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In Topic: Week 2 Of Accutane And Suddenly Huge Pores?!

25 March 2013 - 07:16 AM

Aw, I just looked Misscha. I live in a hot & humid climate, as well, which makes my skin worse for sure! If it takes getting worse to get better, then this is what is necessary! It's so easy to get down about it - trust me, I've been there & done that - but we're on something that has had beautiful results for so many people and we just need to try to remember that even when things are looking grim. I don't particularly enjoy going to class with a great big pimple on my COLLARBONE of all places. The surrounding redness looks like a pathetically made and juvenile hickey, haha. You're going to look back in 6 months and know that this has all been worth it. 


Btw, I love your profile photo. The colours are gorgeous. 

In Topic: Week 2 Of Accutane And Suddenly Huge Pores?!

25 March 2013 - 05:43 AM

IB = Initial break out?? I hope it heals up quickly for you! That sucks. 


My skin is looking better, not worse. I did get three odd pimples, though. One on the bridge of my nose, one just below my chin and one on my collar bone and I NEVER get acne other than my face. Gah! My derm put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics leading up to taking Accutane & 4-6 weeks during the beginning that prevents an initial break out. I'm wondering why this isn't common practice with other people? I hear about initial break outs a LOT. Though, I have been getting run down and sick fairly often and I'm wondering if is to do with the antibiotics. I need to start a probiotic as well.