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In Topic: The Real Reason You Have Acne!

08 October 2011 - 10:00 PM

Are you responsible for your offerred "diet" if someone gets anorexia, weak bones due to calcium deficiency and diminished immune system? Posted Image

Why should someone get weak bones due to calcium deficiency?!? Haven't you looked on the nutritional data which moonbase posted above??
He is getting nearly 1300mg (129% RDA) of Calcium per day. You can get enough Calcium even without dairy...

In Topic: The Real Reason You Have Acne!

08 October 2011 - 06:51 PM

Hey popsi, as I told you from the start.. You're not getting protein in your diet.. You said you haven't ate much meat for years and you've had acne for years.

I have acne since puberty but it was never severe, just mild. It is moderate-severe since only a few months (I think since April 2011). I can show you pictures from February 2011 where my skin was almost perfect (oily but acne free). I don't know what happened to my skin in April, I didn't change my diet then...

Well i'd be most inclined to say that's your problem. You can't expect good health from not eating what your body needs. The fact is it was getting better un till you added in foods that would make things worse.

If one follows this diet correctly the macronutrient ratio is that of a traditional japanese diet. and even more vitamin and mineral rich.

Eggs, and milk give you issues and that's what I believe has caused your acne. My dietary recommendations are based on eating everything, not one or another.

You need to start eating fish.

I didn't eat eggs since 4-5 days and dairy since 2 weeks now (when I started the diet).

I am going to send you a private message as regards meat and fish.

In Topic: The Real Reason You Have Acne!

08 October 2011 - 11:10 AM

I somehow believe that food doesn't affect my acne. I am getting new cysts (around 2-3) every day even though I eat ONLY fruits, veggies and sweet potatoes.
No sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no grains, nada. :(
At first I thought its getting better but meanwhile there is no further improvement. I am really depressed at the moment.

In Topic: The Real Reason You Have Acne!

05 October 2011 - 08:30 PM

I am glad to hear that you are fine. :)

Yesterday and today I ate quite a lot, so that I was never hungry. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables, also sweet potatoes twice a day. Eggs only every second day.
However I think that I do not eat more than 1500 calories. But I promise to eat more. ;)
I hope my skin will improve further and not starting to get worser again. Posted Image

In Topic: The Real Reason You Have Acne!

05 October 2011 - 05:16 PM

I am eating a lot of fruits, every morning, after luch, after dinner, especially papayas, melons, plums. But I cannot eat 30 papayas per day, when one weighs around 4-5 pounds, lol. Posted Image Yesterday I ate sweet potatoes at lunch and dinner, together with broccoli and pumpkin. I also ate 2 eggs at lunch.
In the evening I used my new juicer and juiced papaya slices with a passion fruit and a carrot and drank the juice. It tasted delicious.

Today I juiced a half white cabbage. Got out 500ml of juice. It tastes really good. Did you ever try it?

I don't find myself juicing very much - however I dont have anything against it Posted Image Juice away!

In regards to the number of fruits.. I am referring to fruits say Plum/Peach sized. If you're loosing weight, you're not eating enough Posted Image Boost your fruit intake - your body will thank you.

Good luck.

Hey moonbase, how are you?

I am still following "your" diet and my skin is improving, however I keep getting 1-3 zits every or every second day. Do you think my skin will improve further in the next weeks and I am just too impatient? Posted Image