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#3308133 Finally Having Some Success. Saw Palmetto, Gluten Free & The Regimen.

Posted by chelslaw on 04 December 2012 - 09:31 AM

Hi Everyone!

A summary about me, suffered from acne (regular whiteheads and blackheads) when I was a teen. Took BCP to help clear that up, which it did. Never had perfect skin but it was pretty good.

Then I turned 25 and my skin changed. The acne I got was all on my chin and jawline. The big bumps, some nodules, some cysts, some closed comedones, always inflamed.

First I was just getting regular acne on my chin, then the week before my period I was getting a big bump. Then two. Then three. Took a round of antibiotics which worked. Then when the 8 weeks of antibiotics ended, skin got worse. Tried the usual things including a very expensive medical grade skincare line which made my skin worse- it purged and purged.

Then Oct 12th I went completely gluten free and started taking saw palmetto (450mg daily) and doing Dans regimen (except in the morning i swap out BP for prescription clinidsol) and have finally found some success.

I dont know which of the three is helping, or if its the combo- but Ive barely had any active acne in 7 weeks. A pimple here or there but overall its a 90% improvement and im EXTREMELY happy.

Just wanted to share some success Ive had :)

#3294034 Just Started Saw Palmetto This Morning

Posted by chelslaw on 11 October 2012 - 05:09 PM

Wish me luck!

28 year old female with mild-moderate inflamed acne on chin area.

Anyone else taken this with any luck? Im not a spiro candidate and I'm already on birth control.

#3290490 How Long Does This Peeling Last?

Posted by chelslaw on 28 September 2012 - 11:20 AM

I'm just on day 4 of the regimen and luckily so far havent experienced much redness but my skin is peeling.

Its hard to describe but after i cleanse, BP, and moisturize- if i touch my face (which i do not do often) i can glide my fingers over my cheeks softly and little balls of skin/bp/moisturizer ( i dont know what it is) roll off.. lots of them.

How long does that last? Will your skin always peel/be flaky as long as you are using BP?

I'm following the regimen to a T, very exact. I am just using a small amount of BP and will slowly add more over the next 3 weeks as instructed.