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In Topic: Scar Success!

25 June 2014 - 08:13 AM

Hi DC-girl,

Would you say a Paleo type diet would be anti-inflammatory and good for healing? 

I already keep away from gluten and most sugar and dairy but I have been thinking about ditching all grains and dairy and only getting sugar from a few pieces of fruit. 


Most of it is good, but bean, lentils, etc are not. And the other problem with it is that fructose is very important for a high temp and metabolism. And Paleo is all about avoiding sugar.

I destroyed my hormones doing paleo and avoiding sugar for a year and a half.

Now I eat a lot of sugar (clean sources). Mainly ripe fruit and OJ are the best kind. Especially fresh squeezed orange juice that hasn't been pasteurized because it has an excellent mineral balance.

I just want to say I am so happy to find someone else that knows diet is important in healing scars. I eat lots of saturated fat (plus I put it on my skin) and I see that it is helping me a lot. I am also happy to see that you list "no grains" because that is important too.


Do you drink milk btw? how about alcohol? I've been staying away from alcohol (really bad for your skin).



Yes, sooooo important. You can't help heal from stimulated injury well without provoiding your body with the minerals, vitamins and protein it needs. Coconut oil should be in your diet daily.  You can also get saturated fat from milk and butter. But never use any other oils other than a bit of olive oil every now and then.


Yep, I drink milk. Milk and very well cooked dark greens are good for calcium and vitamin K. If you eat spinach or kale, eat it with salt and grass fed butter.

I drink alcohol occasionally; socially. But it has estrogen in it, so it's not good for you.

In Topic: Cyst/boil/zit That Became Firm (Updated With Pics)

24 June 2014 - 11:20 AM

I have looked the Internet up and down and can't believe I finally found Someone that has exactly what I'm going through. Any luck getting it to go away?! I'm desperate...I've had this cyst boil mess for 3 months on my cheek.

I turned into scar tissue so I had it excised.

In Topic: Scar Success!

31 May 2014 - 09:36 AM

why did you mention no grains in your diet ? 


Because they are inflammatory, harmful, accelerate aging and are hard to digest. They hurt your metabolism and therefore your ability to heal well. There's a ton of info out there about why you should stop eating grains and espectially wheat. Do your research.


Here's something to help you get started.


In Topic: Scar Success!

27 May 2014 - 11:58 AM

Question for DC Girl:


1.  what do you use to sterilize the derma stamp?  Example... if I use it today, then use it again a month from now, obviously I want to sterilize it for the next use since it has been punctured into my skin from the previous use... what can I use to effectively sterilize it?


2.  What do you use to sterilize the derma-needle?


3.  for the TCA spot-treatment, "when" do you wash the TCA off?  Example... after applying 15% TCA, do you wash it off after 5 minutes? 


4.  Which TCA concentration was most effective for you in the reduction of the shallow scars?  .... was it the 15% or the 30%?


5.  In your opinion, do you think the vitamin e helped?... or is it possible I can let my skin heal naturally after the dermastamp without the use of topicals after the derma stamp?  Convince me if I'm wrong, but I was thinking about trying this without using any topical creams afterwards and just let my skin heal itself.


6.  Would you say the derma-stamp is more effective, or the derma-needle? 


7.  Which should I try first... derma-stamp or single-needling?


8.  From what I can recall if I read correctly, dermastamp goes into your skin directly from top to bottom (no angles), but you said when you tried single-needling, that you inserted the needle at an angle.  In your opinion, does it matter if you insert the needle from top to bottom straight, or if you insert the needle at an angle? 


Thanks for your help.


As a bio student, I believe needling works because of mitosis.  Mitosis is the rejuvenation and repairing of cells. 


1. I use the sterilizing powder they sell on owndoc's website.

2. the same

3. I don't wash it off

4. 30%

5. Yes, it helps. Of course, your skin will heal but the diffrence between good results and so-so results might be the use of Vitamin E. It will help you heal better, it's your choice if you use it or not. Any occclusive ointment is a good thing, something that traps CO2 under it, for example, tape is good too.

6. It's the same process, stamps just get more surface area done quicker, but a single needle is good if you have a really dense scar or want to push it in at an angle.

7. Both, depending on the type of scar you're treating.

8. It depends on the scar, if you push in and you can feel it's really thick and tethered, you might want to use a single to get in there good, but overall it won't make that much difference wethere it's a stamp or a needle. It's the same concept and they're both doing the same things.

In Topic: Scar Success!

10 May 2014 - 02:23 PM

I apologize if you've answered this previously (I read through the whole thread, but I still may have overlooked it!) but...


What was your timing when using the TCA plus the stamping? Would you stamp first, then wait two weeks and do TCA spot, then wait two more weeks to stamp again, etc? Or what was that routine like?


I know doing too much in a short timeframe can be troublesome, so I was just curious how you spaced them out when using both methods.


I didn't have any type of strict schedule but I tried to do either stamping or tca at least once a month or sometimes every 2 weeks alternating the two. If you do a deep tca you often have to wait a couple months before you can do it again.

I use the ONLY pure Vitamin E I know of.

If they used a vitamin E dissolved in soy or in any other inflammatory unsaturated fatty acid I could see it causing problems. I can't use MOST of the vitamin E out there for this very reason, it's often in soybean oil.

Anyone know what vitamin E they used in the study? I'd like them to prove they used a pure one, otherwise it's a pointless study. Vitamin E dissolved in anything inflammatory negates the point of it.

Also WHO PAID for this study? Keep in mind, there's not any money to be made in vitamin E because it's cheap and no one can patent it. Sadly, there are a lot of bogus studies out there funded by the people who are using bad science for either promotion of a product or to make a natural cure look useless. They often will fund studies at colleges or universities and then only publish the results if they get the "conclusion" they desire.

i haven't read all pages, just an overview


iam interested in derma stamping as i did something similar awhile back with derma rolling, but im not sure i did it long enough. I also hated it. 

TCA scares me because every damn time i use an acid like bha/aha i end up burning my skin either the first time or the following times- i do not want to do this again.. ugh.


Yet. im curious as the strength you used. How do you derma stamp a single scar? Some say ditch it and get a sewing needle and just start poking away? This a better method? My other check might benefit from the stamp. What did you do?


Any tid bits of info is great.



What is a good brand of pure natural vitamin e oil then? I use it as a moisturizer (although it is heavy) after shaving and for spots. I would use it over the derma stamped areas too..if its the good stuff. 

so which sizing do you go with? you do it after showering, at night? then apply tca? got a product you use that you care to share?


Don't roll, stamp. It hurts less and it's more accurate and you're less likely to scratch yourself.


What do you mean you burned yourself with TCA? That's what a tca peel or spot treatment is; a controlled burn. Do you mean you caused further scarring? Were you using retin-A? Or doing it too much?

I use a 30% tca and always just spot treating, I've never done my whole face with that. I use makeup artists choice TCA brand.


I just stamp the scar directly over any scar when spot stamping scars. So if it's a small scar the stamp might be bigger than the scar, no big deal, unscarred skin benefits from stamping too.

DO NOT use a sewing needle. Dermastamps are cheap and the needles are small enough that you won't cause further scarring. You want to bring bloodflow to the scar tissue, not do reckless damage that could cause new scar tissue.

I use a 1.5 or 2mm dermastamp and I don't have a time of day I do it, but it's usually in the morning. It's best to do it when you're not feeling stressed.


The vitamen E I use is called Progest-E, it's pure Vitaman E with progesterone which is one of our bodies most powerful anti-inflammatory hormones.