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In Topic: Is This Normal After Cortisone Injections? Some Help Please

28 February 2015 - 10:43 AM

Hey Krissy,


Just checking in and seeing how you're doing...Hope those cysts are dead now!!

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

28 February 2015 - 07:10 AM

Well where to begin...


I was doing fantastic..I truly thought FINALLY spiro has kicked in.  I was even doing great the week before my period!  Then when my period was ending it kind of all went to crap :(.  This is also a very bad time for me but I was hoping since I did so great the week before my period maybe all wld be well..HaHaHa!!


I got a huge cyst on my back, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE.  I haven't broken out on my back in years.  I thought to myself ok..its on my back, as long as it isn't on my face.  Well with that said I got small cyst in my moustache area, and I still had the small nugget from the huge cyst I got a couple of months ago.  I made a derm appointment on the 20th mostly to take care of the one on my back, it was totally freaking me out..it was size of half dollar and area around it was so swollen..(I know totally gross).  Also my husband and I went to New Orleans on Monday so I wanted to go with clear face.


Well the derm decied to extract them all...the nugget which was sitting there for weeks, omg did that feel good and satisfying!  The one on my back took her awhile and omg did that hurt.  The one in my moustache area turned into a mess!!  In all my years I have never gotten an extraction believe it or not, and I don't think I will ever again, I always got shots.  What pisses me off is I left the dam thing alone it wldve been fine, it was in healing stage and it wasn't red.


Monday morning my hubby and I left for New Orleans and the moustache area one turned into full blown red cyst, and I had a new cyst growing on my chin.  I had left over prednisone so I started to take it on Saturday.  I hate taking prednisone but I hate even more going on vacation with cysts on my face, it totally ruins the whole vacation.  The prednisone was helping a little but it wasn't really denting the new one on the chin.  It was super deep and growing.  By Tuesday morning I was a total wreck crying in our hotel room.  I had clear skin for 3 weeks and then when I go on vacation all hell breaks loose..ughhh.


Well having the best husband in the world, he started to call derms to see if any wld fit me in for shots.  I googled for a long time to figure out which derms I wld feel comfortable about going to.  I get so nervous about getting shots w somebody I haven't used, they can go wrong in many ways.  Well let me tell you New Orleans derms are quite accommodating, I got in for shots Tuesday afternoon.  By this time my moustache area was like a mushy swollen scab area, and chin one got quite big and hurt.  He shot them both.  I felt very comfy with him, he was super nice and seemed to know what he was doing. 


The shots went well but omg moustache area one turned into quite a big scab..blech.  But I cld tell it was finally in a healing stage so I lived with it.  It was kind of embarrassing walking around with a frkn scab on my face, but oh well.  After that I got a cpl more lumps which I thought for sure were going to turn cystic, but they didn't..Yayyy!  My face is doing pretty good now, keeping my fingers crossed.  Even if my skin stays clear for a few weeks im going to be so paranoid next month after my period..


justtfx..I am sooo sorry to hear you have to go off spiro, that totally sucks.  Have you had your potassium checked again?  Has it gone down?  It must be pretty scary.  How long have you been off spiro, and how is your face doing?  I have to get my blood checked every 3 months and I get so nervous.  My derm checks a few things and im so frkn paranoid something is going to come back bad.  I'm due for blood test in couple of weeks and i'm nervous already.  I really hope you're feeling ok and your skin is doing ok..


sladnacne..ugh I feel so bad you found inspiration in my posts, and BAM my stupid skin has to go and ruin it.  I will say though spiro is definitely doing something for me, my skin is way better than pre-spiro, I just wish I wld get to the point where I stop breaking out, or at least stop with the cysts!  My derm says it can take a long time.  Also the derm I saw in New Orleans said he has had patients that it took 9 months to see consistency.  He also said if after 6 months im still getting cysts that maybe I shld ask my derm for an increased dosage, that sometimes some women just need a higher dose.  If next months period was the disaster it was this months I think I will ask for increased dosage.  Im a little nervous bc I haven't had side effects, and I wld love to keep it that way...


Val..It is so frustrating to still be breaking out, isn't it?  Its like jeez, we have put our time in, give us clear skin!!  I get those whiteheads too.  I'll be excited bc I'm like ok good, its just a whitehead..But some of mine do turn into cysts, and its like Ughhhh!  I cant wait til I have consistently clear skin!


We got back from New Orleans last night..I think I need a vacation from my vacation, what a crazy place! haha. 


My skin right now is doing good and I hope it stays that way!!  Hoping for clear skin for all of us!! :)

In Topic: Is This Normal After Cortisone Injections? Some Help Please

09 February 2015 - 04:55 PM

Hey Krissy,


Looking good!  They don't look nearly as angry!  So happy Accutane is going well!


Maybe on the 18th she will do another round of shots and the dam things will finally disappear!


Keep us updated! :)

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

08 February 2015 - 09:02 AM

The official 5 month mark!!


Wow can't believe it!  I also cant believe I'm still acne free!!  9 days of nothing new, HOORAY, and over 5 weeks of no shots, DOUBLE HOORAY!


I still have the stupid 2 bb things, they haven't budged, but they also haven't gotten bigger.  They are just soooo frustrating though, I feel like they can pop out any second.  Here I have clear skin and im not 100% enjoying it bc I feel these lumps that aren't going anywhere.


I'm still unsure of how I want to get rid of them..If I hadn't had that area shot 3 times already I wld be running to the derm for shots, and just be done with it.  Ughhhh.  The end of next week is usually when I start to break out so I figure I will at least wait til then to fig something out.  I usually always go for shots then so I can kill 2 birds with one stone.  Ask my derm on what she thinks I should do.  Will be so great to have them gone!


I still cant believe my skin is clear, I wake every morning thinking I will have something.  Its such a great feeling not to have new things happening, I'm having hard time believing, but verrrry happy!

In Topic: Is This Normal After Cortisone Injections? Some Help Please

06 February 2015 - 06:05 AM

Hi Krissy :)


Just wanted to check in and see how it was going..How's the Accutane journey so far?


Hope you're doing great!