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Yesterday, 07:28 PM

11 weeks 1 day..


Over the weekend got 2 very small pimples, that since have gone away.  Late Sunday night started to form a biggish pimple on left side of my chin..my hot spot.  It amazes me how one area can form so many lumps and bumps.  It did come to a head, and is healing now, but was a little too big for my taste.  Its starting to heal, but is still a bump and is red.  I am grateful it wasn't a cyst.  I also have a tiny clogged pore in same area, for some reason I felt the need to try to tackle it, stupid idea.  I stopped myself right before I made a total mess.  I think I start messing with my skin when I start feeling the anxiety.


My skin is definitely so much improved.  My problem is every little lump gives me such anxiety.  I haven't had a cyst in 3 1/2 weeks, but yet I still have the same anxiety.  I get my period in 4 days so I'm thinking that's why i'm getting these small breakouts.  I wish I could get the anxiety under control..My skin is the best it has been in so long, but yet I cant seem to really enjoy it.  I always have this fear that all the cysts will come back in full force.


I still love spiro, it has greatly improved my skin.

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21 November 2014 - 10:23 AM

Still clearrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Yahooooeyyy!!


Leelowe ty always for the kind words..


Kimber, I completely understand how you feel.  I didn't start to get cystic acne til my early 40s, and then it went completely haywire early this year.  It devastated me.  I stayed home basically the whole summer, I cancelled plans all the time.  I basically cried everyday.  Couple of years ago I tried Accutane, but unfortunately it wreaked havoc on my eyes, I quit after a month.  I was so disappointed, I really do feel Accutane is a miracle drug.  I finally went on spiro, my derm believes even if I finished my course of Accutane my acne probably would've come back since its hormonal, but who knows.  I don't love the idea of being on a drug that after I stop it the acne will come back, its pretty scary.  But right now I am happily taking it.  I'm 47 so maybe in a few years after menopause i'll be able to stop.  Im wishing you all the luck with Accutane, I'll definitely be looking for your progress!


fvckacne..my diet is average..i don't eat fantastic, but I don't eat like total crap either.  I do avoid dairy.  The only supplements I take are vit d3 and a prescription vitamin for acne called Nicazel. 


I have noticed last few days my breasts are definitely tender, hoping that will subside.  I just cant believe tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I got cortisone shots, and I cant believe I am acne free...feels absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

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19 November 2014 - 05:31 PM

Well the thing by my nose ended up being just a small pimple..yayyy!  Tuesday morning woke up with a biggish spot on my chin and a lip zit.  I cannot tell you how much I hate lip zits.  I literally get them on the line of my lip.  They get red as hell and stay with me for a couple of weeks.  I don't like to get cortisone shots for those suckers bc I usually get atrophy in the lip line.


With that said, I thought for sure the chin one was going to turn cystic and that I wld have to deal with the lip one.  Wellll..they both came to a head and now they are small as can be.  I truly cant believe it.  98% of the time my lumps turn into cysts..I cannot tell you how happy I am.  I truly believe spiro is starting to work.  I would like to be not breaking out at all, but believe me, I will take this.  Small pimples I can deal with.  Its 2 1/2 weeks since my last cortisone shot, it feels so wonderful.


The coming days will be telling, my period comes next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  As of right now, I am LOVING spiro!!

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17 November 2014 - 08:06 AM

Wow!!  What a huge improvement..Your skin looks fantastic!!

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17 November 2014 - 07:50 AM

10 weeks..


This weekend was pretty awesome..First time in sooo long I felt like the old me.  No breakouts for the week.  Yesterday afternoon felt lump on leftside of chin, near the lip.  Got a little bummed out but was able to pretty much ignore it.  This morning I woke up, its a regular pimple that came to a head, so happy about that.  I also woke up to a new lump on left cheek near nose.  I have no idea what its going to do, its too early, its still deciding lol.  I hate the wait so much to see if a lump is going to turn cystic or not, its such torture.


Overall I really cant complain, my skin is so much better than it was.  I'm hoping someday tho that I wont be breaking out at all.  I'm just tired of the anxiety it brings.  I get my period in 12 days, I usually start to break out really bad 9 days before.  I'm hoping it will be calmer this month, keeping my fingers crossed.  It felt so good last week not breaking out, not running to the derm for shots.


Next month I have to take blood test.  My derm wont give me refill without it.  So of course I'm obsessing about that.  So nervous something will come back bad.  I've been totally obsessing about my potassium intake.  I looked at my last 3 blood test results..I got one in July, August and September.  July my potassium was 4.3..August was 4.7..then September was 4.5...I wish it was a little lower...The good thing I suppose is the when I took the blood test in September I was on spiro for like 3 weeks and my potassium lowered a little bit.  I'm just so scared to death I wont get my refills.  I never realized how much potassium was in the foods I love..I basically love everything potassium!


I'm really happy with the way spiro is working, I am really starting to see difference in my skin, I hope as time goes on it keeps getting better.


Still no bad side effects..just a little longer periods and once in awhile I get a nauseous feeling, that's about it.