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Today, 06:01 AM



I would absolutely love if you kept telling me your progress.  It helps me so much to see someone succeeding.  It gives me such hope.  I'm hoping that now i'm on 100mg I might see some results in the next few weeks.  I wish I could fast forward to 2015.


justfxx and debrayr, tysm for the support, truly appreciated!

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Hi justtfx,


Thank you for words of encouragement, I really need to hear stories like yours.  This is such a rollercoaster ride for me.   Some days I feel like it's working, then other days I feel horribly scared that it won't work for me. 


I think I have read every single spiro log on this site, lol.  I truly want to be one of those girls who are so happy they stayed on it and after 4 months or so they are clear.  Unfortunately I seem to focus on the negative, the couple of logs where the girls didn't have results, even after a year.  I really get scared to death this wont work for me..


I think I'm noticing some improvement, the spots i'm getting do seem smaller.  I just cant string more than 2 or 3 days without getting something.  Right now I have 1 biggish spot, 2 smaller spots, and 1 new forming which I have no idea what it's going to do.  This just gets so exhausting, all the obsessing about my skin..I don't think I ever go more than a waking hour without thinking about it.  Its the first thing I think about when I wake up.


A lot of areas are healing, but I am noticing small scars now.  I used to think I wldnt care about scars as long as I didn't have cysts on my face.  Well now i'm starting to see the aftermath of the last 4 1/2 months of the cysts, and i'm not very happy.  Over the years I hardly ever scarred, now I've got some..makes me sad.  Even when I have those very rare days where nothing new is happening, I look in the mirror, and i'm like blechhh.


I am definitely having a hard time with the anxiety, I feel very anxious about going out.  I used to be so social, and now I just want to hide in all the time.  If I do go out it's only with my hubby, I just find it so hard to face friends with my face like this.  Through the years I've been able to handle my acne, I would get my cysts cpl times a month, get them shot and have clear skin for awhile.  My 2 best friends know what i'm going through and have seen some of it.  But others have not, I actually think my "pals" would actually be shocked the state of my skin.  I miss going out , having fun, I miss me so much.


I've been on 100mg since Tuesday, I'm so hoping I will start to see a more "steady" improvement.  I hope 100 mg will start to make the difference.


Side effects are still at a minimum

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20 October 2014 - 05:41 PM

6 weeks today..feels like 6 months..


Side effects..Was having heavy spotting for a few days, it finally stopped.  Besides that nothing.


Thursday I went to get shots, the cheek one was getting out of hand.  Was ok till Friday, then I formed cyst in my hotspot, lower left chin.  Jeez this poor area, it just gets bombarded.  I thought I would try to wait it out before rushing in to get another shot, i'm just so emotionally exhausted to going to derm all the time.  Well of course it got worse.  Went thru the weekend with the lovely thing on my face.  I got it shot today, and am feeling much better.


On a good note, I didn't develop any new cysts besides that one.  No new cysts for 3 days is a record for me.  I'm feeling pretty good bc besides that chin area, things are looking pretty good.  Hoping my face gets a break..It feels so good not to have something growing on my face.


My hubby and I are going to Aruba on Nov. 2nd.  Today I went to the derm I usually don't go to.  I went to this office bc I knew there might be a chance that they would prescribe me prednisone for my trip if I needed it.  My other derm will not prescribe prednisone.  I'm not a big fan of it, I always flare up horrendously after tapering off of it.  The thing is tho, my hubby and I went on a mini vacation over Labor day.  It was for 4 nights.  I spent most of the time in the hotel room crying my eyes out, it was horrible.  I just don't want a repeat of that.  We have been looking so forward to Aruba for awhile now.  I want to enjoy it, and if that means I have horrible flare up after I get home, so be it.  At least I will access to cortisone shots.  While i'm on prednisone my skin looks awesome.


When I asked for the prednisone he was very hesitant to give it to me, he said he rarely prescribes bc he says most of the time he sees such flare ups afterwards that its really not worth it.  Well out came my tears, I explained to him what happened last vacation and that I didn't want to spend my time in hotel room in Aruba.  He reluctantly gave me the scrip, he said if I really wanted to have it, he would give it to me.  I wont use it unless I really have to, i'm praying I don't have to.  As I said im not a huge fan of it, but its a safety net.  I'll only use if I have multiple cysts.


I'm feeling good about my skin,  everything is looking pretty good except the mutilated chin area.  I'm hoping it finally has a chance to heal.

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15 October 2014 - 08:08 PM

Well..as I said yesterday..a few hours can change everything..ughhh


3 new spots.. along with the 1 cyst that wont budge..


The 1 cyst that won't budge is bothering me..the skin is so damaged there.  Out of the 3 new spots, 1 is really bothering me.  It's on my left upper left cheek.  It started out small this morning, I was having hope that maybe it wouldn't turn into something big.  As day went on, slowly but surely it got bigger..:(


Very frustrating how 24 hours ago I was feeling so great, and now..ughhhh


Trying very hard to stay positive and keeping the hope

In Topic: Spiro...my Last Hope

14 October 2014 - 05:48 PM

So no new spots today..A miracle!!


One of the cysts got tons smaller, the other one is staying same..:(..but i'll take it.  They both are kind of next to eachother on lower left chin area.  But besides that area my skin is clear!  My marks are healing up fast, The only area that's bad looking is the area with the cysts, everything else looks pretty clear.


I don't want to get my hopes up too much, I'm early into spiro.  I also know all too well how in a few hours everything can change.  But for right now I feel good.  Its been so long that I've felt like this. 


I'm still on 75 mg.  I bumped it up from 50mg last week.  I think I'm going to try to stay at 75mg for awhile.  My period was a few days longer than usual.  Also once in awhile I notice I have shortness of breath..it goes away, but it does give me a little concern.  Other than that no side effects.


Keeping my fingers crossed that I get a string of days of nothing new happening on my face..we shall see..