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In Topic: Just had SUBCISION treatment done today - Lasers DO NOT work!

06 March 2011 - 06:42 PM

I had laser treatment on my face (a week ago) due to acne scarring that I'd had for 14 years.  5 days after when the swelling had gone, I can still see the scars.  My face went red with a bit of blood patches here and there, it's as though the laser had hardly touched my skin.  From viewing videos and looking at photos before I'd had it done, the areas didn't become bloody/scabby, just red.  I think for the laser to really work, you need quite a lot of passes to penetrate the skin which is why the skin goes bloody/scabby.  It goes to prove that what you read and what you see (photos) isn't always the case.  Anyone who's thinking about getting this done, you can pay quite a bit of money for this, only to find it hasn't worked.  Find out how many passes are being done, more so if you've deep scars.  I go back for a check up in a few weeks, so I'm not sure if anything else can be done.  Maybe chemical peels would be more effective, but after seeing a few skin specialists, they all seem to have their own opinion, so you end up a bit confused.  I would go for chemicals peels, and I think they work out cheaper.  Overall, I'm very disappointed with the outcome of my laster treatment.