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In Topic: Absorica (Isotretinoin) (Accutane) Progression In Treatment.

23 March 2015 - 12:21 PM

Next few weeks your skin will continue to dry out. You'll probably see more breakouts but after another few weeks you should see noticeable clearing. Just make sure you keep moisturizing. Your skin is probably going to be more sensitive throughout the course.

In Topic: Accutane Dose Question.

19 March 2015 - 08:12 PM

Hard to say because everyone is different. It may cause your skin to purge a little more than it is now but its more likely to clear up faster on a higher dose. I wouldnt worry about it too much because in the end youll clear up anyway! Good luck!

In Topic: Holy Isotretinoin Batman, It's Another Accutane Log!

18 March 2015 - 11:11 AM

Wow your skin looks great! I'm jealous lol. Glad it worked so well for you, thats awesome!

In Topic: Apple Cider Vinegar Toner - Last Resort - Age 26

18 March 2015 - 09:41 AM

I wish you the best of luck! Im in the same situation as you basically having tried everything but nothing has worked in the long run.

In Topic: Third Course Of Accutane

12 March 2015 - 11:10 AM