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In Topic: Just Started Saw Palmetto This Morning

03 May 2013 - 09:58 AM

I take ortho tri cyclen. i believe they took diane35 off the market. i know they did here in canada recently...


i dont take saw p anymore though. i did for a few months, then weened off of it.


for my it was gluten removal and cutting down on sugar that really did help me. its been 7 months now without gluten and its amazing that results ive seen with my skin. i encourage you to give it a shot for at least a couple of months before judging if it helps or not.


good luck!

In Topic: Just Started Saw Palmetto This Morning

29 April 2013 - 11:42 AM

thanks for the update! i actually only took it for a few months then weened myself off of it to see if it was really helping.


ive now been off of it for a couple of months and my skin is still good (the odd breakout but nothing cystic or infamed)


its definitely been the gluten removal that has helped me :)

In Topic: Finally Having Some Success. Saw Palmetto, Gluten Free & The Regimen.

11 January 2013 - 11:21 PM

success is still fantastic. alot of PIH still and I think thats from BP (im pretty sure red marks have never hung around this long before i was using bp)

i have had maybe 5 zits total in the 3 months ive been doing this regimen.

no gluten cheats at all. i have now decreased my saw p (eventually want to not have to take it) to 320mg every other day, on the other days just 160mg. eventually will do just 160mg daily, then every other day, then every 3 days, then off. will see how that goes.

also lowering the BP drastically. was using alot (like recommended) and now im just using a teenie tiny bit on my chin at night only.

so far so good. im thinking maybe ive healed my gut. taking at least 6-10billion probiotics daily as well.

In Topic: Just Started Saw Palmetto This Morning

29 December 2012 - 10:32 AM

i think that might be a bit of anxiety vs actually speeding up your heart beat. thats happened to me with antibiotics but they dont speed up heartrate, they just make me anxious...

saw p doesnt do anything except block your androgens...

i have consulted my doctor- who said that a) it probably wont work (which it did) and b) it could in theory interact with birth control (but probably not)

otherwise its just a natural anti androgen. its a diruetic. thats about it.

maybe you are taking too much? im just taking 320mg/daily. ive seen some people on here taking 1000mg daily who have no issues... (i think thats way too much personally)

also, you have only taken it for 2 DAYS.

you cannot evaluate something like this (hormonal) for months.

i believe its anxiety causing your symptoms (all of those are things i get when anxious) but you should always consult your doctor BEFORE taking something.

you definitely need to eat when you take it so you dont get nauseas....

are you taking the stabilized kind? 85-90% fatty acids?

In Topic: Regimen Alternatives, Moisturizer/sunscreen, And Camping

13 December 2012 - 01:12 PM

cetaphil has been just fine for me. and it isnt cheaper if you buy from costco. $20 for a 1L pump that last what seems like forever.

for BP i use dans. its by far the most cost effective size even with shipping.