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In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Ty Sascha,


Just so scared it wont work for me..that is my biggest fear.  I guess the good thing is Im not any worse than I was.


I've got to get hope, and I have to deal with this better..


As always ty for the words of encouragement :)

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

ok..omg..in 2 hours time ...went from feeling ok..to crying my eyes out.


those dam spots have swelled up..they are going to be doozies.  I truly don't get it, they were fine all day..and in a matter of a couple of hours they blew up...I swear I cant take this anymore, whenever I have a glimmer of feeling ok, its taken away.  Every single day I get something new.


I know I've been an utter downer, I know I have to be stronger than this.  I just cant seem to do it..its like I've lost hope.  I'm so terrified spiro isn't going to work.  I just have no more strength to deal with this.  I feel so sorry for my hubby bc he goes thru it everyday too..I cant imagine what its like for him.  My mood changes in matter of minutes..i know my sadness just kills him..


I wish I knew why my skin went so haywire..i feel so hopeless and sad

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Yesterday, 02:35 PM

Hi kirks :),


Hopefully both of us will soon be not miserable!  Isn't the support here great??  I don't know what I wld do without it! 


Wish I had some advice about blackheads for you, that's the one kind of acne I rarely get..  Once in a while i'll get a cpl stubborn ones on my cheeks..of course I fiddle with them.  It will take me a couple of days of manipulating them, but after a shower i'm able to pop them out.


How is your skin doing?  Any improvement?

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

Yesterday, 02:26 PM

Hi Kirks,


I thought tazorac might be too harsh too.  A couple of months ago I switched to aczone, wasn't my favorite...and then abt 3 weeks ago was switched to clindamycin gel.  I kind of liked clindamycin but makes me really oily and my skin just didn't look the same to me.  So now back on taz and acanya.


I know what you mean about going out and doing things.  On the weekends i'm pretty good bc I will do stuff with my husband.  We live in a great little village with lots of bars and restaurants, so we'll go out to eat and walk around.  I have a favorite place bc its nice and dark lol.  I don't have as much anxiety about going out if the hubby is going with me.  During the week I work 2 to 3 days, and fortunately my best friend is my boss.  So if I feel like hiding out she lets me. 


During the week I would go out shopping, take a walk around the lake, but now I mostly sit home, its the only place I feel comfy.  I'm hoping that will change, cant wait for the day I feel normal again.



Update..same as usual new spots.  I do have to say my face looks ok, no big red cysts and things are starting to heal..but I keep getting abt 3 new spots a day.  They are weird lil f'ers, lol.  They are like these hard nuggets of sebum...they start off feeling like a tiny pebble..they will either sit there like a nugget and not get too inflamed..or they will get big and be right at the surface of the skin.  You can totally see the white hard pebble and it sits above the skin.  I hate it bc it totally looks like they are right on the surface and I cld just prick them with pin.  The problem is when I try that the stuff never comes out, its so bizarre bc its literally at skin surface.  I've finally learned not to f with them, when I do I always make a mess of it.  I'll turn it into a cyst and a red mark that lasts for ages.  The weird thing is when they turn cystic and I go get them shot, the inflammation will go totally down but I can still see the stupid white nugget..very frustrating.  So as of right now I have 3 new one of these and have no idea what they are going to do..I just got to keep my hands off of them.


Still no side effects, been a freak looking in mirror to make sure eyes aren't getting irritated and no hair is falling out lol...Cant wait till I start feeling ok about taking spiro, not be so paranoid abt side effects.

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

16 September 2014 - 03:36 PM

That's so funny bc my skin loves harshness too, lol..I use tazorac every night and acanya in the morning.  I've tried other topicals on and off, but this combo seems to be the best..my skin tolerates it fine.


I was prescribed 25 mg twice a day.  I only have been on it for 9 days now.  Also I only started the full dosage yesterday, I only took 25 mg for the first week.  I wanted to see how my body would react to it..I just get so paranoid of trying new meds.  So im at the very beginning of a long journey :(


I tried Accutane a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately I got severe dry eyes.  I was only on it for a little over a month at 40 mg.  If I was nearing the end of my course I definitely would have finished, but with only a month in, and the way my eyes were, I decided to stop.  My eye dr. thought it was good idea..unfortunately Accutane doesn't discriminate which oil glands to zap.  Also it wasn't like I had red itchy eyes that eye drops wld soothe..I had major swelling of lids and the margins of the eyes.  The oil in your eyes is suppose to be clear, and mine was white globby ickiness.  Fortunately they are much better now, but sometimes annoying.  Obviously this doesn't happen to everybody...also lots of people experience dry eye on Accutane and their eyes go back to normal after the course.  I don't bad mouth Accutane bc I truly think it is a miracle drug, unfortunately my eyes couldn't tolerate it.  i'm the minority :(


And ugh, I so hate the advice from people who think if you just wash your face and put some Clearasil on it, it will work...Like really?  I wish I thought of that in the past 30 years..dummies!