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14 August 2015 - 09:30 AM

Hey DC girl! Do you know if progesterone OR vitamin E help dissolve scar tissue?!

I really have been trying to find something on Google but I'm not sure... maybe you know something.

I was thinking maybe the progeste helped in that sense... one of those ingredients. Also the massaging when you would put it on since it takes a while to sink in, how long did you massage for?

Yes, vitamin E actually sheds skin and also softens the scar tissue, so it will remodal and help bloodflow renew the scar in combonation with massage.

You'll want to needle it though too.

What gave you that idea? Scar tissue is made of protein, so only a protease could theoretically dissolve it.

Well, dissolve isn't the right word. You don't want a hole in your face. But vitamin E will indeed help soften and renew the scared skin and accelrate heaing along with needling.

In Topic: Scar Success!

07 February 2015 - 10:21 AM

thanks for sharing,it's really an amazing improvement i can see from ur pics,and i wonder if TCA can treat on little pore scars,also u meant that u did derma-stamping right pointing at little pore scars and it worked a lot,right?u think the derma-stamping is the best way to treat on little pore scars?

look forward to your reply,thanks.


Yes, tca can help those, but I think single needling them real well, is the safest, easiest bet for scarred pores or ice picks.



Has anyone seen any positive results from needling scars located in the temple areas? From what I've heard scarring on the temples tend not to respond particularly well to needling, perhaps because the skin in those areas is thinner. 


Yes, I have. Scar tissue is scar tissue no matter where it is. It needs and responds to the same treatment as other places. It can be a painful spot, so I recommend single needling and lifting and pinching the skin so that you don't push into your head too far.

Has anybody by any chance had luck with scarred pores on nose? I have a dermaroller but understand this isn't a good thing for the nose?


Single needle is the best thing for that. Push into it from the sides and underneath. You need to break up the walls of the pore, to create new blood blow and tissue. But it really should only take seconds and be a minor thing when you're only doing pores.


Has anybody by any chance had luck with scarred pores on nose? I have a dermaroller but understand this isn't a good thing for the nose?

You can single needle it. Scar tissue is scar tissue, no matter how big or small. 
Break it up and create blood flow to the area so that new tissue can be created. 

How did you manage to cover the redness from more aggressive microneedling? What percentage were you able to camouflage if it was to last week's instead of days?
Thanks for the thread and following up with everyone's questions smile.png


Redness is pretty easy to cover with makeup. Bruising isn't. Can't really cover that and that can take a good 10 days to two weeks to clear up.

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06 January 2015 - 04:15 PM

Has anybody by any chance had luck with scarred pores on nose? I have a dermaroller but understand this isn't a good thing for the nose?


You can single needle it. Scar tissue is scar tissue, no matter how big or small. 


Break it up and create blood flow to the area so that new tissue can be created. 

In Topic: Scar Success!

06 January 2015 - 03:38 PM

Omg thanks for all the work you've put into this thread, DC-girl ) Highly appreciated!!! If you're ever in Tokyo ping me I'll treat you to a good dinner for all the info ;-))

Okay, thanks!

1) You're not using any serums/creams with vit C? Only that A&D ointment and vit E? How are you stimulating collagen after you stamp?,

No, I am not using any other creams. There is no need to "stimulate collagen" with creams. That's what your body does when it's needed, if it's given enough calories and protein from the right sources. You can do massage though. That will bring blood flow to the area and you can also try to manually help break up scar tissue with rolling the skin together between your fingers. 



2) when stamping/needling are you cleansing your face with anything to get rid of the blood?

Soap and water.

3) I'm guessing you did stamp your face pretty hard - did you go to work afterwards? how long does the redness/blood marks stay? I guess this has to depend on the intensity with which you do it?

The redness depend on how hard you go and how healthy you are. Sometimes days, sometimes many weeks. 


4) You mentioned dr. Peat's diet - are you following it rigorously or are you just using it as guidelines? I'm kind of sceptical when it comes to dairy and excess sugar as I noticed it does break me out (and not only me) so I'm curious ) Also don't you have problems with excess weight loss? I'm currently trying out paleo and because I had to ditch all the grains I'm getting skinnier and skinnier ;-)

I'm following it pretty rigorously because I ruined my hormones by not eating any sugar for a year or so when I was on Paleo. 

I used to think dairy and sugar broke me out too, but it was all the other things I was eating it that were the cause, not those. 

I eat them both daily now. 

And you won't get too skinny as long as you eat. You just have to eat enough of the right foods. 

You're on the right track skipping grains though. 


5) Have you tried any other cleansers (like a combo of raw cocnut oil+hone+tree oil+some probiotics) or are you sticking to pure honey and/or pure coconut oil? Do you use anything to moisturise your skin? Any masks? Basically are you using anything besides hone/oil?


6) have you tried any other procedures like lasers/radiofrequency needling (like infini by lutronic)?


5) Tee tree oil is too harsh and drying for me. I also believe it's estrogenic. 

Honey is perfection. And it's also the best thing to use to heal your skin after peels and needling. 

The sugar in it helps generate Co2, which speeds healing. Plus it cleans and softens your skin. 

I don't use moisturizers, except sometimes a rosewater/glycerin spray. 


6) No. 

In Topic: Scar Success!

04 January 2015 - 09:07 PM

God bless ya'll and good luck! You'll get there.

Part of the sucess is figuring it out on your own too. So enjoy that part of it. There's some common sense involved. Be careful, test and observe. Treat it like a math problem and problem solve. It CAN be fixed or at the least DRAMATICALLY improved. That I know FOR SURE.


Thank you for answering, you really do inspire me and even though it seems like i will never get there (literally) i know i can do it and reading what you wrote gives me even more hope... i bought the vitamin e with progesterone (protest-e) i have been using it for about 3 months, did you apply it on everyday? and did you get any clogged pores from it ever? 


i put it on every night about 30 drops (about a huge line on my index finger) and then rub it on for like 15 min (it takes forever to absorb) but its worth it because i heard both ingredients help dissolve scar tissue... i am not sure if i should clean my face a bit after to take off any excess oil that is not absorbed since it is kinda sticky so that it won't clog my pores.



I use it all the time, and it doesn't clog pores for me. I think it kinda sits on the skin like a protective barrier and that's part of the benefit. It protects your skin from oxidation. 

Awesome results! I know this thread is a few years old almost but I think this is still the best results I have ever seen.

Was your left cheek scarred the same as your right?

Thanks for helping us, truly appreciated.

PS: The Ray Peat diet seems to be going well but I find it's hard to take in a lot of calories per day, seeing as how it is so restricted.


There was scarring all over both cheeks. 


It's really not hard to get enough calories, you can do spoonfuls of honey, coconut oil, etc that are high calories. 

And cheese is very high in calories and protein too.