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Tarte Products

14 August 2012 - 05:32 AM

So over the summer I tried new makeup. Originally I was using Bareminerals. It was cakey on me and what not but since it was considerably light weight to what I was using, I stuck with it. It wasn't too terribly bad.

But for my 16th birthday I got one of those makeovers at Ulta and tried Tarte. May I just say that I am VERY happy with it. The foundation works really well as a matte foundation though after a couple hours I do get shiny ( but I was sweating a lot this summer ). The powder that I also got worked very well and it was also from the same company. Of course, in the school bathroom lighting I always look cakey but I do sometimes use too much.

My only issue is the pricing. Both items total to 60 dollars! Im willing to buy the foundation at 30 bucks because I love it that much, but recently I ran out of the powder and since there was no Ulta where my cabin was up north, I bought this Maybelline dream powder at the Walmart.

I don't have too many complaints except it does not match my skin color since I got a nice tan. Just have to put on some bronzer. Though its not as long lasting or nice as the Tarte it does its job. And its considerably cheaper. 8 bucks!

I already bought another (in the same light color in case my tan fades). But do you know of similar powders like the Tarte powders that aren't so expensive so I can consider trying them in the future?

Thanks ^.^