I'm on a tincture that includes 1 part saw palmetto, 1 part licorice, 1 part peony and 2 parts chasteberry.  So far it's really helping with oily skin, my mood and my pms issues (anxiety, depression, cramps and sore breasts). My herbalist says that saw palmetto needs to be taken with something to balance out it's effects, and chasteberry is supposed to balance out the estrogen and progesterone.  I've only been on this for about a month and a half - I've gone through 2 menstrual cycles and I broke out a little bit, but I haven't gotten deep, under the skin acne which was causing me so much distress.  Mostly, the crippling anxiety I was feeling has gotten so much better.  I was going to come back here and update after being on this for at least 3 months to confirm that it's working, but I figure now is a good time to provide this brief update. I plan on using this tincture indefinitely - another nice thing about it is that I can adjust my dosage easily.  I was taking 60 drops 3 x a day leading up to my period, I will go down to 30-45 drops 2 x a day when my skin is not a premenstrual mess.

I've thought about spiro, but I'm convinced I'd have to go on birth control to get the full benefits (again, to address the estrogen/progesterone balance).  But I don't want to go on birth control - too many things can go wrong, you can gain weight, have crazy mood swings, etc.  I did find this website that has some helpful info about progesterone therapy and spiro:  http://www.cemcor.ub...event_PCOS_AAE.  Maybe this will help you?

But I am not going to do the completely natural thing either.  Tomorrow I am  starting a low dose accutane course - when my skin was freaking out I asked about it - I'm hoping it will purge the sebum that's trapped in my skin.  I plan to use the SP tincture while on accutane and after I am done, since it's helped so much to help my PMS issues.

Wish me luck!  And good luck to you too.

In Topic: The Low Progesterone - High Androgen Connection To Acne

16 October 2012 - 01:21 PM

Green Gables, I hope you are still logging onto acne.org.

You've created a wealth of information that I will start reading through.

In the meantime, I have some questions about saw palmetto and spiro.

I'm on saw palmetto now - I only take 160 mg per day.  My acne is mostly noninflamed with hormonal flare ups and I would consider it mild to moderate.

So far, saw palmetto has gotten rid of my body acne.  Which is amazing.  It helped my face by reducing oil, but then it felt like the oil came back.

Before Saw Palmetto, I would break out 14 days prior to and right before my period.   Once my period starts I know I am home free and will have great skin for the next two weeks.

Now that I'm on Saw Palmetto, my breakouts leading up to my period are not as bad.  But now have a flare up after my period has already started.  I started my period with clear skin and was feeling great only to wake up with a monster cyst on my cheek.  A couple of months ago, I got a cyst on my chin.  I don't get cysts like this very often.  So other than this big red lump, my skin is clear otherwise.

So while Saw Palmetto is helping, I also feel that it is hurting me too by contributing to this sudden flare up after my period starts.   Perhaps it's blocking my estrogen?  I read that estrogen levels plummet when your period starts and that Saw Palmetto may have estrogen blocking properties.  I definitely get depressed during TTOM and I would love to get the emotional stuff figured out too.

Now I'm trying to learn about progesterone and I'm thinking perhaps this crazy flare up is due to low progesterone.  But frankly, I'm worried about messing around with my hormones any further.  I'm not willing to pay for a hormone test because I think it really depends on where you're at in your menstrual cycle and it all fluctuates so much anyway.

I noticed that you tried saw p and progesterone cream, but now you're just on spiro, correct?  Would you say that spiro takes care of all the hormonal imbalances for you?  Androgens and progesterone?   I know spiro is an anti-androgen (or androgen blocker) but does it have an effect on the progesterone and estrogen levels too?  I would love to take something to just balance out the hormones, which I'm guessing would be birth control.  So now I'm wondering if I should stay with saw p and supplement with a progesterone cream, spiro or birth control.

I need to figure out what's going on in my body after my period starts, because it's horribly depressing to get a huge cyst out of nowhere.  Before the cyst popped up I was feeling depressed and anxious, so I feel like something is going on with me hormonally that is just messing with my emotions and skin, and the idea that I have to deal with this every month is very upsetting.  

I know you have written a lot on this topic, so I will start reading and trying to understand.  Thank you so much for compiling all of this useful information!