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Dramatic Improvement for My Oily Skin!

05 April 2011 - 11:08 PM

Allow me to explain what has improved my skin...
(Keep in mind that these were solutions for my skin, and that we all have a different skin type.)I've struggled with oily skin for some time and tried masking it with different sorts of makeups, oil-absorbing lotions, among other things. Many have left me unhappy in the end and the claims have failed me.

. Oil absorbing makeups and 'Matte' formulas have done nothing for me. Some have made my skin worse. I'll put on primers, foundations, and powders in the morning and be shiny by the middle of my 1st period of class. Touching up is a hassle and I'm just oily again by the middle of the day. I've tried wearing little makeup at all, and this did nothing for me.
**SOLUTION: I'm not wearing makeup at all on my skin. Though my acne was borderline severe, I had to endure for a little bit to get the results I was looking for. If I AM wearing makeup, I actually go for liquid foundations that AREN'T matte or labeled oil-absorbing. I've stopped using liquid foundation all together and my skin (and acne) has improved. But I sometimes used Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation. However, I tend to use matte for some powders, like Maybelline's SHINEFREE loose powder. All of these are oil free and non-comedogenic.

I've used products 'specially designed for combonation skin' that claim to absorb and prevent oil from forming. This has only made my skin more DRY, which is unbearable. Dry skin only makes my oil production more active, because it's craving that hydration.
**SOLUTION: I avoid these brands. Don't avoid a moisturizer just because you have oily skin! Moisturizers for sensitive skin keep me soft and supple (or as soft as you can get with acne...) like Neutrogena for Sensitive skin and CeraVe is my personal, and affordable, favorite. Neither of which contain oil or clog pores!

-OTHER. I've used primers (Like Smashbox:both expensive and inaffective) designed for oily skin, skin-conditioning agents used for oil control(I.E. Proactiv Daily Oil Control), among other things. These might help a little, but not only are the time consuming, but that's just one more thing to apply, to buy, and to fit into your routine.
**SOLUTION. Keep it simple. I've stopped using oil controls and special primers. BUT I am wearing a primer (Covergirl and OLAY Simply Ageless Primer Syrum. I'm only 17 and this works for me)for when I wear powder. It gives the makeup something to cling to and prevents some oxidation, dryness, and oiliness.


-JOJOBA OIL. (Please see here for more info. I'm not a doctor, but I sure do enjoy the effects of this stuff: http://www.acne.org/jojoba-oil.php )What? Applying oil to an oily face?! Sounds crazy, but this stuff doesn't clog pores. It's actually a wax that's similar to the oil on your face. SO, "in theory", It tricks your skin into thinking that the jojoba is your sebaceous oil (so I've heard). Jojoba Oil is silky and when added to a lotion, creates a 'super moisturizer'. It's odor-less and reduces flakiness too! I've started using this a week ago (I checked out Dan Kern's regimen) and have seen nothing but improvement. I started using a couple drops at night to adapt my skin, and am now using it in the morning. During the day, I'm  half as shiny as I was, and my acne has actually cleared up a lot too!
I bought it at a health foods store for $10, and the shelf life is like a like time. surprised.gif

Vitamin E Moisture Lotion SPF 15: Body Shop

04 April 2011 - 11:11 PM

I need an SPF that won't stick to the flakiness I'm experiencing, you know when you apply your SPF and it rolls off white with dead skin? Ick!
I have a moisturizer from the Body Shop called Vitamin E Moisture Lotion SPF 15, in a pink tube. It doesn't say on the packaging that it's non-comedogenic or oil free, but it does state that it's non-greasy... Should I trust this stuff? Has anyone tried it?

Or, even better, recommend an SPF that won't grease me up or flake off, but stick moisturize me.
I have combonation skin with moderate acne and haven't been wearing a lot of makeup lately to clear it up, so I don't have a whole lot of protection. And I live in the desert so it's kind of important..
THanks <3

Laura Mercier

20 March 2011 - 01:04 AM

My skin is oily, moreso in my T-Zone. I break out a lot on the sides of my face and jawline.
I have a lot of trouble finding a foundation what won't cake around the blemish...

But I'm interested in Laura Mercier. Has anyone tried this line? I understand it's expensive, but would it cover raised blemishes? It has many claims of being perfect and very natural looking. Would this be a good choise for acne prone, oily, sensitive skin?