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How To Wean Off Of Doryx (Doxycycline) Also Vitamin Questions?

07 May 2013 - 01:13 PM

So I started Doryx (Doxycycline) on April 9 and it's May 8 here and I want to wean myself off of it. It's been a month and I started having good results at the 2 week mark but now I have 7 active pimples on my face (happened in 2 days) and antibiotics are not a permanent solution so I want to stop taking them.


How should I go about this? Currently I take 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Should I start taking it just once a day for a week, or every other day or what? I don't want to drag the process forever but I also don't want to break out insanely either.


Also, I've decided to start taking zinc and Vitamind D3 tablets instead when I finish Doryx. How much of each should I take per day and how often? Would you also suggest taking them with or without food?

Thanks guys.

A Tip For People With Flaky Skin From Meds

03 May 2013 - 08:48 AM

Hey guys, just thought I'd share this thing that's been helping me with dry skin.


Sometimes when I use too much harsh cleansers/scrubs/acne gels on my face I still have breakouts but then get really yucky dry, flaky skin between my eyebrows and around my smile lines, where the skin cracks. I use this only when the dryness gets uncontrollable.

It does leave my skin a bit oily but it normally doesn't break me out. It's called Lush Dark Angels. It contains charcoal, avocado oil, mud and a few more natural ingredients. Also, it does contain glycerine so be aware of that, however I do feel that using it maybe once every month or so it doesn't impact my skin negatively.

It is messy so only use it in the shower if you were to try it out.



Table Salt Helped Me.

01 May 2013 - 11:41 AM

Hey guys just thought I'd share something that helped me.

I have been battling acne for a long time (15 years). I've taken Roaccutane in the past and am currently on Doryx. However, a few months ago when I wasn't taking any medication I decided to try something new; salt - as a facial wash.

I find that if I don't switch up my routine, I break out more due to my skin becoming used to the treatment. What I'm about to say, is a suggestion. Perhaps do a patch test to see if it will work for you.

Basically, I get a clear mug and just pour table salt into it, until it covers all of the bottom of the mug (just do it approx, I never use the same amount every time). Then I add some warm water to it (about 1cm in thickness) and then just stir it with my finger. Then I gently pour it into my hand and rub it on my face and cover all my face with it. It already starts to burn for me because of all the acne. Then, I make sure at the end I pour all the bits of salt that didn't melt and use it to 'scrub' my face. I do this in circular motions everywhere, for about 30 seconds and then rinse my face with warm water and dry my face.

My skin always feels like it's "burning" and stings quite a bit (but the more I do it, the less burning and stinging I get) and goes a bit red but I only ever do it at night. For me, personally, by morning my skin returns to normal, no redness or pain. I don't know how sensitive other people's skin is, therefore you might want to do a patch test first to see how you go. I don't really think you need a specific amount of salt to water ratio, just basically make salty water, wash your face with it and then use some extra salt to lightly scrub the dead skin off.

Hopefully this can help at least one person. It definitely leaves my skin smooth and helps A LOT with redness!

Yes Or No To Second Course Of Roaccutane? (Pics Added)

01 May 2013 - 10:40 AM

Hello. I live in Australia and am 26 years old.

I first started getting acne when I was 11. By 14 I had severe cystic acne that was essentially ruining my life. One morning I woke up and was so horrified by my skin I wrote my mum a note before school and left it on the table; it said, "If I don't find help soon, I will kill myself".
Over the next 2 years I tried a variety of options. Every skin facial mask possible, change of diet, vibra-tabs, anitbiotics, cleansers, toners, bleach, toothpaste, herbal medicines, Chinese medicine, everything.

In 2003, at 16 I was told that there was a miracle tablet out there - (Ro)accutane. I was given 20mg tablets, taken twice daily for 6 months. After six months, my acne was fully gone but due to my fear of reoccurring acne I was told to continue to 9 months. At 8 months I asked permission to seize Roaccutane due to multiple nose bleeds per day and severe vision problems in the day and night.

My skin stayed 99% clear from 2003 til 2010. In 2010 I started breaking out more frequently, especially on my chin and cheeks. Slowly over time it became worse and worse. I rehashed my old facial masks, creams and managed to tone down my breakouts temporarily. Now it's 3 years later and I am re-scarring and finding myself getting 1 or 2 cystic breakouts per month. My acne marks don't disappear anymore either. I will get a zit, it will eventually go away after 2 - 6 weeks and the red mark will linger for months. I have marks that are over 6 months old. I am now using Proactiv in combination with the topical cream known as Epiduo and am taking 50mg of Doryx in the morning and night.

I saw a dermatologist yesterday and he suggested doing another course of Roaccutane. I am skeptical of doing it because I am mostly worried about how hard it will be on my liver (liver issues are known within my family although I seem to be ok for now) and also hair loss  I experienced major hair thinning back in 2003 while taking Roaccutane and it never went back to normal. My hair is slowly thinning still. Although I am nowhere near bald I do miss my old hair as I am a girl and get self conscious about this stuff.

Would anyone here say I am better off without a second course of Roaccutane even though my acne is progressively getting worse. Am I going to lose more hair? Will I be doing damage to myself?

I am also in the process of finding out if I have a parathyroid issue as I have EXTREMELY high calcium levels and am also getting tested for Coeliac disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to severe weight loss and permanent bloating.

Thanks guys.


Added pics of my current acne situation. As you can see, skin appears dry and "tight", yet acne is persistent. Old scarring is visible and I continue to suffer of extremely sore/chapped lips 10 years on from Roaccutane. It's not easy posting these pics. I never leave the house without makeup and always delete photos which show my awful, awful skin.