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In Topic: Oxytetracycline + Differin

20 March 2012 - 04:26 PM

I have been recently prescribed Oxytetracycline and Differin Cream 0.1% by my GP. Before that i was using Duac once daily gel which was a living hell for me since it made me break out like a war zone. I'm taking about 1000mg a day, 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening before i sleep. Right now my acne is quite severe, there are pictures in my gallery, my face currently looks no better than the end of week 5 from my the duac regime. I just wanted to know how it long it took for people who tried oxytetracycline to get clear or almost clear skin.

Any help would be great thanks Posted Image

Yo bro. Welcome to the board! I have been on Duac and really did not have positive long term results with it. Tetracycline and Differin have worked wonders for me. Should only be on the antibiotics for a few months as it can be quite unhealthy for your body over the long haul, however,  it is good to get that "clean slate." 1000 MG is twice the dose I was taking and probably seen full results in about 3 months. Differin is the god of all topical acne fighting drugs in my opinion. I won't sugar coat it, your acne WILL get worse before it gets better with the Differin. You will probably have 3-4 initial breakouts over the period of 6 weeks before your skin really starts to adapt to the drug. You skin will go on a roller coaster of good and bad weeks. Took me more then 5 months to see 100% results but man is it worth it. I have been on Differin for well over a year now.

P.S. Aside from your acne, your skin looks pretty smooth and scar free. You should be thankful for that. Acne comes and goes, scars can last a life time!

Thanks alot for the info man, I'll definetly stick with the differin. I'm just worried about those breakouts u said. I really hope they're not as bad as the breakouts i had with the Duac coz i literally lost count of how many new pimples i got each day.

After the storm comes the rainbow. Corny? I know. Haha! But yes, I did have a pretty bad initial breakout, followed by some clear skin for a few days, followed by another  IB ( not as bad as the first), then more clear skin. And this pattern seems to repeat for several weeks. Check this guy's personal journal out with Differin.

Hey guys, im on Erythromycin and Differin Gel! Any ideas when is the good time to take the tablets? also does the Differin cream really work? Ive tried several stuff in the past with no luck. Let me knw bro x

In Topic: Bp On Pimple?

07 February 2012 - 06:19 PM

Yeah, just make sure you moisturise afterwards too, even if it's just around the area.

im going to be using it in the evening just before bed, is the moisturiser still needed?

Thanks :) xx

In Topic: Scar Treatments

06 February 2012 - 07:31 AM

Be careful with topicals. Use them sparingly. Understand that, these gels and creams are damaging the skin on top of the damage acne does. If you have scars at all, you have cystic or nodular acne. Get out the accutane, get it fixed up, and take it one day at a time.

Heyy, yh ur right. Would u recommend for me to start treatment on the scars yet or after the acne is finished? I aint prescribed Accutane :(

In Topic: Best Home Remedies

03 February 2012 - 10:50 AM

There's a whole seperate review on drinking lemon juice on this site, so I won't explain it too deeply. It works great for me, I have moderate acne, and I've been using it for about a week and a half. Already, it's clearing my forehead bumps right up Posted Image It cleans out your liver and reduces toxins, thus clearing up acne. I drink it always at night, sometimes in the morning. I take a microwavable cup and fill it almost to the top, then pour in a couple of teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon. (I'd buy like 4 and keep them already sqeezed in a container in the fridge). I'd stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Use a straw, or else it can be damaging for your teeth.

I sure hope there's some more remedies that work as good as this one!
Hope I could help!

Aint heard of this lemon remedy! How do u make it?

Thanks :) xx

In Topic: Stem Cells Treatment with Dr Aamer Khan (Harley Street Skin Clinic)

02 January 2012 - 07:16 PM


This stem cell experience has now finished.

The facts:

1. I saw Dr Khan for Stem Cell treatment (which I paid £6,500 for) on March 20th 2010. I was told that I would get a minimum of 80% improvement from just Stem Cells and I would start seeing results after 2 weeks and great results after 3 months.

2. On May 25th 2010, I was showing close to no results, and Dr Khan did PRP on me to help the Stem Cells. I got no results from this. The PRP was not part of the Stem Cell treatment plan but Dr Khan added this an extra treatment as no results were showing.

3. On July 17th 2010, I had PRP again, but got no results from this.

4. On 12th August 2010, I saw Dr Khan and I still had no results. He told me that I could either have a partial refund or free treatment over a year.

5. On 14th August 2010, I saw Dr Khan and I asked for him a refund, and not further treatment. He told me he would come back to me 20th August 2010 with a figure by email.

6. On 20th August 2010, I spoke to Dr Khan and he suggested waiting another month. I refused and told him that I wanted a refund. He told me he would come back to me on the 21st August 2010 with a settlement figure.

7. On 21st August 2010, I received a phonecall from Lesley Reynolds telling me I needed to maek a formal complaint and she wanted me to come in for pictures (even though I had pictures taken the week before). She said Dr Khan was not in a position to make a refund as he had offered me, and I was dealing with a company, and that I needed to make a formal complaint and come into the clinic for pictures. I also received an email from Chris Gibson which in my opinion was not truthful in parts.

I decided to leave it, and to move on, and walk away having spent £6,500 and getting no results whatsoever.

My full story is all below and you can follow my whole, unbiased, factual story.

I do not claim Stem Cells do not work, my personal blog is based on my own experience. They may be reference in there to other patients as well.

Please note: I asked Dr Khan for permission to publish this all online during my first consultation and he agreed.

Hey all,

I am new to this board and over the last few months I have been reading about the various treatments out there for scarring. Those of us with scars must be strong and determined - there is a way out for us, I am sure of it.

Reading Ernestos post with Dr Khan with regards to his fraxel, re-cell treatment plan was most encouraging. If Ernesto can do it, I am sure any of us can do it. His story is my inspiration and the reason why I am taking this leap of faith. I have now decided to go ahead with the stem cell treatment with Dr Khan in London for scarring with my nose.

So last week (ish) I had an appointment with Dr Khan about the scarring on my nose. The consultation was free and Dr Khan is a highly knowledgable man and really genuine. He examined my nose and explained my condition. Basically my epidermis on my nose is perfectly fine, but the problem lies with my dermis. This has been damaged by ablative treatments like TCA Cross/Dermaroller/Needling and so on and although I can continue with these treatments up to a certain extent, they will never give my the result that I am looking for. Dr Khan has told me that stem cell treatment can and I for one believe him.

The stem cell treatment will take a total of 4 hours. Dr Khan will remove fat from my tummy/hip and then the tissue is then used to harvest stem cells and placed into a lab within the clinic for 1.5 hours. Once the process is complete, the stem cells will be injected into my nose, and other areas, which I want to improve. After the stem cells have been injected to the scar regions on my nose, Dr Khan will also use needling to make small holes into the epidermis so the stem cells are attracted and work better.

Dr Khan has treated over 50 patients (I think - around this number) with stem cells and has been doing this for just under a year. I have been advised that stem cells are long-term regeneration of the skin, and I will start seeing result after 2 weeks, and great results after 3 months. The results can continue right until 6 months after the treatment. I have also been advised that Dr Khan says that I should get a minimum of 80% improvement on my scarring as a real minimum. Dr Khan has told me that everyone of his patients have got at least 80% gain, so he has a 100% success rate.

One concern I did have was how long the stem cells would last for and I questioned Dr Khan about this and he put this doubt out of my mind. He has performed stem cells on breast scars for the last 3 years and the results are still there and he believes it will be no different for stem cells for facial scarring. I also find the cost very high but I truely believe Dr Khan is a true professional and he is the best in his field. You pay for quality and although the money is a serious factor to me, I am saving up and trying to get the money for his treatment.

The reason why I am sharing all of this with you today - is that I am planning to have the stem cell treatment with Dr Khan. I have emailed him with my final questions and if I am happy with everything, I am happy to go ahead. I know lots of you want to see before & after pictures and I am happy to post every week with the effects and keep in touch with you. I want to show people how amazing stem cell treatment is and what it can do for the skin.

If anyone has any questions about the treatment, please post. I will be posting my story on this thread as soon as Dr Khan confirms that he can do the stem cell treatment on me. Hopefully I will have the treatment in the next week or so (subject to his availability).




In 2005, I had a few open pores on my nose and I resorted to a form of dermabrasion. Stupidly I used a family friend who was a heart surgeon who claimed to have dermabrasion before and he used an emery board and filed my nose on the left hand side 3 layers deep. My nose bled and was red for 6 months after. After it healed it left open pores and discoloration on that side of the nose. The skin was also not the same level as the rest of the nose. I tried everything, creams, medical micro dermabrasion (with crystals), obagi blue peel etc, but nothing would reverse the effect. See below:

June 2007 Pictures (Original scar on left hand side only)

I decided to look for a Dermatologist, and I found Dr Fernanda Teixeira at Hammersmith Hospital in London. I was told that Dr Tony Chu at Hammersmith was the best, but he was fully booked and I was told Dr Teixeira could perform all the same treatments as Dr Chu. I saw Dr Teixeira and she told me that subsicision and dermarolling would fix the scar. She performed the subsicision and to my nightmare it went wrong and I got a new scar on my nose. So, I had the existing scar, which was the scar on the right hand side of my nose, and a new scar from her subsicion on the left hand side of my nose. This was done in July 2008. My nose was ruined due to Dr Teixiera and you can see below:

July 2008 - Pictures after Treatment with Dr Teixiera

After losing faith in Dr Teixeira, I was referred to Dr Chu and I managed to get an appointment with him about 2 weeks later. My nose was looking a mess. The left hand side scar (the new scar as a result of Dr Teixeira’s subcision) was lumpy & unlevel with pit holes/scars. Dr Chu started injected some kind of steroid to reduce the lumpiness. He did about 2-3 sessions of this, 4 weeks apart. The lumpiness reduced and then it cauterized it to make it all level. Once the skin was looking less lumpy and more level, he began a series of TCA Cross treatments for both the left hand side of the nose and right hand side of the nose (the original scar). He performed around 8 TCA Cross treatments at 4-5 week intervals, and sometimes combining them with needling. One time he used the Derma Stamp (an invention similar to the Derma roller which was invented by German inventor, Horst Liebl). The Dermastamp had basically no effect. I found the needling a lot better. My nose improved dramatically but the scars were still visible and the effects from the TCA Cross were minimal. Dr Chu probably gave me a 50% + improvement in 2 years and this was by far the best treatment I had. However, I felt the need to move on as the results from TCA Cross were so small.

February 2010 Pictures (as a result of Dr Tony Chu)

I then had Stem Cell treatment with Dr Aamer Khan on the 20th March 2010. This has a treatment that cost me �6,500 and I to date; I have had around a 5-10% improvement on the left hand side of the nose, and no improvement on the right hand side. This treatment was meant to complete eradicate the scar from my nose.

April 2010 - 35 days post Stem Cell Treatment

You can also my pictures at Day 67 as well below. My improvement was the same as Day 35, I have around a 5-10% improvement on the left handside of my nose, and a 0% improvement on the right handside of my nose.

25th May 2010 - 67 days post Stem Cell Treatment

On May 25th 2010, I had PRP treatment done with Dr Khan at the Wimpole Clinic to aid the stem cells process. You can read the treatment in detail in the later pages. The pictures on Day 67 were taken before the PRP treatment in the afternoon, and the PRP treatment was done at 6.30PM in London.

I had no results from this treatment.

On July 17th, I had PRP done with Dr Khans colleague - Dr Soran at the Wimpole Clinic to aid the stem cells process. You can read the treatment in detail in the later pages.

I got no results from this at all, and my scarring remains.

My story continues to that I asked for a refund from Dr Khan, and he agreed to a partial refund, which was then taken away by Lesley Reynolds.

You can read the full story through my posts.

Lesley Reynolds is Dr Khans wife!