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Ella27's Blog > Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Posted 14 August 2012

I really wouldn't recommend telling a friend...

Wow these blog views really increased during that long gap I was away!

I kinda underestimated my school work... I didn't know the Invisible Man was almost 600 pages. Two more days till school.

Strangely Im not as stressed as I should be. Im thankful since I do get breakouts during stressful...

Ella27's Blog > Won't be jinxing this

Posted 18 June 2011


Ella27's Blog > Back again!

Posted 06 June 2011


I apologize for not blogging the rest of my adapalene experience. Finals were coming around the corner... oh joy. Anyway did I mention I was able to wear moisturizer? Well yay I was. :cool: So after those two vigorous weeks of dry skin I noticed it was clearing up nicely. But of course once I got into the regular zone of things I had a small...

Ella27's Blog > What could it mean!?

Posted 06 May 2011

Hmmmm so this is odd....

It seems I am having my clogged pores uh how to put this delicately... pop up? Well I am finding some pores are getting easier to rid them of oil basically which leads to very small zits but I am just worried my face is relapsing. Of course I'd take the skin I have right now to the skin I had back then any day but I really...

Ella27's Blog > Getting there!

Posted 04 May 2011


Sorry thats been stuck in my head for a good long time.

Well my period is dying down. Haha sorry if that was um direct. Well I no longer look like a water melon but hold your applause because even so I still have semi dry skin and small red spots every where which I pray fade fast. I know have no big zits. :wall:...