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I Haven't Been On In A Year~!

05 October 2014 - 05:56 PM

... At least it feels like a year. A lot has happened and I haven't been on in more than six months. Here's a quick little update before I get into the meat and potatoes of this whole shindig:


1. I'm a freshman in college now!! So I'm just eating teddy grahams in a penguin onesie in a dorm instead of my room at home. Not much has changed.


2. My father passed away last summer on July the Fourth so that definitely took me away from most things for a while.


3. As for my skin... it hasn't been that bad (knock on wood). I began taking BC and moved off of my doxy which was super weird since I had taken it for so long. But the BC has done a great job with my skin. It almost looks clear until my period comes then it breaks out again. But if I don't mess with it, it typically doesn't get too bad. I get some nasty ones sometimes. A few weeks ago when I moved in I had a really bad spot and didn't want to leave my room. But so far it has actually been quite good.


Now for my question that I wanted to ask. I decided to post this because I thought, "Hey if I have a great way to gather information why not use it!".  I'm doing a persuasive letter for my english seminar. Nothing serious but I decided to focus on advertising and acne. Specifically how advertisements for acne medication/ washes should try to show more realistic portrayals of acne. I know that there are advertisements out there that do focus on before and afters etc etc. I'm targeting Neutrogena in particular since I notice they focus heavily on celebrity endorsements, which isn't a bad thing, but its hard to relate to a celebrate who looks poreless in a commercial.


So I'm trying to gage on how relatable ad can positively effect sales to convince them etc etc. ( as you can tell I'm no pro on the subject. But I wanted to get your opinion since we all suffer from acne- be it mild and severe- and want to know what you would actually like to see in an acne wash commercial. I know there's only so many things we can do, but I think it will be helpful to get other opinions rather than my own as to how a company like Neutrogena can advertise their products in a more realistic way. 


Its nothing too serious but if you have any complaints on these commercials let me know! Maybe it will help fuel me in my letter. 


I missed you all and I hope you are all doing well.